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I have been a Union man all my life and I am going to be a Union man until I die.

FBC News

Union man: Felix Anthony

07:06 TodayTaken from/By:
FBC  Report by: Ritika Pratap
People’s Democratic Party leader Felix Anthony says being a unionist is a part of who he is. Speaking on FBC TV’s talk back show – 4 The Record, Anthony admits he would never have left the Fiji Trade Union Congress if not for the Political Parties Registration Decree.
“I had no desire to leave the Trade Union movement and let me just make one thing very clear that this government can impose any Decree that can get me out of the Union but they can’t impose any Decree’s that can get the Union out of me. I am going to be a Union man, I have been a Union man all my life and I am going to be a Union man until I die.
”Under the Political Parties Registration Decree, an individual can’t stand for elections if he or she is an office bearer in a union movement. The PDP will release it’s manifesto next month and also name it’s candidates. – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/20814/union-man-felix-anthony#sthash.P5Lq0LCq.dpuf



9 thoughts on “I have been a Union man all my life and I am going to be a Union man until I die.

  1. Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai , Rajeshwar Singh, Agni Deo, Krishna Dutt have misused union funds. All these people should be kicked out from unions. They should forgot about getting in parliament.
    Felix Anthony made millions when he was with FNPF.Felix should take full responsibility of members fund for the failed Momi project however he and Rajeshwar Singh bought land next to Momi Bay.
    Nagin from Sherani did the transfer and all was FOC paid by FPSA.

  2. Why no election has been held for the post of G.S.of FTUC since Felix resigned. His intention is clear.He knows that he will not win the election and will return to his position as G.S. of FTUC after the election.
    The election of FTUC must happen now.

  3. Perhaps not a good idea to have someone in government who’s only interest seems to be unions and openly brags it.

    You will have to forget such areas as infrastructure, minority groups, culture, equality and progression because his only interest will be unions.

  4. After Anthony and his PDP cohoots are wipedout in September elections, Anthony will attempt to retake the secretary’s position of FTUC. Rajeshwar Singh is just a pawn for him. Mark my word for it.
    PDP is full of thieving union leaders who are trying to fool the Fiji public to join their party.
    This is not going to happen as the public are wiser now….

  5. Why is FICAC so inactive. Can’t it investigate on Felix, Rajeshwar Singh, and all these union thugs on how they manage to own so many houses, bank accounts all over the world and travel in sparkling 4-wheel drives. It’s great to say that I am an unionist and another to live on minimum wage. Will any of these pompous trade their lives for any of the workers they so proudly say that they are fighting for. Stop the crap please!

  6. Reading the comments here seems like not a lot of support for these union parasites.

    I suppose now they are not getting all the perks they used to before people realised they did not have to support them for doing nothing they are now looking for the next free meal ticket.

  7. Where will felix take fiji if he gets elected? To the doldrums.

    A self centred disciple of choro, pdp will be post death party.

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