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Ex RNZI … Fiji Police keep track of spokeman for the Pacific Conference of Churches in Fiji


PCC media man followed by Fiji police over West Papua views

Updated at 6:50 am today

A spokeman for the Pacific Conference of Churches in Fiji says he was followed by special police for the duration of last week’s Pacific Islands Development Forum because of his organisation’s vocal stance on West Papua.

The Inaugural Pacific Islands development Forum, 2013The inaugural Pacific Islands Development Forum, 2013

Photo: RNZ

Indonesia’s President, Susilo Bambang Yudhyono, was the keynote speaker at last week’s forum meeting in Nadi.

Indonesia has been engaged in a decades-long conflict with groups fighting for independence in West Papua, which was controversially annexed by Jakarta in the 1960s.

Netani Rika says he travelled to Nadi last week for matters unrelated to the PIDF, but he says he was informed by staff at the hotel he was staying at that police had visited several times to see where he was.

“I arrived on Tuesday night and went to a hotel and was told by the staff there that police had been around looking for me earlier in the evening, the next morning I had a visit again, twice on Wednesday and then one again on Thursday night. Apparently the policeman who spoke to the hotel staff said it was due to my being vocal about the West Papua issue.”

Netani Rika says he went to the police station to ask for an explanation, but received none.



7 thoughts on “Ex RNZI … Fiji Police keep track of spokeman for the Pacific Conference of Churches in Fiji

  1. The pOlice should go and catch some real thieves and prowlers out there- then wasting time on those who are preaching and fighting for Peace in places closer to home.

  2. Rika failed to mention:

    a) Whether these employees would be ready to testify to the above claims?
    b) Whether the men who were alleged to have been visiting were wearing any police uniform?
    c) Whether the employees know of these alleged policeman’s identities?
    d) Whether any identification card was shown to the employees?

    Too many bullshit in above claims.

  3. Politicians using the police for their own means. Let me guess the Regime Supporters will still maintain that the arms of government are separate. And the elections will be free and fair. And the rule of law has not been trashed. And democracy is alive and well.

  4. West Papua and Fiji – our pain and suffering is interconnected, our people live in bondage and in servitude to oppressive governments, one a military dictator the other a ruthless coloniser. Our emancipation and our humanity is one, one cannot be free whilst the other lives in shackles. Viva Free West Papua Viva Democracy Fiji! O ki’ah va’a ‘iko ga, dua dua ‘iko ga mai liu.

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