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Will the Electoral Commission have any say?

June 18, 2014

The Fiji Police Force have been told their services are not needed at polling stations and they are still waiting to be told if they are needed to protect the ballot boxes.  The issue has been raised by Police Commissioner Bernadus Groenevald but he is still waiting for an answer from the Supervisor of Elections.  Like all decisions about the elections it looks like Saneem is waiting to be told what is to happen, but the question is: is he waiting for the Commission to decide key policy issues or is he waiting for Khaiyum?  Only the Commission has the power to direct him.

Radio Fiji 16 June 2014 Tudravu comments on security of ballot boxes


23 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. Bainimarama’s idiotic support for Indon President coming unstuck…………..Bainimarama does not appreciate the human tortures, crimes against humanity Indonesia is committing against the West Papuans…..he does the very same abuse on Fiji citizens. Bainimarama’s policies are solely based on what he gets out of of them….he has been lining his pockets with bribes from Indon President…but Fiji voters are not stupid like himself. Fiji voters have had enough of Bainimarama…we will NOT VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA.

    Push for West Papua
    Tevita Vuibau
    Monday, June 23, 2014
    THE liberation of West Papua from Indonesian occupation will be a key feature of the SODELPA manifesto to be released next month.
    Read more;

  2. Fiji is our country and issues relating to us should be top priority.

    As with West Papua, we can deal with this after elections in goodwill and respect with all stakeholders.

  3. Would you explain to me how the Fijian electoral process works? For example:

    1. If the Fiji First Party wins the most votes but Frank does not win his own seat, does Frank still become the PM?
    2. If Frank wins his seat but his Fiji First Party comes second or third in overall votes will Frank become PM or just another elected member?
    3. If # 2 scenario is carried out will the other parties elected, accept Frank as PM or just another elected member of parliament?
    4. If Frank loses his seat, and his Party comes in second or third, will this create the possibility of another Coup?
    5. If scenario #4 occurs will the other parties and members join together and arrest Frank and Ali Baba and charge them with the crimes they have committed?
    6. Is Fiji just another Banana republic?

  4. @Bob.

    Bainimarama will not accept his loss or the loss of his party. Either he wins the elections by hook or by crook, or there will be another …. you know, you’ve experienced it before.

  5. The election will not be free and fair. It has no credibility as Khayium has already planned the rigging.Saneem is not qualified and experienced. He is their because of Muslim brotherhood to carry out the orders of Khayium. Several complains were filed against FF but nothing happened.The police have not carried out an independent investigation.
    The i taukei should really decide what they what??
    i taukei should unite otherwise Khayium will continue to use Bai for his political survival.
    The problem is the divided i taukei community which will lead to Bai/ Khayium to victory.

  6. Anon.

    The Fijian Muslim brotherhood will whack your cici so hard you wont be whistling Dixie but you will be crying out allah hu akbar some more please.

  7. How many times must people be informed that the Elections will be free and fair?


    Too much politics in misleading and bringing fear.

  8. The unqualified and junta bent tool, Fiji’s Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, has eagerly rejected all six complaints against Fiji’s dictator Frank Bainimarama’s Party that has blatantly contravened the law. This tool, Saneem, is nothing more than a human dildo vibrating as directed to help stimulate Bainimarama’s corrupt, lying, illegal and fraudulent election campaign. Maybe NZ’s foreign minister, Murray McCully, should turn off his dildo so that he john Keys can stop lying to the people of NZ – that Fiji will have free and fair elections! These two keys have their heads truly stuck in the mud, with their butts in the air!

    The complaints against the dictator’s corrupt Fiji First party includes:

    1. Fiji First party official, Bijai Prasad, had lied over not having a conviction.
    2. Fiji First had started campaigning before the party was registered
    3. Fiji First had wrongly used the Fiji flag in its logo
    4. Fiji First is using a name similar to that of another party [Fiji 1st]

  9. Yes the electoral commission will have a say. As long as what they say is exactly what Khaiyum wants them to say.

    What a joke. The Supervisor of elections is an inexperienced little boy who showed as Registrar that he will do exactly what his cousin wants. Appointing Saneem was a massive mistake for Khaiyum. It was blatant nepotism and done for blatant control. Saneem has shown he is incapable of thinking for himself. That is why he got the job.

  10. Look people, what you see in Fiji is perfectly normal. The incumbent government uses everything in its power to win the next elections. As it stand in Fiji, the incumbent government led by the Honourable Khaiyum has a lot of power as it is a dictatorship established with Khaiyum’s Rear Admiral and his thugs from the RFMF. It does not help to whinge, whine and whimper these are the facts of life. Fiji First will win and everybody has a chance now to come on board, join them, sign over your land (you are too lazy to use it anyway), kiss Khaiyum’s rear and hope that a few crumbs come their way. The other option is to be brave heroes, full of dignity and self-respect for your middle age Taukie culture but does that get you? Right it gets you into jail and for minor offences our RFMF will beat the crap out of you and prod your rear with a baton. The choice is yours!

  11. @ Bob – whether you look towards Beqa or towards Kadavu either way you’re fcuked. No doubt there are some decent people with good intentions in the current electoral commission. So was Professor Yash Ghai and look what happened to his People’s Constitution! The end game has already been determined – Bainimarama and Khaiyum require A+ immunity provisions to cover their back, and by hook or crock they have to be in Government post September elections to regularise & ‘legitimise’ this whole sorry process.

  12. Bravo to the man from the Tax Office-Moala Nata. He told the faggot Attorney General to his face in a meeting at FRCA, that his relatives and family in Lakeba will not vote for Ay-arse and Voceke Bainimarama. The AG almost fainted. We need more people with balls like him – We cant say the same thing for his boss – Jitoko Tikolevu, who is stressed every night thinking of new ways to suck Attorney Generals’ nuts and dick….

  13. EyeArse and Bainimarama are simply moronic, in their reasoning and views. We deserve better leaders.

    “Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum characteristically continues to give moronic, self-deluding answers to difficult questions. When asked about the well-publicised videos of police brutality seen across the world, he says: ‘You know, police brutality is not confined to Fiji. I’ve got a report at home about Aboriginal deaths in custody. Does that justify what happened in Fiji? Why compare yourself with the worst of another country?”

    And then there is Rear-Admiral Bainimarama. Asked about NFP leader Biman Prasad’s invitation to him for a debate on important social and economic issues facing the nation, he dodges the issue completely and relapses into his old habits. ‘He’s an Indian, without me he wouldn’t even be sticking around.’ And here I was fooled into believing that everyone was a ‘Fijian’ these days.
    Professor Lal


  14. The ballot boxes will be guarded by a security firm from India part of the deal that provided vehicles for the Fiji Foist party.

  15. Security will be provided by those that the independent observers will agree to.

    It’s very simple as everyone wants the Election to be fair.

  16. Interesting Read: http://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/247989/not-for-fiji-army-to-step-in-tikoitoga


    ‘Brigadier General Tikoitoga has reiterated amendments to the constitution are allowed if they pass a majority in parliament and public referendum but a complete rewrite is not permitted.’

    So there you go: A complete rewrite is NOT permitted BUT amendments are allowed!

    So who is the one misinforming and misinterpreting the voters?
    – Prof. Brij Lal?
    – Aust. media?

    What do you have to say to the above now?

  17. Who is this two bit Fiji military fool to say what can and cannot be done to the illegal regime constitution? Is this thug a total simpleton? Is the coward wetting his pants that the illegal constitution which gives him immunity for his treasonous crimes might be changed to bring him to justice?

  18. The entire constitution is illegal and so are the decrees. Fullstop.
    The regime is illegal and the 1997 is valid as per the court judgment. Full stop.
    The current constitution has been pushed on the people by Khayium.
    These thugs have committed treason and this time they must face the court. Fullstop.
    Their is no immunity for coup makers otherwise the coup culture will never stop.

  19. The Indian government through it’s embassy in Suva and in particular Vinod Kumar since 2006 has been supporting the illegal regime. We thought India beliefs in democracy and not dictatorship.

  20. The Indian Embassy had donated vehicles – Mahindra to to election office. Mahindra dealer is Tapposs. The vehicle did not have to duty so Tapoos made good money. Well Tappos bought Khayium’s property at Berry Road which was bought in 2005 by Khayoium for $210,000 and sold for $850,000 to Tappos in 2007.
    After this sale capital gains tax was introduced!

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