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A vote for the Fiji First Party would legitimise the coup and encourage the military to think it was acceptable to do it again.

End to Fiji ‘coup culture’ urged

Updated at 8:19 am today

Fijians in New Zealand are being urged to use their influence over family in their homeland to bring an end to Fiji’s ‘coup culture’ at the general election on 17 September.

Nearly 2000 Fiji citizens in New Zealand have registered to vote in what will be the first election since Frank Bainimarama’s coup in 2006.

The campaign to win their votes and the support of the wider Fiji community started over the weekend with the first of the political parties – the National Federation Party – holding a public meeting in Auckland on Saturday.

no captionFrank Bainimarama

Photo: RNZ

Party president Tupou Draunidalo said expatriates have an important say, with their votes and financial influence over family in Fiji.

She said they could use that influence to bring about real change in Fiji by refusing to support Frank Bainimarama and his Fiji First Party.

Ms Draunidalo said a vote for the Fiji First Party would legitimise the coup and encourage the military to think it was acceptable to do it again.

National Federation Party leader, Biman Prasad said people in Fiji are fed up with coups, and this year’s election is the best chance for Fiji to return to democracy, but the country was still along way from being free and fair.

He said there was a lot of confusion and fear, and the electoral commission responsible for running the election needed to exert its authority.

The next Fiji campaign meeting is for SODELPA – the new name for the mainly Fijian party of former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, who was ousted in the 2006 military coup. He will speak at a dinner for supporters in Auckland on 28 June.

8 thoughts on “A vote for the Fiji First Party would legitimise the coup and encourage the military to think it was acceptable to do it again.

  1. Biman must clarify if NFP will form a coalition with any political party FF after election.
    It has been revealed that NFP is making a coalition with FF.

  2. Read the comment in Fiji Sun today man!! NFP has already said that it is not in coalition with anyone- where did you get this my friend- read NFP leader’s speechs my friend- dont cook up things- talk about the unholy coalition of FLP and sodelpa- flp was desperate to get to sodelpa to get some fijian votes- flp knows that Indians are not going to vote for them

  3. Some people dont want to spend money on newspapers and live in a hallicinated world. For such people media of other means need to be used:

    If Anonymous at 11.54 am had time to read blogs and write- then there should be time enough to read this:

    National Federation Party president Tupou Draunidalo (left) with NFP leader Dr Biman Prasad.

    The National Federation Party (NFP) has denied rumours it will be in a post-election coalition with the FijiFirst party.
    The NFP had earlier made it clear it will fight the election on its own and not in coalition with any party.
    Party president Tupou Draunidalo while responding to a question from the floor about FijiFirst during an NFP meeting in Auckland, New Zealand. She stressed the NFP position.
    “But both Dr Prasad and I were quite clear and adamant that there is no such arrangement. Unlike our opponents, politics for us is not a game where ‘there are no permanent friends or enemies’ – we actually have principles, which our 50 year history can attest to,” she said.
    The NFP had formed a pre-election coalition with Sitiveni Rabuka’s Soqosoqo Vakavulewa ni Taukei Party (SVT) before the 1999 poll. Meanwhile, Dr Prasad in his address said Fiji would need sustained progress in making its democratic institutions resilient and work for all Fiji Islanders – its indigenous people, and all groups of people for whom it is home.
    “These democratic institutions must also work for our investors, our visitors and our families living in New Zealand and beyond.”
    If elected to power, Dr Prasad said he would work fearlessly to help transform Fiji’s relationship with New Zealand and lift it to great heights.
    “Our relationship with New Zealand must work far more forcefully for Fiji’s development,” he said.
    Dr Prasad said the NFP would build new smart niche industries for export to New Zealand and Australia.
    “We are not in competition with Indonesia or China for manufacturing. That is a no brainer. But there are niche industries in which we can beat them hands down.”
    He said they would also carefully select policies that will attract New Zealand entrepreneurs to locate to Fiji to help kick start initiatives in targeted sectors.
    “I want to make Fiji attractive as a destination for New Zealand to source a range of imports. I will look to investments from our diaspora for the development of niche marine and agricultural export products using technologies that we do not have, helping to grow skills in areas we cannot afford to and helping us open up markets here in Auckland and across New Zealand,” he said.
    “We want you to bring your new knowledge, your new skills and your new networks to invest in Fiji. We need technologies and investments in healthcare, we need investments to improve pastures and yield in dairy, and we need investments in food processing. I am targeting a New Zealand inward investment of at least $150 million annually for the next five years,” Dr Prasad said.
    “We want your investments and knowledge in helping our outer island communities in Fulaga, Rotuma and Yasawa deal with climate change; we need your investments and knowledge to help reverse environmental damage.”

  4. I dont want to waste my time on this people and by the way nfp is a dead party and by all means they are fuck all to believe in.

  5. This article is a good summary of the true situation. Those who vote for Fiji First are voting for the maintaining of coup culture and military supremacy. That is fact. See Thickheadtoga’s statement. He is too thick to even hide the regimes future intentions.

    People power must come in September or you will have Khaiyum power for many years to come.

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