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UN now has peacekeepers whose leader admits they beat and torture people. This public admission opens the way for international court action against the leaders of the Coup.

Fiji military leader admits beatings, torture


June 20, 2014

Kathy Marks


Beatings to "stave off civil disorder": Frank Bainimarama. Beatings to “stave off civil disorder”: Frank Bainimarama.

As Fiji prepares for its first elections in eight years, the new head of the all-powerful armed forces has admitted that citizens have been beaten and tortured by the military regime, claiming it was necessary to stave off civil disorder.

“I wouldn’t deny that these things happened,” said Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga, hand-picked successor of Frank Bainimarama, who has stepped down from the military to contest the elections. “But a lot of these people were actually trying to instigate violence by creating anti-government movements or militant groups.

“They were talking on the radio and so on … If you let them continue to have a voice, you create a potentially dangerous environment. So it was the lesser of two devils.”

In his first interview with an overseas media organisation since taking over as commander in March, General Tikoitoga also vowed that the military would respect the result of the September 17 election. “We will not have another coup, as such – that’s quite definite,” he said

However, the army would not tolerate an elected government rewriting the new constitution, he said. The constitution – drafted by the regime of self-appointed Prime Minister Mr Bainimarama, and Fiji’s fourth such document in 34 years – grants immunity from prosecution to everyone involved in the December 2006 coup.

Opinion polls suggest Mr Bainimarama – who has founded his own political party, Fiji First – will win the most seats, although analysts predict he may have to govern in coalition. The dictator enjoys widespread popularity, thanks to a rural development program and the introduction of free education in public schools.

Indo-Fijians – the victims of racially motivated violence following earlier coups – are also keen on Mr Bainimarama, who ousted an indigenous Fijian government in 2006. The prime minister claims that his armed takeover was a “revolution” aimed at healing Fiji’s long-standing racial divisions, as well as stamping out corruption.

Travelling the islands recently to recruit members for Fiji First, Mr Bainimarama said: “Fiji can’t afford for me to lose this election, because there’ll be no one to keep the revolution going. Sodelpa [the Social Democratic Liberal Party, which he threw out of power] will come back and we’ll have the same old faces and same old racist policies.”

Mr Bainimarama also declared that he “couldn’t give two hoots” whether Australia and New Zealand, which recently lifted travel sanctions against the dictatorship, welcomed Fiji back into the diplomatic fold.

Expelled from the Commonwealth and Pacific Islands Forum, the coup-ridden nation has forged new alliances with China, India and Indonesia and “we’re not going to blow them out now … They’ve been our friends, true friends,” he said.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/fiji-military-leader-admits-beatings-torture-20140620-zsg90.html#ixzz35J6HU7GI


25 thoughts on “UN now has peacekeepers whose leader admits they beat and torture people. This public admission opens the way for international court action against the leaders of the Coup.

  1. So here is the admission that we did not want to hear. If anyone wins the election other than Fiji First and such a government attempts to restore the legal constitution…there will be another military intervention (coup).

    To summarise the FF position, if we win the status quo will be maintained . If we lose we have another coup. That is blackmail and the election cannot be construed as free and fair.

    The Military will still run the show. That much has been made crystal clear.

    As for admitting the torture and beatings, the reasoning provided for justifying these abuses does not hold water.

    This statement is an almighty contradiction. The RFMF will continue to hold Fiji hostage. Nothing will change. At least they are not hiding what they are thinking.

    The fact that Bainimarama does not give two hoots for his long standing regional allies, is another clear sign that Fiji is heading down a dangerous path.

    Anyone who works in tourism might want to learn Mandarin. Your tourists will be coming from China. Even though the bulk of expatriated monies , which props up the economy, comes from Australia and New Zealand, Frank could not give “two hoots”.

    It is clear from this statement that Australia and New Zealand are now perceived as the enemy and Coup Culture is here to stay.

    A vote for Fiji First is clearly a vote for the RFMF and the continuation of military domination and coup culture.

  2. The support of India and China to an illegal regime means these two communities will one day have a backlash. It is surprising that India is supporting an illegal regime.

  3. The election will be rigged. The only way to have an independent election is for an interim government with an independent supervisor of election. FF is a Muslim backed party and all signs are for the election will be rigged.
    For this Khayium will not resign as Minister of Election.
    The military commander has already said that the constitution cannot be changed.

  4. Time for a change. 8 years of rule by FF is enough.When people are in position for too long CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM and BAD GOVERNANCE is the hallmark. This is very much evident in the current illegal government.

  5. Fiji’s lying and corrupt dictator, Frank Bainimarama anf illegal A.G. are living the high life while the people of Fiji struggle to make ends meet in a poor economy created by Bainimarama and Kahyium since his Dec 2006 military coup.

  6. Sodelpa and FLP will be the best option for the people as we are at crossroads in the political history of the country . This will offer a good multi racial approach. This will be in the best interest for the i taukei and Indians.
    NFP leader Biman must now tell the people if it is true that FF and NFP plans to form a coalition. This must be made very clear to the people at the outset.
    Senior Khayium has been meeting NFP since he was an ex – NFP to form a coalition with FF.
    Biman clarify this proposed coalition.

  7. Whatever anyone say the fact remains whichever way the i taukei will vote that party will win.
    i taukei are about 60% voters so let i taukei decide it is SODELPA or FF.
    Do not complain after the election.

  8. The statements from both Moses and Papa Pig both show the idiots and ego maniacs that they are. People should not expect anything sensible from these kinds of galoots.

  9. Fiji has reached its lowest levels ever. All because of Bainimarama and his puppet master khaiyum who are running from the law to save themselves from being arrested and from going to prison. They have lied, robbed and cheated Fiji on their way to making themselves millionaires, while creating Fiji’s worst ever levels of:
    1.UNEMPLOYMENT across Fiji while giving more jobs to foreign Chinese workers
    2. HIGH COST OF LIVING that has reached its highest point ever in Fiji’s history and increasing
    3. POVERTY with more Fijians struggling to make ends meet and put food on their tables
    crime with more tourists being attached and robbed, increased assaults and rape
    3.INVESTMENT, at its lowest ever because investors know that there is no rule of law in Fiji to protect their investments
    4.NEPOTISM with bainimarama and khaiyum’s stupid and corrupt family and friends being given top government jobs to serve themselves and not to serve the people
    5.CORRUPTION, with bainimarama and khaiyum paying themselves multiple salaries for jobs they are not qualified to do and/or elected into.

    Together, Bainimarama and Khaiyum, and their corrupt family and friends, are looting Fiji of its native lands and millions of dollars. No-one voted for them. They just overthrew the democratically elected government and lied that they were making Fiji are better place. They had people killed, tortured, threatened, intimidated and raped.

    So why would any sane and God fearing person want to vote for the dictator Bainimarama and his Fiji First party? They wouldn’t!!

    Only blind, greedy, corrupt and stupid people will vote for Bainimarama and Fiji First.

  10. Itaukei are 51%, not 60%. If 1 in 5 vote for FF, FB will be PM as all other racews will vote for FF.

    Non itaukei will not vote for sodelpa or parties like FLP associated with sodelpa.

    Fiji first will get at least 50% of itaukei votes, 90% of indo fijian votes and all votes of other races. So FF will win at least 37 seats.

  11. When I visited my koro last week, I asked my village elders who would win the elections. I was surprised to note that while they respect the chiefs, they said that it would be sinful not to support Voreqe as he has done so much for the people even though he was not elected.

    I could not agree more with them.

  12. We should be grateful to have such brave, strong and dedicated leaders such as Mosese and Frank. They have done everything to move Fiji forward. This includes unconventional methods such as torture and killings in custody, but hey, look around the world: Wherever there is efficient and effective leadership the bad guys get beaten and killed. The rule is simple. Agree with the rulers, support their agenda, don’t question how much money they take out of the system and you are fine. You may even get a share of the loot if you are a really good boy such as Croz and Graham.

  13. My family is currently divided between FIji First and NFP. Traditionally our family has voted FLP but its clear we will not support the thief chor-dhury.

  14. FB can not afford to loose the elections because he needs to “legitimise” all the wrongs he had committed since his involvement in the 2000 coup (remember the military’s own board of inquiry report which reveals a much closer & symbiotic relationship between FB and Speight than previously thought) and to regularise the immunity provisions of his 2013 Constitution. FB, ASK, Tikoitoga, Fiji’s military forces and their civilian cohorts have done remarkably well though in creating a Guiness world record of constitutional immunity (from prosecution) provisions, beginning with coverage for treasonous & criminal acts committed during their 2006 coup, then backdated to FB’s involvement in Speight’s May 2000 coup, the brutal extralegal killings of former CRW soldiers by FB loyalists during the November 2000 mutiny, and then immunity coverage towards the future until their Fiji First party gets “elected” into office in September as planned. If for some unknown reason FB and his mates don’t get to form the next government post September elections then loyalist Tikoitoga will step in to do Frank’s bidding as revealed in this smh interview. As Fiji’s former Leader of Opposition, Mick Beddoes, recently stated in a Radio NZ interview “because we haven’t put the basics or fundamentals right we will have coup #5 followed by #6, and then coup #7 followed by #8. History will no doubt remember Bainimarama (and his supporters) for what he truly is – as a traitor to his country (for ousting Fiji’s last democratically elected government) and to his comrade in arms George Speight (how else could you explain the resolve of a small band of CRW soldiers during the November 2000 attempted mutiny), a bully, a thug and a coward for needing all these immunities to cover his back(side). And this is who voters will be voting for if they put a tick on Bainimarama and his Fiji First Party come the September elections.

  15. I don’t know about you annon 1.02am but I know of a lot of itaukei who will not vote for Sodelpa. We will vote for Fiji 1st

    ‘No Constitution is written in Stone, Constitutions are living
    documents and within their pages are legal procedures that can be
    exhausted to amend laws. It is a tragedy that Fiji’s Military Forces
    Commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga can’t grasp this fact’,
    say’s a youth activist in Fiji, Pita Waqavonovono

  17. The statement attributed to the unelected and unrepresentative Military Commander admitting to abuses in 2006 and threatening to overrule the yet to be elected democratic government of Fiji is the clearest reminder yet to the International community who eagerly ‘embraced’ the Dictator Bainimarama and ignored the well being of the people, that ‘free, fair and credible’ elections is not possible so long as these threats continue.

    Claims by the Commander that there were people trying to instigate violence and that there were militant groups is a figment of his imagination. The only instability in Fiji back in 2006 was the military and any act of militancy was by the military itself. Their target was of course, the innocent civilians courageous enough to demonstrate for democracy.

    People must stop being intimidated by these ‘bullying’ tactics and everyone must ‘cast aside’ the fear that has been systematically imposed on them over the past 8 years and dig deep and bring out the courage and determination that lay within each one of us and together as a people we can send a strong message to the oppressors of our freedom, our rights and our future that we are taking back control of our own destiny.

    Intimidation and threats are the weapons of the fearful, not the strong. Ironically, the people who have committed the crimes against humanity and control the weapons and government seem to be the ones who feel most ‘threatened’ by our messages of hope and unity.

    Our weapon of choice as a people must always be the ‘truth’, we don’t need arms, we have wisdom, we don’t need their threats, we need them to debate us and challenge our viewpoint intelligently, we don’t need some unelected, unrepresentative individual to tell us what to do, that will be up to the people in 2 months time to give their mandate to the 50 citizens they think are best placed to make those decisions for them.

    Mick Beddoes

  18. Support you Mick…..wish you all the best in your fight against the evil, brutal illegal Govt and its offshoot, Fiji First Party. WE WILL REJECT BAINIMARAMA AND HIS PARTY AT THE POLLS

  19. @Millis

    unelected military commander ???

    They are never elected, but appointed, sometimes on merit, but largely through connections ( the 2 epelis come to mind)

  20. Titilia…. This is the problem. Short term gain vs Long term loss for the Villagers. This is why the Coup culture is strong and kicking in Fiji. And Guess who are the real beneficiaries? I am sure you know the answer to that question and its not the villagers. They only get the crumbs.

  21. The only revolution Frank has brought is a style of government that (1) rests on the right of criminals to create own constitution, (2) that gives immunity for criminals overthrowing elected governments, (3) that allows criminals to steal national wealth and resources for personal and family gain without accountability, (4) that allows for criminals organize election by decree to ensure they remain in power and (5) allows for criminals to overthrow any other elected government other than their own self-imposed government. This is the revolution Frank will be known for. Definitely not something to applaud!

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