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He says that’s being fuelled by a lack of transparency about how the votes in Fiji and overseas will be recorded and counted

Concern over security of Fiji votes

Updated at 10:03 pm on 20 June 2014

The president of the Fiji Community Association of Auckland says he has doubts over the security of votes cast in New Zealand for Fiji’s general election.

It will be the first poll in Fiji since Frank Bainimarama’s military coup in 2006.

John Kotoisuva says there’s a lot of suspicion about the election on 17 September.

He says that’s being fuelled by a lack of transparency about how the votes in Fiji and overseas will be recorded and counted, and by who, and the role of overseas observers.

Mr Kotoisuva says the Fiji government needs to give a clear explanation if voters are to have confidence in the election and the result.

21 thoughts on “He says that’s being fuelled by a lack of transparency about how the votes in Fiji and overseas will be recorded and counted

  1. What the fuk JT.

    You are a fear monger, giving rise to creating doubts and fear among voters mind.

    With election observers from many countries, you are trying to belittle.

    You and all your mataqali were part of the coup supporters in 1987 and 2000.

    Shut the fuk up.

  2. Credibility is something this regime lacks and accountability does not exist in the animal farm dictionary.

  3. The election will be rigged. The only way to have an independent election is for an interim government with an independent supervisor of election. FF is a Muslim backed party and all signs are for the election will be rigged.
    For this Khayium will not resign as Minister of Election.
    The military commander has already said that the constitution cannot be changed.

  4. SODELPA has to lot of work to get back the support.Not much of a turn out.
    Go to koro and start talking to people.
    This election is a test for i taukei.

  5. What does SODELPA has to offer to the people of Fiji.

    What are their policies ?
    1) Reinstate the corrupt GCC
    2) Eeinstate the old lease sharing formula
    3) Throw away the 2013 constitution and be in direct conflict with the military – do Fijians want another coup

    Thanks but n thanks SODELPA

  6. Time for a change. 8 years of rule by FF is enough.When people are in position for too long CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM and BAD GOVERNANCE is the hallmark. This is very much evident in the current illegal government.

  7. There were no young itaukei nor people of other race in the picture. A lot of them came to dring free grog.

    Their pact with FLP will not work as MPC was the man behind the coup that removed SDL. Even LQ can confirm that.

    So indians will say no to FLP because of sodelpa and itaukei will say no to sodelpa because of FLP.

  8. I have been informed that a sodelpa candidate was a key man who did the 2000 coup. He was sent to prison and spent around 7 years there.

    If sodelpa is against the coup, why choose someone who participated in the coup. Or is sodelpa, and sdl are both the same as they were born out of the 2000 coup.

  9. Sodelpa and FLP will be the best option for the people as we are at crossroads in the political history of the country . This will offer a good multi racial approach. This will be in the best interest for the i taukei and Indians.
    NFP leader Biman must now tell the people if it is true that FF and NFP plans to form a coalition. This must be made very clear to the people at the outset.
    Their is rumour that senior Khayium has been meeting NFP since he was an ex – NFP to form a coalition with FF.

  10. SODELPA HELPED KICK FLP OUT of office and FLP did the same in 2006.

    An interesting partnership. however sdl kicked FLP twicw in 1987 and in 2000 but flp kicked SDL only once…..hahahahahahaha

  11. Just look at the economic performance of the Frank/Khaiyum Govt :
    – no growth in the economy
    – all developments made through loaned money that has to be repaid byfuture generation
    – cost of developments eg roads, etc is ten times the cost in pre 2006 so Frank/Khaikubu and all can have commissions.

    – etc, etc, etc

    Fiji just cannot let the current regime continue to rule it.


  12. The marriage between FLP and sodelpa will not work?

    Why would itaukei vote for sodelpa when they are working with a party that was behind the coup in 2006? Is Ro temumu so stupid? Yes, she is.

    Why would indo fijian vote for FLP when they are working with a party that will take away the equal rights and bring about policies like the qoliqoli bill. Is Convict mahen stupid? No, but he is getting carried away with his arrogance and that will be his downfall.

    Only 200 people to announce 28 candidate. Each candidate bought 4 supporters and if you exclude sodelpa people, there were less than 50 other people.

    FLP will fall and take sodelpa down the doldrums. I do not expect FLP to win a single seat as the winds of change is blowing very strongly.

  13. I will not support SODELPA as they have joined hands with Mahen choro who was mastermind of the 2006.

    I will vote for nfp.

  14. As much as I would have liked to support Sodelpa, I must confess that their line-up is much to be desired.

    As of date, the candidates of Sodelpa and FLP are used by dates. NFP has a good mix but their leader is a flyweight.

    PDP will not get my votes as its run by unionist.

    Let’s see what FFP comes up with.

  15. Ratu sissy

    That’s 8 less votes for FLP and there are thousands like me.

    Fiji first all the way.

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