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The question of Sam

The criticism directed at Sam Saumatua raises some interesting questions.

His critics say he is unworthy of SODELPA endorsement because he was willing to serve the regime he now stands in opposition to. Some just say he’s tainted because he’s ex-RFMF.

Most of his critics don’t know him. Like many in the SODELPA line-up he has a record of leadership in his field. Unlike Bainimarama he served with distinction in the field as a real military leader in Lebanon.

People who think he should have simply overthrown Bainimarama have no sense of how the RFMF was scarred by the mutiny in 2000. Like everybody else, RFMF officers could see that Bainimarama had betrayed the clean-up coup with corruption and cronyism of his own. But what could they do without ripping the RFMF apart and plunging the country further into chaos?

How many other RFMF brothers are there who might have done something but held back thinking the time was not right to effect a clean change? If there ever was a right time Roko Ului and Driti certainly didn’t pick it and who knows when of even if RFMF officers could have done anything to remove Bainimarama.

As for serving the regime, how many others have thought they could exercise influence from within, only to find that the regime is a two man-band? The trail of sacked board members and CEOs who tried to have a voice and ending up only on the scrap heap is long and sad.

Now is not the time for SODELPA to start a witch hunt or allow divisions to grow within, just as it is also the time to draw closer and stand shoulder to shoulder with opponents of Fiji First. Democracy has no future if Fiji First is not decisively defeated.

29 thoughts on “The question of Sam

  1. Valid point but lets not forget that the voters will have the final say. Parties can field whoever they like but the voter will ultimately determine the political destiny of candidates and whether they are confident in their abilities.

  2. 3 pillars of identity
    Avinesh Gopal
    Thursday, June 19, 2014

    THE disbanded Great Council of Chiefs must be reinstated and supported, says Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate Nirmal Singh.

    Mr Singh says the GCC, the vanua and the church are the three pillars of identity for indigenous people.

    “In fact, GCC is the core foundation of their culture and identity.

    “It has immense authority and holds indigenous people together and provides cohesion and direction in times of need,” he said.

    “You take away the GCC, the indigenous people become rudderless and lose their sense of identity.

    “I think like all other institutions, the GCC should change with time and keep pace with the demands of the future generations.

    “You just cannot abolish an institution which is the root of indigenous identity,” he said.

    “Frankly, it is no longer an indigenous institution but a national institution.”

    Mr Singh also said the September election was not only about restoring democracy to the country but about empowering people from all walks of life.

    He said the election was about ensuring women and youths were an integral part of Fiji’s decision-making process, adding they must be part of taking Fiji into the future.

    “This election is about freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom to choose.

    “It is about freedom of our media because it’s the level of freedom of the media that determines the strength of our democracy.

    “It’s all about our liberty and God-given rights that are unalienable.

    “It is incumbent upon all of us to allow free discussions, debate, dissent and freedom to choose whichever party the voter decides to vote.

    “Let us all join hands and move forward as a united nation and let’s do so with love and compassion.

  3. Leave all the itaukei stuff to the Taukeis and let them decide what they want.

    You are a vulagi as far as the majority of Sodelpa supporters are concerned.

  4. Good on Sam and SODELPA. Having a military thug in your own ranks always helps. He could assist in giving Khaiyum a bit of torture to bring out the asset declaration.

  5. Let me assure all that GCC is not our identity and they should be left out of this equation as they are the elites who have fooled the fijian race by siding with previous Govt.They are from the old generation of the colonial era and should be abolished indefinitely

  6. Its the chiefs who ceded Fiji to Queen Victoria in1874. That was a wise decision from which we are still prospering. The flip side is to be governed by Uncle Sam.

  7. We expect Sam to be more vocal regarding the following:
    1. Media decree – no freedom of speech., media controlled by Khayium.
    2. Salary of Bai / Khayium – over $1.2 million.
    3. Why salary processed by Nur Bano ( Khayium’s aunty).
    4.Why Saneem SOE is inexperienced and does not have relevant qualification.
    5.Salary and asset before 2006 and after for Bai/ Khayium.
    6. Breakdown of how 20 million was spend by FBC.
    7.Loan amount from china.
    8. Muslims promoted to high post without qualification and merit..
    9. Scholarship to only 16 i taukei under toppers scheme.
    10. Influx of chinese to stay permanently.

  8. Sam is anti-indian. Just ask all those who worked with him in the ministry.

    Indians will not vote for sodelpa

  9. Navosavakasona.

    It appears you have your anus well and truly sewn to your mouth or maybe you have your head buried deep into your rectosigmoid, why? Well it seems your soli-sona party will go to any extent to justify its very existence by any means possible even to extenuate the crimes of a known coup perpetrator.

    “Most of his critics don’t know him. Like many in the SODELPA line-up he has a record of leadership in his field”

    Yes you quite correct, no one knows Sambo like your soli-sona party,however the rest of the nation knows him as a treasonist and ergo he like those dead beat peculator’s in your farked-up party are wasting every body’s time.

    To use Frank’s quote it would be much wiser for you and decrepit dotards go find a warm spot under a mango tree and in this case wash you guys mouth’s out with salt water.

  10. Col. Saumatua is not frightened of anyone. I think he will win his seat. His antagonists should be wary of him.

  11. Wow the undertaker and her corpse are defending a party that is insignificant and the people know it.

    Get it right sunshine single malt whiskey is the go and nothing less.

    What is the people’s part did you say?

    Well its no other than the party that is inclusive and one led by the master of equity and probity..

    Master Frank to the rest of you.

  12. Sam tell us how much you were paid as a minister?
    You should know how much Khayium was paid?
    Disclose how much you and you all ministers were paid by the regime.

  13. Q. Why did Sam join the IG in the first place?

    A. To fill his pocket and his big belly.

    Q. Why did he resign?

    A. Because of “personal reason” (I wanted to make more money with some of my CEO’s but I got caught).

  14. Uncle Sam is well known to carry his belly around and like Mick Beddose, he is just big around the waist.

  15. No more than 5 seats for sodelpa. NFP may win 8 seats and FLP/PDP zero.

    Fiji first will win the balance.

  16. Indonesia, the war criminals, are offering development aid for Fiji, support for the elections and there are reports of cash paid directly to the Fiji First party and to Bainimarama himself.

  17. How come the con women sainana rodrodro is centre stage of sodelpa. Very soon, it will be So-deep-her.

    Its still time to change sodelpa.

    By the way, can ro temumu pls tell the people that she sinned by having an affair with someone’s husband. She talks of god fearing and church but hides her adulterous affair.

  18. I was informed that the husband of PDP president, Rob seaman’s made $20m through illicit means in USA. Is it also alleged rhat lydia tubuya was also involved.

    Maybe, someone can shed more light on this pls?

    Rajend chaudary or victor lal?

  19. Virisila made a good appearance on abc tv on the abuse by some army officers.

    She should have put the matter to rest by naming Driti, Roko Ului and JB. The later 2 frequent Aust while driti enjoying at naboro.

  20. My prediction:

    1. FFP: 33 seats
    2. NFP: 1o seats
    3. Sodelpa: 7 seats
    4. FLP: 0 seats
    5. Pdp: 0 seats
    6. Roshika: less than 2% so no seat

  21. Rabuka you must be day dreaming.
    i tuakei will limuri FF.
    1. SODELPA : 30 seats
    2. NFP : 6 seats
    3. FLP: 9 seats
    4. FF: 5 seats
    5. PDP: 0 seat

    Sodelpa does not need to form coalition.

    The Indian votes will be divided. Majority i taukei will vote for SODELPA. Majority South Indians voting for NFP. Majority North Indians voting for FLP. Muslims 95 % voting for FF.
    It is interesting to note that SODELPA and NFP and no Muslims as their candidate.

    Sodelpa and NFP why no Muslim have joined your party.

  22. Annon 10.44am

    You must be dreaming. Even if majority of itaukei vote for sodelpa, they will not get 25 seats, how will they get 30 seats. Pls go check your head as it seems you just landed from moon.

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