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iTaukei land safe?

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu
We all have heard the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General reiterate that the iTaukei land is safe under the new 2013 Constitution.
Yet we keep hearing political parties and individuals come up with arguments to prove that both the PM and A-G are trying to deceive the iTaukei landowners.
Kind of reminds me of the story where a turaga ni koro was sentenced to three months imprisonment by the judge, for the offence he had committed. “No way”, he told the judge.
“What’s your problem” retorted the judge? The turaga ni Koro said if the Police Inspector told him that he was to spend three months in jail, only then he will believe it.
Apparently, the turaga ni koro thought that the Police Inspector had more power than the judge, so if both the PM and A-G say that iTaukei land is safe, then we should with child-like faith believe it.


25 thoughts on “iTaukei land safe?

  1. But we are not children, and we can certainly read the constitution ourselves and make our own conclusions. The issue is that PM & AG consistently and persistently say one thing and do another.

  2. The land can be taken any time by the government and given to chinese as evident today.
    Why the land at Raiwaqa next to Garden city was not tendered?
    This land was worth millions.
    Why was it given to the chinese?
    Was Khayium paid in Hong Kong for this land deal a sum of $2 million.

  3. People be warned that Vodafone is spying on VODAFONE CALLS.
    Change to another user like Digicel.
    The whole country is under surveillance.

  4. This Vakaliwaliwa moron is a regime stooge ,,,,,,,,,
    didnt even realise effect of s185 removal….
    too much letters to the editor, too much kava and too much futulaki

  5. Land stealing is an on-going thing , starting from colonial days and through the years.

    landowners who are sleeping will have their land stolen .

    only the landowners who are busy working their land will be alert to thieves.

  6. The 2006 coup was about money, land and avoiding Bainimarama being prosecuted for murder and torture. Khaiyum and the Rear Admiral have everything they could with regard to exorbitant salaries and huge bribes for infrastructure contracts. But the real big money in Fiji comes with bribes from long term land leases given to the Chinese. So if any Taukie believes that their land is safe – well then they deserve it their land being taken away.

  7. Vakaliwaliwa thinks that we should believe Bainimarama and Khaiyum and put our trust in them. But they are accomplished liars and this has proven several times in these past eight years not mentioning, of course, the darker days when the 2000 coup was planned, initiated and then executed up to the time when they forcefully took over the elected government in 2006.
    Either Vakaliwaliwa is naive or he is in complete cahoots with Bhai and Khai.

  8. I have read numerous letters to the editor by this Vakaliwaliwa. He is a seventh day Adventist according to one of his letters. I pity his church for having one of it’s members continually brag about this illegal Bainimarama government when he knows fully well all the crimes committed by him. In my opinion Vakaliwaliwa is an “on the fence Christian” who is swayed easily depending on who dangles the carrot in his face. He is scared to criticize baini because he fears being dragged to the camp. Just wait and see; if a party other than Fiji First wins the election, Vakaliwaliwa will be very, very bold to criticize.

  9. My colleague made a good conclusion after the sodelpa candidates were announced “the old farts and the old politicans”

    Its now likely that sodelpa will win less seats than nfp.

    5 seats at the most.

  10. When will Bai/ Khayium disclose their assets before 2006 and after.
    Disclose your salary of over $1.2 million.
    Why nur bano is processing the salary since the coup of 2006.
    Why the casino projects local consultant was nur bano ( Khayium’s aunty).
    Who was the consultant for Rewa Diary? Nur Bano.
    Was the constancy put on tender?
    How much nur bano was paid? $500,000.
    Who recommended the sale of Rewa Diary? Nur Bano.
    Who bought Rewa Dairy? CJ Patel subsidary company.

  11. If the land in Raiwai was sold to chinese without public tender this is a major concern.This means land can be taken away at any time by Khayium.How is land protected?

  12. FBC took a loan of 20 million from FDB.That is a lot of money that was borrowed. The people need to how this money was spend and who were the contractors including the sub contractors. Once this is known then the truth will be known.
    This will open a can of worms that is filled with corruption and nepotism.

  13. A Comment on the formation or reintroduction of a Council for Chiefs:

    I believe all parties, even FF, agree to having a Council for Chiefs.

    But what parties are not telling voters is what powers are they willing to give to the Chiefs and their Council.

    – Is it something like the powers of GCC of 1990’s or a modified one?

    – If its a modified will it be a Council to only ‘look’ after iTaukei traditions and culture? Or will it include deciding on the President? Deciding on a number of Senators?

    Can the media please ask these question

  14. @ Chiefs Council

    Yes those are good questions.

    Our MEDIA really needs to ask political parties these questions.

    Just to rephrase the questions:
    a) Does your party agree to the formation of a Chiefs’ Council?
    b) What roles does your party think should be played by this Council?
    c) What powers does your party agree to giving this Council? (E.g. Nominating the President? Deciding on allocated Senators to represent the Council? etc.).
    d) To whom will this Council be reporting to?
    e) How will recommendations and required assistance put forth by members be addressed?
    f) Will the various Ministries be required to supply this Council all the relevant facts on development and assistance given to the various Districts and Provinces?
    g) etc.

    Perhaps Fijitoday, Croz Walsh, Fiji Media Wars, Coup 4.5, Grubsheet and other blogs can also assist voters by asking these questions and writing something on this issue so voters are enlightened and can benefit from it.

  15. Khayium breaches his own illegal decrees in an attempt to retain power and control over Fiji, while also milking the system for as much as he can steal for themselves and their rotten and corrupt family and friends.

  16. @ Talei

    Why are you and your colleague so concerned about the “old farts and old politicians” of SODELPA? If you don’t like them, don’t vote for them. And remember there is no age limit if anyone wants to enter politics whether they are old farts, young farts, stupid farts or whatever; that is their right. It seems you are bothered they will win more seats than you can ever imagine. Just let them be and let the voters decided.

  17. This news shows that Aust & NZ are working in cahoots with a criminal and cannot be trusted.

    European Union Declines Invitation To Observe Fiji Elections
    EU rules don’t allow participation in Multinational Observer Groups

    SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, June 16, 2014) – The European Union will not be part of the observers group for Fiji’s 2014 Election. This is after they turned down an invitation from the Fijian Government as it would require them to be part of the Multinational Observer Group (MOG) which is against the established rules of EU’s electoral observation. In an email to the FijiLive, Johnny Engell-Hansen, EU Deputy Head of Delegation, confirmed they had been invited to send one expert to be part of the MOG headed by Australia. “However, the established rules of EU electoral observation do not allow EU observers to be embedded in a multinational mission nor to operate under the leadership of any third party,” he said. The EU says its Election Observation Missions must be completely independent and cannot work under the direction of anyone else, be it Australia or any other country or organisation. As a result, Engell-Hansen says the EU will rely on its own internal experts as well as take into account the MOG’s evaluation to assess the credibility of Fiji’s September 17 election. The EU has always maintained it will only resume its bilateral aid programme with Fiji on the basis of a credible, free and fair September 17 election.

  18. Kaiyum plans to lease out all mangroves to chinese with 10% commission,,,thats why he and frank are rich today ,,,thats what the coup was for and thats why they stopped the qoliqoli bill wake up numbskulls its all about land grab and greed ,,,same old story behind a power grap

  19. phew what big stories and no comment about what the itaukei are doing to lose the whole debate just we are entitled sorry those days are over rover grow up and start paying some tax to keep fiji going

    and for the chiefs- get real get a job and get educated- the itaukei commoners do not want dumbos as leaders

    no use praying to jesus or allah or holy father for help- it is not coming- get real and do something dfor yourselves

  20. all these comments are useless if ure a non believer of Christ, all these happenings about all of the parties and which one is progressing or taking the lead this all goes inline with the bible prophecy , and if ull be wondering what prophecy?? rather then wasting ur time posting or sticking ur nose into politics and trying to be a cop investigating on things way over our heads read the bible use that investigation skills there which will bring u good…..pliz never critisize anyone, i know everyone commenting goes to church ask yourselves why???for us itaukei nai yau kei vuravura qo na biu tu mai na qele na vale kei na ka kece da taukena tu, da vakanamata ga ena lesu vakarua mai……where u will receive great possesions which is rightfully yours provided by our heveanly father……and for we are still here on planet earth and while the elections is right there at the door i pfrefer everyone votes for the party they think is worth leading this belovered naition and dont try to persuade others or being promotive for any party cos i think thats ther job doing campain..

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