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Has the Prime Minister noticed any political bias on the part of the Fiji Sun?


I read in the Fiji Times that the Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama has said if the Fiji Times has a political bias it needs to declare it.
Has the Fiji Sun done that?
Has the Prime Minister noticed any political bias on the part of the Fiji Sun?
Why is the Fiji Sun branded a Bainimarama regime propaganda paper?
What is the reason for the Prime Minister’s selective attack on the Fiji Times?
Is it because the Fiji Times is providing democratic space to people who question the regime?
We know the Prime Minister finds that quite unpalatable.
But that is what democracy is about : the people having the right to question the political leadership.
The role of an independent media is to facilitate that.
Perhaps the Prime Minister wants the Fiji Times to also assume the role of a cheerleader of his political party?
Rajend Naidu

8 thoughts on “Has the Prime Minister noticed any political bias on the part of the Fiji Sun?

  1. The illegal P.M. should do the right thing and resign. He has looted the country’s finance for the last 8 years. He has appointed the daughter and murderer brother in law to top government posts.He is power hungry man like Khayium. Both must be charged for treason.

  2. MOMBASA Kenya (Reuters) – At least 50 people were killed when gunmen in two minibuses sped into a town on Kenya’s coast, shooting soccer fans watching a World Cup match in a television hall and targeting two hotels, a police post and a bank, officials and witnesses said.

    Police said Somalia’s al Shabaab Islamist group was most likely to blame for the night time assault on the town of Mpeketoni, which lies on the Indian Ocean coastline that runs north from Kenya’s main port of Mombasa to the Somali border.

  3. MEDIA
    The dismissal of Anish Chand and Satish Narayan from Fiji TV has sent a message to journalists: PISS OFF THE DICTATOR AND LOSE YOUR JOBS
    Fiji TV is only awarded 6 month licenses to keep it under control
    Heavy fines for Fiji Times
    Heavy handed use of Contempt of Court charges
    Riyaz Khaiyum appointed as CEO of FBC
    FBC is allowed to operate despite being technically insolvent and unable to pay even the interest on its $20+m loan with FDB
    Media Industry Decree
    MIDA acts very quickly to investigate Regime complaints but very slowly to investigate UFDF complaints
    Obvious pro regime bias of both FBC and Fiji Sun

    Keep up with independent and fair coverage Fiji Times.

  4. Would be interesting how the illegal lot will handle this disclosure of all their assets including salaries. I expect some interesting attempt to continue unaccountability the hallmark of their dishonesty, lying and lying which have characterised their dealing with the Fiji public, They should explain why they are being paid through EyeArse’s Aunty’s accounting firm.

  5. A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium.
    Khayium the destroyer of i taukei.
    Khayium the destroyer of Great Council of chiefs.
    Khayium the destroyer of methodist church.
    Khayium the destroyer our name Fijians.
    Khayium earns over $1.2 million in salary which he would not have ever got in his career.

  6. Is this the same rajend naidu that washed convict mahen’s underware so that his son could work in the FLP office.

    Is this the same rajend naidu that worked for social welfare dept and called fijians”kutu”m

    Is this the samw rajen naidu that called aust “home” to lick his tatt.

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