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Development claim

Development claim

Kolinio Meo, Suva
The continuing claim by the leader of the FijiFirst Party (FFP) citing the enormous developments that his Government has undertaken during the last eight years is akin to an advertisement of a product glorified through mind-bending words and colour to smartly camouflage the genuine status of the product.
Firstly, the FFP was born out of an illegal government that ruled with force and without any opposition to provide the checks and balances to ensure accountability.
Secondly, the claim cannot be measured against any legal benchmarks because there was no opposition to compare performances with. For obvious reasons its performances cannot be compared with any previous democratic governments. Furthermore it is an obligatory function of any ruling government to carry out social and economic developments or else it would be irrelevant. The voting public deserve to be enlightened with all the above information so that they can make a wise decision on their choice of the next government.


5 thoughts on “Development claim

  1. Thank you Meo for saying like it is. You are right, they have continuously boasted of the developments they make because there is purely no opposition and they are not accountable to anyone. On the other hand, they are very scared to produce the Auditor General’s report since 2006 because it will reveal a gross mis-use of government money.

  2. Uncle Meo,

    I hope u can say the same thing to SVT and even to the regime after the 2000 coup.

    Its clear how racist and unchristain we have become.

  3. @ jemesa – uncle meo is pointing out the problem of a criminal who is finding it difficult to reinvent himself into a credible leader! Bainimarama’s words are so crazy and so empty for what they are. The people of Fiji can see right through it. His rhetoric and his actions contradict each other – people know him as a deceiver, liar, self-centered and corrupt character. All his handouts are for his own benefit! His constitution and decrees are for his own protection. There is so much to say about him and Fiji citizens know all about it! What else is there to prove – He is a lost case!

  4. A Comment on the formation or reintroduction of a Council for Chiefs:

    I believe all parties, even FF, agree to having a Council for Chiefs.

    But what parties are not telling voters is what powers are they willing to give to the Chiefs and their Council.

    – Is it something like the powers of GCC of 1990’s or a modified one?

    – If its a modified will it be a Council to only ‘look’ after iTaukei traditions and culture? Or will it include deciding on the President? Deciding on a number of Senators?

    Can the media please ask these question

  5. @ Chiefs Council

    Yes those are good questions.

    Our MEDIA really needs to ask political parties these questions.

    Just to rephrase the questions:
    a) Does your party agree to the formation of a Chiefs’ Council?
    b) What roles does your party think should be played by this Council?
    c) What powers does your party agree to giving this Council? (E.g. Nominating the President? Deciding on allocated Senators to represent the Council? etc.).
    d) To whom will this Council be reporting to?
    e) How will recommendations and required assistance put forth by members be addressed?
    f) Will the various Ministries be required to supply this Council all the relevant facts on development and assistance given to the various Districts and Provinces?
    g) etc.

    Perhaps Fijitoday, Croz Walsh, Fiji Media Wars, Coup 4.5, Grubsheet and other blogs can also assist voters by asking these questions and writing something on this issue so voters are enlightened and can benefit from it.

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