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Bainimarama is the biggest beneficiary of the coup: Labour


Fiji First leader Voreqe Bainimarama and his secretary general Aiyaz Khaiyum are themselves the most “discredited” politicians in Fiji today.

They need to acknowledge this and stop hurling abuse at politicians who had won the mandate of the people of Fiji through democratically held elections, Labour said in response to allegations by the Fiji First Leader at his party’s launch that “discredited old politicians were lying to the people”.

Bainimarama’s worn out line of campaign is to accuse politicians of lying when, in fact, his own record shows a litany of lies since the Army takeover of 2006. Chief among these are his promises to the people of Fiji to protect the 1997 constitution, to hold elections within two years, to clean out corruption and an assurance that no one in the Army will benefit from the 2006 coup.

None of these promises was kept. He has come out as the biggest beneficiary of the coup – even taking a promotion in the Navy post-retirement, possibly, to boost his pension.

On the land issue, it is a fact that the unilaterally imposed 2013 Constitution has removed the entrenched provisions of both ALTA and the Native Lands Trust Act as enshrined in the 1997 Constitution. This is a matter of great concern to both the landowner and tenant communities.

Mr. Bainimarama has been giving away land to foreigners without following proper procedures (China Railways). He has interfered with the rights of landowners and the administration of the TLTB.

His challenge to other political parties to state their position on the distribution of native land lease monies is hollow. For us, this is an issue which should be decided by the landowners themselves without any interference from the government.

Our counter challenge to him is to account for his salary payments from April 2010 onwards.

He boasts about his regime’s achievements. What achievements, we ask?

In the 8 years of his governance, Fiji has seen high social distress with escalat-ing poverty, rising costs of living and unemployment. There is a complete lack of accountability and transparency in the handling of public moneys; the country is running on borrowed money. There is rampant corruption and an absolute disregard for the rule of law.

Mr Bainimarama and his AG need to understand that imposing decrees and making autocratic and arbitrary decisions that breach people’s rights, is no way to run a nation.


11 thoughts on “Bainimarama is the biggest beneficiary of the coup: Labour

  1. Mahen chaudhry’s rakhel (concubine), the skirt journalist Asha Lakhan, continues to churn out FLP propaganda on behalf of her long-time lover boy.

    In latest diatribe, Mahen states Bainimarama is the biggest beneficiary of the coup and most “discredited” politician.

    Well, for your information Asha Ji, your chodwa mahen is not far behind:

    Giving in-law Sachida senate position.

    Giving mistress Asha Lakhan paid job with FLP.

    Giving betwa Rajen job when in government.

    Using state funds to renovate his house.

    Using FLP brand and poor farmers to raise finds overseas.

    Diverting around $2.5 million to private bank account. There is more money unaccounted for.

    Lying that money was given to him – what did we elect the bastard for? Go around the world with begging bowl in hand to fill his pockets and make his family rich? what about others who suffered from coup?

    Evading taxes.

    Giving beti (daughter) $50k from ill-gotten gains but not a cent to the poor – champion of the poor my arse. Self-seeking greedy bastard more like it.

    Buying beta Rajen house in Sydney.

    Sabotaging multi-party government to facilitate Bainimarama coup.

    Joining and supporting illegal regime on fat salary, hoping to cover up tax evasion – Mahen must be charged for treason one day.

    Approving Bainimarama illegal $72k backpay.

    Aunty Asha, your Mahenwa is no less discredited than Baini.

    Do you understand concept of pot calling kettle black or are you dumb? Or do you think we are dumb?

    Give it up bitch – you not fooling anyone.

    Your stupid and hypocritical statements are nauseous.

    Stop boasting mahen won the mandate of the people.

    He won the mandate than fucked the very people who gave him the mandate.

    He caused the 2000 coup by his incompetence and supported the 2006 coup out of greed.

    Tell mahenwa he needs to understand that he can’t run FLP autocratically and arbitrarily before you lecture others.

  2. @ uncle mahen and aunty asha.

    Despite all your accusations against mahen, I would still prefer him over baini. It is a choice of choosing the better of the two evils. After all, mahen never did murder anyone, never tortured anyone, did not misuse government funds like it is now, did not travel almost every week overseas (remember, baini had accused Qarase of this), only had one bodyguard, unlike baini with over forty because he is so scared although he thinks he is popular etc., etc. And by the way, Mahen was elected by the people, was accountable to Parliament and produced Auditor General’s report every year. And his salary was paid by the PM’s office through Ministry of Finance, and it was also not confidential as it was public information. Now, you can’t say that with your buddy baini who released his brother-in-law (a convicted criminal) from prison who was fully paid as an inmate, re-appointed him to Navy Commander then promoted him to Permanent Secretary. Now decide, who is the lesser evil. Of course it is Mahen.

  3. Mahen Chaudhry was part of a murderous regime.
    He aided and abetted a murderous regime.
    He profited from a murderous regime.
    That makes him culpable

  4. Khayium to be included. He, his family and not forgetting the Muslims who have benefited the most.

  5. A Comment on the formation or reintroduction of a Council for Chiefs:

    I believe all parties, even FF, agree to having a Council for Chiefs.

    But what parties are not telling voters is what powers are they willing to give to the Chiefs and their Council.

    – Is it something like the powers of GCC of 1990’s or a modified one?

    – If its a modified will it be a Council to only ‘look’ after iTaukei traditions and culture? Or will it include deciding on the President? Deciding on a number of Senators?

    Can the media please ask these question

  6. @ Chiefs Council

    Yes those are good questions.

    Our MEDIA really needs to ask political parties these questions.

    Just to rephrase the questions:
    a) Does your party agree to the formation of a Chiefs’ Council?
    b) What roles does your party think should be played by this Council?
    c) What powers does your party agree to giving this Council? (E.g. Nominating the President? Deciding on allocated Senators to represent the Council? etc.).
    d) To whom will this Council be reporting to?
    e) How will recommendations and required assistance put forth by members be addressed?
    f) Will the various Ministries be required to supply this Council all the relevant facts on development and assistance given to the various Districts and Provinces?
    g) etc.

    Perhaps Fijitoday, Croz Walsh, Fiji Media Wars, Coup 4.5, Grubsheet and other blogs can also assist voters by asking these questions and writing something on this issue so voters are enlightened and can benefit from it.

  7. GALI GALI MEIN SHOR HAI, M P CHORdhary sala pakka chor hai

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