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Where is the disclosure of incomes?

Renewed call to see Fiji regime salaries

Updated at 8:40 am today

A new candidate for this year’s election in Fiji says the government ministers should make their salaries public, now that the Fiji First party has been registered and launched.

Rear-Admiral Frank Bainimarama.
Rear-Admiral Frank Bainimarama.

Photo: AFP

The Fiji Government has promised several times to reveal salaries of ministers, after allegations those with a number of portfolios, such as the prime minister and the attorney general, were paying themselves exhorbitant salaries.

Last July, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum told media the government would have to reveal salaries to comply with the political party decree.

It also promised it would do so once the constitution was finalised.

A new candidate for the National Federation Party, Dorsami Naidu, says there can’t be double standards leading up to the September poll.

“There can’t be two rules, you know a different rule for us and a different rule for them. We’re not in an Animal Farm – type situation. So we would be calling them to account.”

A National Federation Party candidate, Dorsami Naidu.


4 thoughts on “Where is the disclosure of incomes?

  1. can anyone confirm and also publish if Fiji first has published a list of all assets etc as required by the decree because i cant seem to find what are Khyaium’s assets in any newspaper.

    Isn’t this a breach of elections decree and if it is – why no other political party has asked for injunction to halt Fiji First operations in court:
    Saneem should resign.
    The election will be 100% rigged.

  2. Would be interesting how the illegal lot will handle this disclosure of all their assets including salaries. I expect some interesting attempt to continue unaccountability the hallmark of their dishonesty, lying and lying which have characterised their dealing with the Fiji public, They should explain why they are being paid through EyeArse’s Aunty’s accounting firm.

  3. Has anyone noticed that we have not seen any disclosure of assets and income of Fiji First officials? I have the reason: Fiji First is not a party, according to Khaiyum and his Rear Admiral it is a “movement”. And the party decree that requires these disclosures does certainly not apply to a movement does it? Quite a smart fella our AG and minister for nearly everything that has to do with money.

  4. This will be a very real setback for the FFP. People are very interested in how much Bainimarama’s ministers are paid. They want to compare the figures to the salaries of ministers of past governments. He and Khaiyum have a few portfolios each which makes the people ask if they are being paid the total salaries for each of the ministries they head. Why couldn’t they allocate a ministry each to each of their trusted advocates?

    If they are so bent on telling the people that they have hundreds of thousands of followers, truly they would be able to pick a few to head each ministry that they now have accumulated for themselves alone.

    On the same token, the people are interested in how much the current soldiers are paid compared to how much they were paid before the 2006 takeover. The salaries of these present soldiers should also be compare and contrasted to the salaries of policemen and prisons personnel.

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