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Ex Coup 4.5 …… Former government minister on SODELPA list


As promised, the full list of SODELPA candidates for the September elections.

Former Minister of Housing, Environment, Local Government and Urban Development, Colonel Samuela Saumatua, was one of those named on Saturday.

Saumatua dumped Frank Bainimarama’s illegal government last year amid speculation he was disenchanted with the way the military dictatorship was running the country – and its people – into the ground.

He has remained tightlipped about why he resigned from the well-paid portfolio but has over the weekend told Fiji Live “It got to a stage where I thought it was enough so I left.”


4 thoughts on “Ex Coup 4.5 …… Former government minister on SODELPA list

  1. can anyone confirm or please also publish if Fiji first has published a list of all assets etc as required by the decree. because i cant seem to find what are Khayium’s assets in any newspaper.

    Isn’t this a breach of elections decree and if it is – why no other political party has asked for injunction to halt Fiji First operations in court:
    The SOE should resign.

  2. The 2014 elections will not be free and fair and we are seeing that now with the latest political parties decree removing political parties and the choice of citizens to elect representatives. Meanwhile, the people are too afraid to do any thing about this rigged election and many are unable to do anything. But their are others who are currently unwilling to take a stand against the illegal decrees and a government not mandated by the people, but clearly planning to continue its rule at all costs, because they fear they will be standing alone in their fight for freedom against a brutal thug with the guns. However, with the right support those who able to take a stand will be able to do so on behalf of the oppressed peoples of Fiji.

  3. Good to have our own colonel on board – unfortunately he is a colonel without an army, so we can’t really torture and intimidate anybody.

  4. You are the most discredited, Labour replies to Bainimarama
    Look at your own record of lies, Chaudhry tells Bainimarama
    Bainimarama is the biggest beneficiary of the coup: Labour
    Fiji First leader Voreqe Bainimarama and his secretary general Aiyaz Khaiyum are themselves the most “discredited” politicians in Fiji today.
    They need to acknowledge this and stop hurling abuse at politicians who had won the mandate of the people of Fiji through democratically held elections, Labour said in response to allegations by the Fiji First Leader at his party’s launch that “discredited old politicians were lying to the people”.
    Bainimarama’s worn out line of campaign is to accuse politicians of lying when, in fact, his own record shows a litany of lies since the Army takeover of 2006. Chief among these are his promises to the people of Fiji to protect the 1997 constitution, to hold elections within two years, to clean out corruption and an assurance that no one in the Army will benefit from the 2006 coup.
    None of these promises was kept. He has come out as the biggest beneficiary of the coup – even taking a promotion in the Navy post-retirement, possibly, to boost his pension.
    On the land issue, it is a fact that the unilaterally imposed 2013 Constitution has removed the entrenched provisions of both ALTA and the Native Lands Trust Act as enshrined in the 1997 Constitution. This is a matter of great concern to both the landowner and tenant communities.
    Mr. Bainimarama has been giving away land to foreigners without following proper procedures (China Railways). He has interfered with the rights of landowners and the administration of the TLTB.
    His challenge to other political parties to state their position on the distribution of native land lease monies is hollow. For us, this is an issue which should be decided by the landowners themselves without any interference from the government.
    Our counter challenge to him is to account for his salary payments from April 2010 onwards.
    He boasts about his regime’s achievements. What achievements, we ask?

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