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Can the regime learn anything?

On 25 May the Fiji sun published an article titled “HERE COMES THE YOUNG”. It announced the arrival of Roshika Deo, a young politician with a new vision – a champion of human rights and an avowed feminist.

She’s made the effort to learn iTaukei language and was joined by a young iTaukei student from USP who shared her vision for a genuinely race-free Fiji, not the empty rhetoric spouted by Bainimarama since 2006 (but not in 2000 when it counted).

Somewhere between 25th May and 27th may someone in the regime control room decided that Roshika was a threat and her volunteer’s scholarship was cancelled.  Did someone actually read what she’s been saying and whisper in the ear of the PM?

She’s championing the things the regime says it stands for but it’s clear that she rejects the regime’s credentials.  She’s on the side of real democracy, unrestricted freedom of speech, respecting human rights and encouraging free debate. 

She has supported the United Front for Democratic Fiji group and called for mass peaceful protests to condemn the deficiencies in the 2013 constitution.  Bainimarama did not let anyone participate in the drafting of the constitution and now he’s behaving like a dictator when anyone voices dissent. 

The question is: can the regime learn from its mistakes?  Can it at last realise that it will lose votes through persecuting people like Roshika Deo?

61 thoughts on “Can the regime learn anything?

  1. Interestingly the word from USP is that the guy did not go on a field trip but turned up in a political rally by Roshika. So USP advised the scholarship Board.

    Unless the field trip was compulsory or not participating entailed a fail; the action remained over the top. Thus the suspicion that someone whispered into the ear of the mighty King Pig.

  2. No this illegal Govt and all its moronic officials and FFParty members cannot learn anything. They are so besotted with self interest and blinded with objectives to rule us under dictatorial means that they cannot learn from their experiences.

    They are 100% unfit to rule anybody. We should all REJECT FIJI FIRST PARTY IN COMING NEXT ELECTION .

    Between the two, I would rather vote for Roshika .

  3. USP’s excuse that the scholarship was removed for missing a field trip is laughable. No one’s scholarship has been taken away for missing a field trip. This is an example of how USP VC Rajesh Chandra makes the rules as he goes along. Then, when the shit hit the fan, Rajesh Chandra, in his typically cowardly manner, passed the buck to USP’s Student Advisory Services.

    The fact is that USP Student Advisory has never made such a decision before. It would never dare to trample on students’ rights in this manner unless the order came from the top. USP Student Advisory acted on the instructions of regime lackey, VC Rajesh Chandra, who would have to approve any such decision.

    Rajesh Chandra is a control freak who talks about procedures and due process. But he regularly abuses and manipulates USP procedures to achieve certain outcomes. He boasts about the strategic plan. But the so-called plan is sheer rhetoric. Rajesh Chandra uses the Strategic Plan like toilet paper when it suites him.

    The shameful treatment of this student is just an example of the culture of bullying and discrimination that has pervaded at USP during USP dictator Rajesh Chandra’s tenure. This VC is nothing but a shameless, selfish, domineering bully looking after his own interests.

  4. Freedom of expression is beautiful, whether you comment or you can’t, the choice to exercise it is the underlying principle.

  5. Enjoy your freedom to join that party and let others make their own decision. Its not about being left behind, its all about choice.

  6. Navosavakadua, what are you trying to tell us when you say that Bainimarama ‘is behaving like a dictator’? Are you suggesting that he isn’t one and only sometimes has a bit of a seizure and a nasty side comes out? Have you joined the regimes propaganda campaign, saying that nobody is perfect and therefore our rulers will learn?

    The fact is that since 2006, every move of the Khaiyum regime has been 100% consistent with the behaviour of a ruthless dictatorship. Human rights were trampled, there was torture, death in custody, a completely compromised and corrupted judiciary, massive stealing of funds from government, massive corruption in the procurement of all major projects and an eye watering level of nepotism pushing completely incompetent family members of Khaiyum and his RFMF thugs into senior positions. Now, after consolidating power through a constitution that has no other function than providing immunity for treason and crimes against humanity, Khaiyum has organised elections which can only be won by his party. So the question if the regime can learn something must be answered with a clear yes. In the presence of a population who seems to accept the rule of a dictator, it is perfectly save to run an election.

  7. The 2013 Constitution has been pushed on the people. Why the Ghai’s draft constitution was not accepted?Is it because it had the input of the people?
    The 2013 Constitution is illegal and must be challenged in the court.
    The 2013 Constitution was drafted by illegal S.G. Sharvdha Nand and illegal A.G.
    This is a typical taliban type of operation by Khayium.
    We need to have freedom of speech without any fear.
    Nepotism and corruption is at the highest in the history of our country.
    Most of the people have been put by Khayium.
    Say no to taliban rule.

  8. Rajesh can you tell how Jai Karan got a job as marketing manager when the post was not advertised.This is not good governance at USP. This is a regional university.Who recommended his name? What were you given in return?What is his qualification?
    Why the post was not advertised?

  9. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    It has taken a young woman to stand up and be counted. She has proven her leadership credentials. Bainimarama has no agenda to unite. His track record is one of divide and conquer.

    The real shame is that there are people like Nabua Prince who want what is best for their wallet. Those who have enjoyed the spoils of the illegal regime keep trying to convince themselves that he is a good man with good motives. He is a small minded thug with nothing but self interest.

    None of the parties deserve a vote. Perhaps the youth are the answer. At least they have clean hands. No to Fiji First. No to SODELPA. No to FLP. Who can we vote for? Lets start talking now before we keep going round in circles.

  10. Has anyone noticed that we have not seen any disclosure of assets and income of Fiji First officials? I have the reason: Fiji First is not a party, according to Khaiyum and his Rear Admiral it is a “movement”. And the party decree that requires these disclosures does certainly not apply to a movement does it? Quite a smart fella our AG and minister for nearly everything that has to do with money.

  11. What crap man.

    Roshika is no threat to FF party. Any votes for roshika is a vote wasted. She will not attract FFP’s vote but from the grand pack of FLP, sodelpa, nfp and pdp.

    So a vote for roshika will help FFp. M sure wadan narsey will agree.

    1- The Dictator is using Government money to bribe voters with gym equipment, brush cutters and sewing machine
    2- Ministry of Information putting all their resources behind promoting Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Kahiyum; leader and General secretary respectively of the Fiji First Party.
    3- Government employees have been collecting signatures for Fiji First party.
    4- Prime Minister’s salary remains a secret
    5- No Auditor General Reports published
    6- Fiji scored ZERO in an international survey on budget transparency. There is no way the people can know how their money was spent by the Dictator.


  14. The announcement of SODELPA candidates to contest the election tomorrow marks the beginning of the battle for votes in the coming election. From here on out it will be all guns blazing…no holds barred.

  15. Khayium is a racist by putting his Muslims brothers and sisters everywhere in government and statutory bodies like FSC, Fiji Pine and others.

  16. Good on you Junior…. You can vote for F>F>P. But you will not sway my decison to vote SODELPA. That’s how DEMOCRACY works not by some wannabee trying to shove their ideology on others by the barrel of the gun.

  17. Never support FF. i taukei we get united and remove the two biggest thugs in the history of our country – Bai/ Khayium.
    Khayium is the master mind and using Bianimarma.
    All methodist vote for any other party except FF.
    When Muslims were meeting regularly in there mosques we were banned from meeting in our churches for 7 years.

  18. SDL or sadist is the most racist party my friend.

    FFP, PDP and NFP are multi-racial. Guess you are blinded my friend.

    Your hatred for ASK is clouding your thinking.

    What did SDL do for the poor fijians apart from the agri scam?

  19. Biman from NFP has again challenged the illegal P.M. for open debate. Why FBC is not organising this debate. Raiz should be be reminded that FBC does not belong to him or his clan.

  20. What has open debate to do with Riaz or fbc. A debate with aeroplane with no landing gear biman cook data phd is only for biman’s political mileage.

    Can aeroplane pls tell where he will fund the $300m in revenue lost due to vat reduction be offset. And how will pay the extra wages promised for teachers and policemen?

    Can biman pls explain first if he has PR status for NZ? Does his wife and children have PR status for NZ?

    Can biman also explain why he stabbeb prof Wadan Narsey by being silent when prof Narsey was kicked out of usp?

    Can he alsa tell how much consultancy he mande from the Form Second courtesy of his buddy Shiu Raj.

  21. FBC does not belong to Raiz Khayium. Why is FBC only singing the song of Aiyaaz Khayium. The people deserve better and constructive debate on FBC so people can decide for themselves the reality on ground regarding unemployment, cost of living, poverty etc.
    FBC belongs to the people and not to the Khayium family.

  22. Tukuna you should ask Bainimarama who he will pay the 7 billion loan that he has incurred.A economy that has performed poorly since 2006 with low economic growth, high cost of living, cost of food gone up by 70 % ,devalued dollar , unemployment of 83,000 people which can be confirmed from National Youth centre, declining investment, no freedom of expression etc etc.
    With all the above economic indicators the illegal P.M. and illegal A.G. are getting paid over $1 million in salary. No auditor general’s report since 2006? Why ? What a joke.
    Biman keep going FF will be washed out completely as we deserve a government that is transparent, accountable and practices good governance.

  23. Annon 5.34pm

    Where did you get the $7b debt. Pls check your data and you will be surprised.

    SDL took $1.5b loan between 2000 and 2006. The interim govt took less than $1b loan between 2007 and 2013.

    The SDL spent a little over a $1b in capital works during the same period. The IG spent twice but borrowed less.

    You can go and fly kites. Majority of grassroot methodist will vote for FF as they can’t be used by politicans or wanna be like you.

  24. Biman should get his facts like. The unemployed is not 83k but less than 33k.

    Biman should first explain his salary and consultancy income, his affairs to students, his PR status, where is his wife and children reside, and why he kicked wadan in the balls.

  25. So you agree the unemployment is 33K. Isn’t that a huge figure?
    Go to national youth centre and get your figures!
    Go to P.S Finance and get the national debt figures that is 7 billion.
    Regarding Biman’s PR that does not matter he is a well qualified man to contest the election.Tukuna it seems you are jealous about Biman’s success.Biman has earned his salary in the right manner not like the thugs Bai/ Kahiyum who are paying themselves over $1.2 million in salary when 40 % people are living below the poverty line.
    Tukuna go have reality check.

  26. Bainimarama, has created history in Fiji by being the first, albeit self-imposed, Prime Minister to murder CRW soldiers,and create the country’s:
    highest ever levels of Unemployment,
    highest levels of Poverty,
    highest cost of living,
    highest levels of corruption and nepotism
    highest levels of crime and rape
    highest levels of suicide,
    highest levels of child deaths from malnutrition
    the nations highest levels of foreign debt with each and very man, woman and child owing over $7,500 each!
    But there is more!

  27. Bainimarama is a natural liar and easily makes promises he has no intention of keeping.
    I will protect the 1997 Constitution – Bainimarama abrogated it in April 2009
    The coup was a clean-up campaign against corruption – more corruption in last 8 years than at any time in Fiji’s history.
    I have a transparent Government. Bainimarama has not allowed a single Auditor General’s report be published since 2006.
    Speaks of rule of law – Bainimarama ignored the Court of Appeal ruling saying the coup was illegal
    The Sugar industry is bouncing back – NOT!
    Bainimarama said there would be no nepotism or favouritism – then he appointed his daughters to Fiji Sports Council and PSC, his brother to ambassador and brother in law out of prison
    Speaks about transparency – doesn’t want to declare his salary.
    Labeled chiefs as useless – now goes around courting them for political support.
    Marginalized the activities of the Church and banned prayers in all public institutions.

  28. Biman will reduce VAT to 10%.This will come as big relief to the people. Biman will make duty free basic food items. Biman will come with the best policies to drive the economy to economic growth and prosperity for all.
    Biman is not a liar and have not stolen money from the people. This man will deliver.
    Mahen Reddy resign from FNU and Commerce Commission. Be a man and fight on a level playing field.Tell Ganesh to join you too. Both of you have made enough money at FNU.

  29. To those professional pro-gov bloggers above:

    Your game is nearly over. SODELPA has united the people. They will reconcile Fiji through the party room. When push comes to shove the people will balk at the ballot box. Their hatred for Khaiyum is what is uniting Fiji.

    Fiji First is Khaiyum’s party. He is responsible for all of the hatred and racism. Fiji is united. What has brought them together is being led by a deranged power hungry lunatic. SDL FLP they had their major flaws but now we have seen just how bad things can be when a self serving uneducated military thug teams up with a delusional dangerous muslim. Is called Fiji First.

    Well done SODELPA. FF talks the talk but you have shown unity in your actions. AND no vote is wasted. Any vote that is not for FF is a vote for Fiji’s future and a vote against coup culture. Frank and Khaiyum will be remembered for uniting Fiji. They have shown us just how bad coups and military dictatorship are.

    Vote for anyone other than FF. When Khaiyum goes to prison, Fiji will party like never before.

  30. To those professional anti-gov bloggers above:

    Your game is nearly over. Fiji First has united the people. They will reconcile Fiji through the party room.

  31. Annon

    You must be high on drugs to say fiji’s debt is $7b. Another cooked data by Biman just like his cooked data for his phd on the rice farms in his home town.

    Biman has yet to respond on how he will find the revenue lost on reducing Vat. He may just impose higher import duty (lol).

  32. The poll in todays fiji sun is enough to say where and how much support biman has. Biman is a luimuri guy? A typical back stabber. Prem singh, attar, and raman pratap will get more votes than the junk plane call biman

  33. Biman was in west campaigning and said he will channge the $2 coin back to a note so that its valued more.

    A $2 is valued $2 whethers its note or coin. And he calls himself prof?

  34. People have been going to churt for the last 8 years. No one has been stopped. Its the political methodist conference that was stopped. Why blame AG? Why can you just point fingers at your people.

    If you profess to be church going god fearing people, you will not make racist comments. You will not make the poor of your own race bleed in pain and steal their last cent. What has the church given to the poor over the last 8 years apart from venom of racial hatred. The IG made roads, sent children to school, gave poor and elderly food vouchers, helped the needy.

    Jesus said loved your neighbour. FB has done just that.

    My vote and majority of the people I know will vote for FF.

  35. @ Fiji First

    Are you so gullible that you believe what Khaiyum and Bainimarama tell you? Do you understand the Media Decree? The IG has made roads and assisted school children. They have given food vouchers. But that does not obviate the fact that they have failed to disclose their real income and assets. That does not obviate the fact that the rule of law has been displaced and the courts have been used for political purposes. It does not obviate the fact that anyone who has opposed them have been dealt with in a draconian fashion.

    We don’t really know what debt they have racked up because they refuse to reveal the true state of Fiji’s financial affairs. They have made up the rules as they go along. They have spent a little bit of money to win support but what they have done for democracy and the rule of law should never be tolerated. We will only know the true state of affairs when they are gone and investigators are able to see what has been done. There has been no checks on accountability and transparency. That is a major problem for any country.

    Frank has NOT loved his neighbour. Christ was apolitical. If you were a real Christian you would not use Christ to manipulate political discussion. You don’t see the big picture. You only see what these ungodly men want you to see. You, like most uneducated Fijians have been deceived. Or perhaps you are personally benefitting from this nepotistic and insane regime.

    Vote for Fiji First but you have been warned. When the last 8 years is analysed in history, these coup engineers will be shamed. The sheep will not be accountable but the shepherds will be judged harshly. Please, stop manipulating God’s holy word and Christ for political purposes. If you don’t like the Methodists for doing it then I suggest you should refrain from such a course as well.

  36. Fiji First
    The methodist will never forgive illegal A.G. for stopping conference for 8 years.While our conference was stopped the Muslims continue to have there meetings in there mosques doing all the networking.
    How long will Khayium rule illegally for till Bainimarma is a live. Khayium can hide behind Bainimarma and do what he wants.
    The methodist and the i taukei will never forgive him for his cunningness.
    One day he will face the music.
    Khayium has committed treason and is no different from George Speight. No immunity to you.
    Khayium has given peanuts to the people while he has been filling his and his Muslims communities pocket.
    Khayium is a racist and cunningness is his game.He thinks he is the most intelligent man.


    Fiji has been vandalised and terrorised by gold seekers and fly by nighters in the FF and the very ones who have helped themselves to the government treasury and shut out the entire public from all its many many cunning “under the table” dealings and have become very rich;..all through the illegal take over of a democratic government!

    I dont care who leads Fiji next! As long as it is not these current bunch of thieves who have locked away the Auditor General for the last 8 years!

    Fellow Fijians, PLEASE, think long and hard! Together we can save Fiji by ridding bad evil leadership that we have been under for 8 long years!



  38. Kanwa Maheni is so desperate to please his bosses that he is running all over Fiji spreading lies in speeches, usi g his FNU boys to campaign on blogs and terrorising Indians. Keep up with your mission. Soon you will lose even the view of the one eye you have since your lies will cover you completely or you will hide somewhere. Stop terrorising Indians. They have had enough under Bainivalu and Ass Kaiyum.

  39. I feel that Sodelpa has no appeal to other races except itaukei,

    PDP has no appeal to the general public except hard core union supporters

    FLP has lost support at the grassroot support with the conviction of Mahen chordhury

    NFP has little or no support of itaukei and have little support amogst the poor as it is a rich man’s party.

    Fiji first has widespread support amongst all races except har core nationlist itaukei.

  40. Annon 5.44pm

    To my knowledge, the muslim population of fiji is less than 8%

    FF will win and for that to happen, hindus and itaukei will have to vote for the party. Both the fiji sun and fiji times poll indicate that.

    Its clear you are a racist sodeaf yaa party sapota.

    M not a muslim and I know loads of hindus and christains who will vote for FF.

  41. This is Christmas time for i taukei as we are getting free thngs from FF.
    FF thinks we i taukei are fool and will be bought by sewing machine, brass gutter etc.
    i taukei will never vote for FF as the driver is Khayium and Bai is a passenger in the blue bus.

  42. Kanwa Mahen resign from FNU and Commerce Commission and stop using the resources of taxpayers for your political mileage.
    Resign from FNU. Where is Ganesh sack him for abusing FNU resources.
    Ganesh if you do not it it will set a very precedent at FNU.
    All staff will then abuse the resources at FNU which has already started at many campus which will never be found. Cheers!
    We thought Kanwa Mahen was one eyed but now we know you are blind in your aspiration.All South Indians voting for NFP.

  43. Fiji Sun was paid $260,000 of tax payers money by the illegal regime apart from all the government advertisement they get from illegal government. Fiji Sun is owned by Guji – CJ Patel so Guji’s will do anything to make money. Iti s a known fact. Ajit the black sheep from Sri Lanka is the one running the show at C J Patel and he is the chairman for many government owned board. CJ Patel bought Rewa Diary for a fraction of the price when the illegal government should have helped the diary farmers.Now they get duty free entry of all powered milk when similar companies are paying duty rates of 32%.So this justifies the reasons why Fiji Sun poll indicates that FF will win.
    Tell Ajit to start preparing to leave for Sri Lanka when the weather changes!
    If you think Muslims are 8% then it is obvious this community has benefited the most from the illegal regime with most Muslims on top post in government and it’s related orgainsation. They act as SPY for Khayium.
    The election will only be won by FF if it is rigged and all signs are for this to happen with a Muslim Saneem as SOE who was put in the post by Khayium to follow his directive.
    Saneem is not qualified and experienced.
    The fact is i taukei are voting SODELPA . Hindus are voting for NFP and Labour.

  44. Bainimarama, called on Fijians, as the country prepares to go to the polls, under fraudulent and corrupt conditions, to judge for themselves the work his government has done in the last seven years.

    Yes, what has Bainimarama improved under his dictatorship? Judge for yourself, the dictator says, how much life has improved, judge for yourself the true and genuinely inclusive intentions, he has for the betterment of all Fijians. But here is his track record:

    Fiji is experiencing its worst and highest ever records of:
    cost of living
    national debt – now every man, woman and child owes over 7,500 each in foreign debt.

    In addition:

    There is no rule of law and investment is at its lowest levels ever since independence. Why is this, its because no one trusts Bainimarama and Khaiyum to follow the rule of law and protect their investments.

  45. Vodafone Fiji has revealed its willingness and ease at lying to the people of Fiji with its corrupt, conniving and lying CEO, Aslam Khan, still saying that they do not listen to or record calls. What a load of bullshit!

    Col Tevita Mara stated that he saw the dictator, Bainimarama, looking through transcripts of vodafone customer communications. This illegal act has now also been verified by Vodafone’s headquarters in the United Kingdom, revealing that it has allowed government surveillance of its customers calls,texts and emails.


  46. @ Jagnesh and others like him/her

    Are you not paying attention. You keep saying SODELPA have no appeal to anyone other than iTaukei. That is your opinion.

    But to say FF are worth voting for clearly ignores the fact that they took power with the gun. They have failed to disclose their own financial affairs as well as the Nation’s financial affairs.

    Quite simply, a vote for FF is a vote for coup culture. A vote for FF is a vote in support of the 2006 coup. Simple. What part of that do you not understand?

  47. @No more coups

    Not so sure if a vote for FF is a vote for coup culture. They have a pretty good record for maintaining the peace with no coups.

  48. Great debate on the forum. The regime came illegally but have done more thaan any legal govt. It was supported by elements of FLPp and even some SDL ministers/MP.

    My vote for FF for the good they have done overe anything else. Tis is democracy.

  49. Agree, FLP and SDL supported coups in fiji. Both the 87 , 2000 and 2006.

    So all those against the coup culture should not vote for FLP and SDL as well.

    Vote for nfp.

  50. Hi Nfp or not fit for parliament

    You will not cross the 5% mark. Madrassi will vote for FLP,NFP and FF.

    FF is the truly multiracial party.

  51. FF is a Muslim party.8 years have seen Muslims benefiting the most. They have ruled by bribing Bainimarma.
    8 years of Taliban rule.
    No freedom of speech.

  52. Bainimarama, called on Fijians, as the country prepares to go to the polls, under fraudulent and corrupt conditions, to judge for themselves the work his government has done in the last seven years.

    Yes, what has Bainimarama improved under his dictatorship? Judge for yourself, the dictator says, how much life has improved, judge for yourself the true and genuinely inclusive intentions, he has for the betterment of all Fijians. But here is his track record:

    Fiji is experiencing its worst and highest ever records of:
    cost of living
    national debt – now every man, woman and child owes over 7,500 each in foreign debt.

    In addition:

    There is no rule of law and investment is at its lowest levels ever since independence. Why is this, its because no one trusts Bainimarama and Khaiyum to follow the rule of law and protect their investments.

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