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TSLB reinstates USP student’s scholarship

TSLB reinstates USP student’s scholarship

17:15 Today


TSLB Chair – Dixon Seeto

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Akosita Talei

The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board have reinstated the scholarship of Seruiraduvatu Tamanirarama after they reviewed his case.

Tamanirarama is a second-year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of the South Pacific and his scholarship was terminated on the basis of some information given to the TSLB

In a statement this afternoon, the Board says there is a clear document trail on this case which led to their decision.

The investigations showed that the initial information and the resulting recommendation from the education institution were incorrect.

The Board says it expects all scholarship students to adhere to the conditions of their contract and follow their study program.

This means that they must attend all and instructional classes as required by the institution.

The Board says in no way does it restrict the activities of scholarship holders outside of their study program.


57 thoughts on “TSLB reinstates USP student’s scholarship

  1. “The Board says in no way does it restrict the activities of scholarship holders outside of their study program”.
    Then why was his scholarship cancelled?
    This was to intimidate youths not to be involved in supporting any other political parties except FF.

  2. They did not bank on the public outcry in response to their idiotic decision. Looks like they were merely acting on orders from higher authority; both for the termination and reinstatement of the scholarship.

  3. This turn of events is consequence of seeing the light in the explosive public disgust and uproar against the illegal Govt’s attempt to suppress the student’s rights to take part in supporting a political campaigner. FFP knows that the uproar and negativity against itself will cost huge rejection at the polls.

    But its too late now, many potential supporters of FFP have been disgusted and will never vote for Bainimarama and his silly Party. NO TO BAINIMARAMA

  4. Sign of FF failure is coming in the eyes of the people especially the youths. The decision to terminate the scholarship will lead to many not voting for FF. Similarly the no freedom of expression will lead to people not voting for FF.
    Grow up and allow every political party and individual to have their voices heard.
    If FF tries to suppress people it will loose popularity amongst the people.
    Let everyone discuss openly without any fear.

  5. Did Seeto just throw Rajesh Chandra and USP under a bus?

    “The investigations showed that the initial information and the resulting recommendation from the education institution were incorrect.”


    Khaiyum’s states that ownership of iTaukei land rights is not a problem as it is enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

    Section 28 (Bill of Rights) is vague on processes on native land. Further he should note that native land can also be alienated under long -term leases.

    In any case, what are the effects of placing native land protection under the Bill of Rights? What is the impact on the Native Lands Act, the Native Lands Trust Act and the NLC? What is the effect of the Land Bank Decree? Does it have adequate measures to safeguard and protect native landowner interests and later generations?

    I also recall a decree issued by Mr Sayed-Khaiyum blocking all Deed of Cession claims.

    What is the effect of this on legitimate landowner claims?

    For example, the original Suva people moved to their current location to make way for public state use of their lands.

    Today, these lands are being used for real estate purposes at market rates deviating from the original purpose. Who will correct this on-going injustice?

    These questions need to be asked and addressed.

    Mr Sayed-Khaiyum seems to ignore the fact that section 185 of the 1997 Constitution no longer exists. Why was it removed? That section specifies that any changes to “entrenched legislation” thahis – Native Lands Act, Native Lands Trust Act, Fijians Affairs Act etc – must be approved by 9 of the 14 GCC (Bose Levu Vakaturaga) members of the Senate. The GCC members are nominated from the provinces and represent the native landowners of Fiji.

    By removing Section 185, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum’s government has effectively rendered we, the native landowners, powerless over our own land.

    This power, under the 2013 Constitution, now rests with the politicians in Parliament.

    All these changes were made without the consent of we, the native landowners, and as such are totally unacceptable.

    Worse, the changes were made by people we do not know or recognise. They were not made by the leaders we elected, nor were they made by our chiefs.

    I urge all native landowners to read the changes carefully yourselves, analyse, discuss, share the knowledge and make a stand.

    Mr Sayed-Khaiyum is not a native landowner, just another politician conducting just another political campaign.

  7. When all else fails the mofos of time past regurgitate Rabukas mantra which is noqu kalou noqu vanua.

    What retards, it is obvious the jungle bunnies ought to remain forever uncivilised no matter how educated they think they are.

    Rights of ownership and protection of iTaukei, Rotuman and Banaban lands

    28.—(1) The ownership of all iTaukei land shall remain with the customary owners
    of that land and iTaukei land shall not be permanently alienated, whether by sale, grant,
    transfer or exchange, except to the State in accordance with section 27

  8. There is now a short window of opportunity to put pressure on Khaiyum, his FF and his Rear Admiral. They cannot be seen coming down too heavy handedly during the election campaign and they have to respond to outrage expressed by the public as in the case of Seruiraduvatu. Lets demand a level playing field for the elections and lets be specific with our demands.

  9. Ratu Sai
    Boci – Parliament can change terms of lease and length without consent of kai viti and this is also alienation ,,,,boci ,,,,doesnt have to be permanent ,,,,eg parliament can change term to 200 yrs which is same as alienation ……..ulukau

  10. Coward USP VC Rajesh Chandra was behind this. He is always falling over himself to do Aiyaz Khaiyum and Bainimarama’s bidding. This is the problem when you have a weak puppet with no moral fibre heading an institution like USP. Rajesh, after this disgraceful fiasco, do the honorable thing and resign.

  11. Why i taukei criticising my man Khayium.Blame yourself and the i taukei community.
    Khayium will cruise to victory in the September 2014 election and rule for many many years.

  12. Distrust for this illegal regime and the FFP (because they are one and the same) further escalated when scholarships were denied to many iTaukei applicants. The late reinstatement of this young iTaukei’s will not improve the mistrust placed on illegal government and the party.
    There are only three months remaining for the people to go the polls. More truths about the corruption in high places in this illegal government will be exposed causing more distrust amongst the people.

  13. Mataboko se MataVa Sona.

    Parliament is where all laws are debated and also enacted however to amend certain laws a simple majority is all that’s needed, when land is needed for infrastructural purposes a two third majority of parliamentarian votes is compulsory and therefore it is not as simple as
    farken retards of your ilk make out.

    The problem emanates from your inability to read and understand simple english, which is understandable given your zoophilic background.

    The law regarding native land are explicit and is not up for simple interpretation by monkeys.

    The paragraph regarding alienation among other restrictions is purely there to prohibit land owning units from converting their land for the purpose of sale.

    Na ka sa vacacani kemuni na luvei viti e sa rui sivia na nomu ni ve vutusona..

  14. Animals are very useful whats your excuse/

    E rairai beka na kutari da o cakava tiko o sa mai mataboko kina.se vaka cava.

  15. USP VC Rajesh Chandra had a big hand in this. This man surrendered USP’s autonomy to Bainimarama and Khaiyum out of cowardice and self-interest. He is a puppet VC. he takes orders from the real powers behind USP, Khaiyum and Bainimarama. Rajesh Chandra’s vice-chancellorship has been characterised by this type of unfair, backhand dealings and decision-making. USP is a place where intimidation of staff and students, bullying, discrimination, unfair treatment is rife. There is no such thing as procedures and processes. Dictator Rajesh Chandra makes and breaks the rules as he pleases. He loves to brandish the so-called USP Strategic Plan but does not follow it in principle or practice. He uses the strategic plan like toilet paper when it suites him. He is getting all the more arrogant, devious and cocksure as he is so certain that the FijiFirst Party will win and is position is safe.

  16. Sa rui sivia na vosavosa ca nei RatuSai June 10 @ 8:50 am. Vakaraitaka tu na lala ni qavokavoka qa sinai tu e na duka. Dua ga na gauna lekaleka qo e sa na kacabote na nona mona ka kasabura mai kina na ka e dodonu me me benuci kina na vale lailai.

  17. Dixon Seeto the two-faced motherfucking sonofabitch trying to save face as always. He should go fuck Iqbal Jannif, another blood sucking leech.

  18. The leader of the People’s Democratic Party, Felix Anthony stressed that no one can take the union out of him however there are no plans in place to reserve the National Secretary’s post for the Fiji Trades Union Congress for him.

    Anthony resigned as FTUC National Secretary on May 2nd to contest the general elections.

    Fiji Public Service Association General Secretary, Rajeshwar Singh is the current Acting National Secretary of FTUC.

    Questions have been raised on why a person has not been appointed to the FTUC position and whether plans are in place to reserve the post for Felix Anthony just in case the general election does not go his way.

    Acting Prime Minister, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum also questioned last week why some positions in trade unions vacated by such trade unionists have been filled in acting capacity and not permanently.

    He asked whether this is being done because they have not really left, and want to still maintain control.

    Anthony has rejected the suggestions.

    …Please log in with a valid account to access attached audio content…

    Felix Anthony also said the permanent appointment for the FTUC National Secretary’s post will be done in due course.

    …Please log in with a valid account to access attached audio content…

    Acting National Secretary of FTUC, Rajeshwar Singh has refused to comment on the matt

  19. Rajeshwar Singh is only in the acting role for Felix Anthony at FTUC. These two need to be investigated. Rajeshwar Singh and Felix collided when Felix was a board member for FNPF. Rajeshwar Singh ended up buying land at Momi Bay. These two have enjoyed overseas trip every second month carrying huge per diem while their members are struggling.

    What about the chor Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA who is colluding with contractors of FPSA to make money. Every contractor working on the FPSA building for maintenance work is seen working at his home in Vuncakeca Road, Namadhi Heights or at several properties that he owns..
    Extreme Construction – Manoj an Indian national and Rajeswar colluded and made money on several work that was taken by Manoj who has absconded to Vanuatu in fear of investigation. Manoj’s company record at FRCA and FNPF show that no local was employed. How then several work was given to Manoj by Rajeshwar SIngh at FPSA.
    Rajeshwar and Manoj colluded and opened a business in the name of U Tech Institute at level 8 Honson Building to teach I.T. About 90 students were brought from India and US$5700 was charged to every student for tuition fees alone to teach simple courses like Certificate in Computing. This was a major scam where Rajeshwar Singh was a silent partner. The students were mostly from rural Indian who were fooled to come to Fiji.
    The Indian students had complained to the Immigration and Higher Commission but nothing had happened. Even the Indian High Commission is aware but no help was given to the students to recover their money.
    Now the same operation has moved to VANUATU where Rajeshwar Singh had visited last year.
    Last year Rajesh colluded with Nagin from Sherani & Company ( FPSA) lawyer which a conflict of interest to buy a house together at Wilkson Road, Dominion.The FPSA contractors and staff were used to do all the work at the house.
    Nagin also did the transfer of land at Momi Bay for Rajeshwar Singh.
    Rajeshwar Singh was paid $40,000 as commission when FPSA Credit Union bought the building opposite FPSA head office. He made this deal with Rohit of R. Hooker.

    The Bainimarama government must really clean up the unions as some unionists have been with the unions for so long. The way is to investigate their dealings and charge them.
    The AG. Mr Khayium and Fiji Independent Against Corruption should investigate such unionists and charge them. Most of the unionists in Fiji have abused the members money and Rajeshwar Singh is one of them.

  20. FF is a stolen party.Bai and Khayium have stolen the name.
    These two are famous for stealing.
    Bai and Khayium have ruled illegally for 8 years.
    Why do they want to rule for another 5 years?
    It is fact they want to steal more of taxpayers money.
    Declare your salary of over $1 million while 40 % people live below poverty line.
    Lets talk on facts.
    These two are only famous for CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, BAD GOVERNANCE ETC.

  21. Declare your salary Khayium before and after 2006.
    2006 Colonial was paying you $55,000.
    After the coup the salary has gone to over $1 million.
    Why the salary is done by your aunty Nur Bano?
    You think civil servants are fool to vote for you!
    The Permanent Secretary’s are paid over $200,000 while civil servants are paid peanuts in comparison!
    All civil servants voting for other political parties and not for FF.
    All assets for Khayium must be frozen and ceased after the election.

  22. It was wrong for the TSLB to reinstate this young chutney ferret, in fact he would be another one of those waste of space idiots why? Well like most Uni graduates from Fiji their qualification is worthless in other jurisdictions, so it would be better for them to put their pieces of arse-wipes to better use elsewhere.

    What a waste of taxpayers’ money.

  23. Some people with a high regard of their self worth may in fact be a waste of space and resources on this planet.

  24. What an insincere apology from The University of the South Pacific to Seruiraduvatu Tamanirarama.All USP did was send out a nameless statement – what an insult! As USP VC and member of the Tertiary Loans and Scholarships Board, VC Rajesh Chandra should come forward and apologise. He is partly accountable for this haphazard decision. But in his typical cowardly manner, he sent out a USP statement with no name. Rajesh Chandra, do you have the decency to properly apologise to the student? As USP VC, you are entrusted with looking after the interests of your students. You failed in this duty. Instead you persecuted your own student because he was poor and powerless, or so you thought.You are a coward and a bully. You not a fit VC. You have failed your students. Do the honourable thing and resign Rajesh.

  25. Get ready to vacate your plush seats of command and control Chandra and Williams and all their USP cronies. Ditto for you too Seeto and the TSLB twats who facilitated it.

    You are all now on 97 days notice and should consider this the ‘pink slip’ from We The people.

  26. Seeto is an opportunist. He was with SDL. Chinese are only concerned about their pockets. Where their is money they will go. Seeto has to be with the government so he keeps lobbying for chinese entry into the country and his wife keep getting work from government.Jenny Seeto had done many reports for government which were never implemented and costs government millions of dollars. It is of utmost concern the influx of chinese from China taking over small businesses from locals.It is quite evident that many properties around Suva are bought by chinese driving locals out.
    However the increasing concern are the problems they bring along with them – massage parlours have come up everywhere by chinese who are employing all chinese from China. It is easy for them to get visa and work permits!!!
    Our country has been sold out to chinese!!

  27. FORMER Fiji residents in America protested outside a community hall on Friday last week where Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama was being hosted to dinner.

    The former residents held banners and placards which read “Free Fiji” and “Stop the Violence in Fiji”.

    But according to the organiser of the dinner, the protesters were misguided.

    Local paper the Sanata Rosa Press Democrat quoted Ben Nawagauou who organised the dinner saying that Rear Admiral (Ret) Bainimarama was there to spend time with the people.

    “Those people (protesters) don’t know what they’re talking about.

    “They don’t know anything about him.”

    When informed of the protest and asked for a comment yesterday, Minister for Foreign Affairs Ratu Inoke Kubuabola said he was not aware of the incident.

    The minister said he had just arrived in Korea and was not aware of any protest in Finley, Santa Rosa in California.

    Organiser and head of a group calling themselves the Fiji Democratic Movement Vilisi Nadaku, yesterday said they had wanted to meet and discuss issues with Rear Admiral (Ret) Bainimarama.

    Mr Nadaku said they were disappointed after being disallowed to talk to him.

    “It was more like a private meeting but the Fijian community here had wanted to take the opportunity to iron out issues with the Prime Minister regarding the election process which is still vague to us,” he said.

    “We had also wanted to talk to him about the Election Decree and why the Auditor General’s report has not been released for a long time now.

    “We are really disappointed that they did not allow us to attend the event.”

    Attempts to get a response from the Prime Minister were unsuccessful as he is currently out of the country.

  28. Leave the Chinese massage parlours alone, they are needed. Their easy access and good price means that the sad men that use them may just stop molesting and raping their children.

    Besides, they are supported by some of the Churches.

  29. I don’t think consumers in Fiji find any comfort in Aslam Khan’s motherhood statements and hollow assurances.

    Khan’s statement say’s ‘670 cases’ when the report actually states ‘760 cases’. This in itself (a rushed response from the Top Dog himself), indicates his personal involvement (as any good leader should when the shit hits the fan) and desperate attempt to deflect attention away from their subservience to illegal and treasonous decrees.

    And by the way Mr Khan, making the NSA the bigger bogeyman than Vodaphone Fiji is extremely lame. Vodaphone Fiji is related to the mother body Vodaphone UK and any fool knows that Vodaphone UK panders to the NSA – http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/06/09/366276/us-uk-set-up-spy-hubs-in-oman/

    More importantly for Fiji where is the Consumer Council and their role in decrying privacy of consumers in Fiji? No? Too hard?

  30. Trust Premila Kumar CEO of Consumer Council to say NOTHING on Vodafone spying. Its more likely for Fiji to be hit with a snow storm than Premila to have a think cap.Premilla will not response as this the most important issue facing the consumers. She is more worried about small issues like poor electronic goods etc. She is a stupid and wants to be in the limelight.Time is getting on her since her family including the husband have got their jobs via NEPOTISM.

  31. Vodafone has admitted it has ‘secret wires that allow government agencies to listen to all conversations on its networks’, saying they are widely used in some of the 29 countries in which it operates ‘in Europe and beyond.’

    Fiji is listed as one of those countries in a report by The Guardian newspaper, where Vodafone admits it allowed ‘state surveillance’ 760 times in Fiji in 2013.

  32. Why Consumer Council Premila is not protecting thousands of vodafone consumers?
    Is it true she got her blackberry from Aslam?
    She is so cheap.

  33. The National Federation Party Leader said there is a difference between what was in the 1997 constitution and what is in the 2013 constitution in terms of land issues.

    Dr. Biman Prasad said there is a big difference in terms of protection that is provided for tenants under the Agricultural Landlords and Tenants Act and protection for landowners.

    Dr. Biman Prasad said this is the point they are trying to make and are not misleading people on land issues.

    He said the NFP will re-look at how land leases are governed, what are the relationships between the landlords and the tenants and how they can make it more efficient and effective.

    On the issue of equal distribution of land lease money, Prasad said members of the mataqali should decide how the money should be distributed.

    He said if the members of the mataqali are happy with the current system then they are not in a position to say anything.

    He said this will remain their position in the future.

  34. Biman true colors is as follows:

    1. He abused his position as Dean where he made numerous overseas trips and misappropriated funds;

    2. Can he tell us which female students he was “dating” while his wife and family were in NZ

    3. Can he own up of not supporting professor Narsey when he was booted

    4.Can he advise when was his resignation date effective from usp and how come he was campaigning before that

    5. Can he also confirm why Dr Nelesh goundar is campaigning for him while still employed at usp.

    More to follow

  35. ex – usp
    Has fears of Biman.
    Biman means plane and he is unstoppable
    Biman ex -usp is no one but mahen reddy.
    mahen reddy sees with one eye only so this is the problem.
    Talk on facts and NOT on pity things that has been brought by ex -usp (mahen).

  36. Hold on, Stop Press, Pause, I saw Mahend Reddy car in FNU today. If it is really true that he resign, I say Alleluia. All girls at FNU will be relieved the cock-eyed pervat is no longer around.That is why the cock-face (dats what students call mahend at FNU)was coming on TV. All talk, false promise but no action.Biman is 100 times better than this pervat

  37. USP made Tabuya to resign. Did Mahend resign? If no, why? All regime puppets dont need to resign but others have to. Welcome to new Fiji. One law for regime suckers, another for others. I’m waiting to kick this lying bastards out come September election

  38. WELL…Guess what….My corrupt husband SUCK YOU SIR TuiSolia tried very hard to retain his job….career?? at AFL with that!! single malt whiskey bottle but blerry hell ,the Chairman from Labasa doesn’t know single malt from homebrew ,so seqai na renewal for my nice Nadi party life ,pretending to be Human Rights lawyer, whilst stealing husbands from AirPac flight attendants and renovating kitchens as if I am from the Royal family….oilei the nice few months during Roma’s manufacture….maqaiboom!!!!! sobo sobo.

  39. Whats the matter with the moderators of this site?

    Have they all taken an anal sabbatical or has it finally sunk into their thick heads that Frank was right all along.

  40. Dixon Seeto the motherfarking two-faced wannabe know it all arsehole. go die you conniving bastard!!

  41. @asivoro

    It’s great to see such an excellent example of Fijian intellect that you have posted above. You do a great service to the present government demonstrating what total morons the opposition consists of. Well done.

  42. M not mahend reddy. I guess truth hurts.

    More to come for the high flying plane but will vanish like the MH flight after 17 sep.

  43. Biman is not plane but kite. What has he done for the people. Made $1/4 million and was a former FLP sapota.

    He highjacked NFP from attar and raman pratap singh.

  44. Breaking news

    Ragu Nand has jumped from sinking FLP ship to Not fit for parliament party.

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