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The limit to lies

The Bainimarama government has a lot of faith in propaganda. They’re convinced if they repeat a lie often enough and stop any political rivals from having access to the media to refute their lies, the lies will win.
Sometimes I think they could almost succeed. They pump out publicity and the Fiji Sun laps it up. Every day Sun readers are treated to stories of success and optimism under the ‘popular’ dictator. Inevitably, some people will think good things are happening somewhere even if they can’t see it in their own neighbourhood.
But there is a problem the propaganda machine can’t deal with – the truth. When they tell us how much they’ve improved water supply and health the suspicion grows that we are being fed on a diet of lies. The truth about water supply and hospitals can’t be hidden from people whose taps are dry or sick people turning up to clinics that don’t have the bandages or medicines they need.
Add to that the really big lies. We are told by Bainimarama Native land has never been more protected than it is under the current constitution. But the truth is, under previous constitutions leases for agriculture were limited to 30 years. Landowners would lose their land for a generation, no more. And there were provisions to allow rent increases to keep pace with inflation.
These protections are gone. The constitution says the government can take any land for as long as it needs it for ‘national purposes’ and the government has no limits on the length of time it can take land for ‘national purposes’.
Can rents be revised to match inflation? Yes, but it doesn’t have to be. The Government can set whatever rents it likes. And worst of all, under the Frank Land Bank, any landowners who thinks the government hasn’t followed its own rules is blocked from taking their case to court to get a review.
Propaganda will not paper over these cracks. Let’s hope when Bainimarama goes out campaigning he is asked these questions.


19 thoughts on “The limit to lies

  1. The normal doom and gloom that we expect from this writer. My water supply has has been improved tremendously along with electricity so it’s not all bad.

  2. not ours…the whole village had to deal with no water on Sunday since my Primary school school and Bainimarama hasn’t done anything to improve it either. Electricity bills arent getting any cheaper for those of us who depend on subsistence means to compensate for the lack of financial support.

  3. Anon, education, health and hospitals, utilities (water, elect) and infrastructre (roads etc) are what govt are OBLIGED to provide. As public office and officers govt is beholden to us the taxpayers to provide these things without delay and to be done properly. It has taken eight years for the govt to TRY to fix roads which havent been done well, water provision esp. in western Viti Levu is deplorable, same for electricity. And free schooling is only now available AFTER eight years and during the year of so called elections. Hospitals (public) again are only very very slight improved though some might argue not at all after eight years.

    So,yes your water and elect may have improved but it has taken eight years and obviously not done for the betterment of the country but to buy votes.

  4. As evident roads, water , free education, bus fares were only introduced only recently that is two years ago to buy votes. The remaining 6 years people were paying for everything while Bai/ Khayium were earning over $ 1 million in salary. Forgot about the bribery from the chinese.
    With election approaching they had to quickly get the road fixed so chinese loan were approved and commission paid. The cost of road per kilometre is very expensive and the quality is pathetic.
    The cost of utilities – water, electricity etc has gone up and people are struggling to pay their bills.
    The cost of food has gone by 60% since 2006.
    Nothing good has been done by the regime. We have in reality gone 50 years back.
    The country is running on borrowed money from chinese.
    The people need a change in government as 8 years is a very long time for the illegal regime. They are desperate because POWER MEANS MONEY FOR BAI/ KHAYIUM.
    People should wake up to the reality what is going around us.

  5. Rajeshwar Singh is only in the acting role for Felix Anthony at FTUC. These two need to be investigated. Rajeshwar Singh and Felix collided when Felix was a board member for FNPF. Rajeshwar Singh ended up buying land at Momi Bay. These two have enjoyed overseas trip every second month carrying huge per diem while their members are struggling.

    What about the chor Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA who is colluding with contractors of FPSA to make money. Every contractor working on the FPSA building for maintenance work is seen working at his home in Vuncakeca Road, Namadhi Heights or at several properties that he owns..
    Extreme Construction – Manoj an Indian national and Rajeswar colluded and made money on several work that was taken by Manoj who has absconded to Vanuatu in fear of investigation. Manoj’s company record at FRCA and FNPF show that no local was employed. How then several work was given to Manoj by Rajeshwar SIngh at FPSA.
    Rajeshwar and Manoj colluded and opened a business in the name of U Tech Institute at level 8 Honson Building to teach I.T. About 90 students were brought from India and US$5700 was charged to every student for tuition fees alone to teach simple courses like Certificate in Computing. This was a major scam where Rajeshwar Singh was a silent partner. The students were mostly from rural Indian who were fooled to come to Fiji.
    The Indian students had complained to the Immigration and Higher Commission but nothing had happened. Even the Indian High Commission is aware but no help was given to the students to recover their money.
    Now the same operation has moved to VANUATU where Rajeshwar Singh had visited last year.
    Last year Rajesh colluded with Nagin from Sherani & Company ( FPSA) lawyer which a conflict of interest to buy a house together at Wilkson Road, Dominion.The FPSA contractors and staff were used to do all the work at the house.
    Nagin also did the transfer of land at Momi Bay for Rajeshwar Singh.
    The Bainimarama government must really clean up the unions as some unionists have been with the unions for so long. The way is to investigate their dealings and charge them.
    The AG. Mr Khayium and Fiji Independent Against Corruption should investigate such unionists and charge them. Most of the unionists in Fiji have abused the members money and Rajeshwar Singh is one of them.

  6. Navo what are you talking about. The people of Fiji love these stories of hope and progress. They enjoy the Fiji Sun while we take their land away. In fact the Taukies have realised that they are unsuitable as custodians of the land. Lazy and indolent as they are, they prefer a few crumbs thrown at them in the land bank deals. And we love unearned income as much as they do. The only difference is that we will make truckloads of cash in those deals whereas the peasants just get a few peanuts.

  7. Navosavakadua had for so long used this blog to do his propaganda work.

    Misleading innocent numbers of Fijians.

    He really believes in his lies.

    He is part of the machinery that lies to the people of Fiji.

    Let’s hope ‘Navosavakadua’ has the courage to tell us his real name and address so we can question him as he seems to be hiding in that old but with new name political party

  8. It’s amazing how so many in Fiji consider they are entitled to everything all supplied by the government. They just don’t realise that whilst you have a country of which the majority of the workforce is poorly educated and unskilled there’s not a lot of tax money to pay for all these things.

  9. Sources claim that an Indian IT company working out of the illegal AG’s office is programming the system that will be electronically counting votes.

    They also suggest that this explains why the corrupt illegal AG, Khaiyum, is not too worried about the elections because the counting system, once programmed, will count the votes in Bainimarama’s favour – irrespective if more people vote for other parties.

  10. Annon 8.39pm

    Your point just doesn’t make sense. Each party will have its own people at each counting station. They can tally their own party votes and cross check the total with that of the elections office.

    The probability of rigging is significantly lower than previously which took place over one week where one polling station had between 5000 to more than 20000 votes. Under the current system, it may not be easy to stuff extra votes as the number of votes in each polling station is relatively low and hence it will become obvious.

    When one reads the fiji sun, it sounds pro IG. When one reads Fiji times, its anti-IG. Depending on which side one is, you don’t like one over the other.

  11. The Electoral Commission is not independent.
    The Supervisor of Elections is a government crony and was not the most suitable applicant.
    Foreign-funded NGOs should be able to carry out voter education.
    Some information on the registered voter card can be misused by the authorities.
    The political parties should be given a printout of registered voters
    It is not a level playing field.
    Opposition leaders knee-capped. Chaudhry and Qarase convictions politically motivated.
    Bainimarama is breaking regulations – campaigning before registration, choice of party colour and emblem.
    Unfair media coverage, especially by Fiji Sun and Fiji Broadcasting.
    Media Industry Development Agency not independent and its chairman is unsuitable.
    Illegal A-G is in charge of elections and in Fiji First: a conflict of interest.
    Voting will take place in an atmosphere of fear. They will not be free, fair and transparent.
    Voting must be overseen by independent observers. There are too many polling stations for observers to cover them all.
    the Election Decree allows phone tapping.
    Officials at polling stations could influence how people vote.
    Voters will not be allowed to bring voting advice and reminder information into the polling station.
    Voters may be body-searched if officials think they are breaking this requirement.
    Many voters will not be able to remember the three digit number of the person they wish to vote for.
    Voters are expected to vote in no more than two minutes.
    All the decrees and regulations passed by government are invalid because they were not elected.

  12. Fiji first will win 40 seats with sodelpa winning the balance.

    Nfp, flp, pdp and the banana tree party will not cross the 5% mark.

    Nfp will get close to 5, but close is not good enough.

  13. The opposition political parties must unite and put FACTS in writing to the people in simple form for ordinary people to understand the state of the economy and about the poor governance and accountability for the last 8 years by an illegal regime.
    This must be put in different languages.
    This is to counter the propaganda by Fiji Sun.

    The people must be told the FACTS.
    The list could have the following:
    1. No auditors report since 2006
    2. National debt
    3.Loan from China
    4. Cost of living – 60% since 2006
    5. Salary of Bainimarma / Khayium – not declared but it is over $1 million.
    6. Land Policy – land given free to the chinese in Raiwaqa – next to Garden city. Why no tender for this was called for public.
    7.Salary of Permanent Secretary – over $200,000
    8.Why civil servants are paid less than the P.S.
    8.Number of business owned by i taukei
    9. Number of scholarship given to i taukei students
    10.No tender for consultant and projects.
    11. Number of people unemployed – 83,000 by National Centre for Employment
    12. Fiji Airways – is the three planes owned by government or leased?
    13.Cost of electricity and water has gone up since 2006.
    14.How chinese can enter and set up small businesses taking over from locals.
    15. Constitution which has no input of the people – Why Ghai constitution was thrashed?
    etc etc
    Do a fact sheet and distribute it throughout the country for the people to know the truth.

  14. Annon 11.42

    Where are you?

    The auditor general report has been finalised till 2011. Go check for yourself.

    Youi must be crazy to say there are 83kunemplyed. Its 33k registered as Nec not unemplyed.

    Go check cost of living between 200c and 2006? Pls pls pls

    You are just plain scared of FF.

    So deaf pee will be wiped out

  15. James ……Show me the Government link for this so-called auditor general report. I say the unemployed are close to 35%…. it does not mean that those no longer participating in job search are not considered. Its just unlike you they can’t find a job period you imbecile

  16. No vote bhai

    So me where you got 35% unemployment.

    Fiji times reporting is wrong about the 83k. The minister of labor corrected but fiji times did not report it.

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