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Termination of Fiji scholarship must be explained

Updated at 6:45 pm on 5 June 2014

A former professor of the University of the South Pacific says those who terminated a student’s scholarship have an obligation to Fiji taxpayers to explain their decision.

Two weeks ago, a Bachelor of Commerce student, Tamani Seruiraduvatu, was told by the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board his government scholarship was taken away because of his work with aspiring independent candidate, Roshika Deo.

Wadan Narsey says the scholarship is funded by taxpayers, who have a right to demand accountability from the board chairman, Dixon Seeto, and the USP vice chancellor, Rajesh Chandra, who is also a board member.

“Public officers are simply refusing to be accountable to the public on a matter which is so important. If they do not reinstate this scholarship, it is going to reflect very, very badly on Bainimarama’s party and whoever has been responsible for terminating this scholarship. I mean it is a shameful episode in the history of this regime.”

A former USP professor, Wadan Narsey.

The USP has said it is independent from the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board and queries should be addressed to its chairman, Dixon Seeto, who however has refused all comment to Radio New Zealand International.


5 thoughts on “Ex RNZI

  1. Asking USP VC Rajesh Chandra for an explanation is futile. This man has no sense of fairness or justice. USP itself is rife with nepotistic appointments and promotions, like Jai Karan, Esther Williams and Angela Jokhan. The really productive staff like Wadan Narsey and Biman Prasad are forced out. Professor Chandra loves waving around the USP Strategic Plan but uses it like toilet paper when it suites him. He loves to hide behind USP’s so-called procedures. But he tramples on the procedures and breaks the rules if it does not suit his agenda. A culture of bullying, intimidation and victimisation has taken hold at USP under Rajesh Chandra. The VC of USP has assisted in the rape of academic freedom by this regime. The VC is a blight on the good name of USP. Now he is persecuting a deserving student from a poor background. What a coward. This man is simply not fit to be the VC. He needs to go now.

  2. This student bit the hand that had been feeding him. He got the punishment for opposing Khaiyum. Instead of bitching about this, they should learn from it. Support Khaiyum and your life will be a breeze. Oppose him and you will be dealt with.

  3. Dixon Seeto will play dumb and mute. He is the biggest biggest ballsucking asslicker of the regime. The wife Jenny is the same or worse.

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