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He said Fijians have had enough of the coups.

FLP: Coalition for unity

Shayal Devi
Thursday, June 05, 2014

A POST-ELECTION coalition is possible between the Fiji Labour Party and the Social Democratic and Liberal Party.

And this is an important step if the two major races in the country are to unite, says FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

“For this election, a SODELPA and FLP combination is the winner,” he said.

“We have to do something for the people of Fiji. We have an opportunity this time to bring the indigenous Fijians and Fijians of Indian descent together.”

Chaudhry said the past coups had caused racial tension between the two races.

“The two coups of 1987 and 2000 were against the Indian community in Fiji and no one can deny this. They were targeted and they suffered.

“This racial tension continued and then something happened in 2006, another coup where the country witnessed the Fijian military depose the Fijian Government. It was never thought that the military, which is 99 per cent indigenous Fijians, would one day also overthrow the government that is led by indigenous Fijians but this happened.”

He said Fijians have had enough of the coups.

“People realise that we shouldn’t have coups and Fiji can’t move forward. They realise that it is the ordinary citizens who face the brunt every time a coup occurs.

“We all have to live here together, we have to understand one another and we have to forget the offences of the past although it won’t be easy, but then that’s the best way.

“I’m really glad SODELPA has come on board although we have yet to formalise an agreement.”

He said getting together under a united front would achieve political unity and restore democracy.


3 thoughts on “He said Fijians have had enough of the coups.

  1. A desperate man? After supporting the military overthrow theSD-Led Multiparty Government (not an indegenous Fijian Government) in 2006 he now wants to join SODELPA. An pology to Fiji’s young people for all their lost opportunities would be better first.

  2. Finally……that’s the way to go guys – form the Grand Coalition now, this side of September rather than post elections. NFP, PDP and all those little independent players – time to put aside your differences & egos, there’s much more at stake here against the evil of this military dictatorship. Short out the logistics including resources sharing pronto and move forward now as a collective. And go forth to reclaim our humanity (and sanity!)

  3. I would support a coalition provided the Chor thief has nothing to do with it. Wake up FLP your political survival rests with a new leader. Surely there is someone within FLP who can lead other than the thief who supported Bai and Kai.

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