A-G Hits Back At Anthony

As a trade unionist, the
PDP leader,
had ‘actively engaged in lobbying’ against tourists
coming to Fiji



Questions are being raised on whether unemployment and the wellbeing of ordinary Fijians were on Felix Anthony’s mind when he actively lobbied against Fiji and national development during his trade union days.
Acting Prime Minister and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said comments and supposed concerns by the leader of People’s Democratic Party were ‘rich coming from a person’ who had actively engaged in lobbying against tourists coming to Fiji, among other things.
“This is rich, coming from a man who has been internationally going out to tell people not to trade with Fiji, to tell people not to travel to Fiji,” he said. Mr Anthony has said that the unemployment figures cited by the National Employment Centre are disappointing, excessive and unacceptable.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said: “He (Anthony) is at the moment sending out information to take out a certification that has been given to Fiji Pine/Tropik Wood.”
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the most recent lobbying against a Fiji Pine/Tropik Wood certification would not only deny the Fijian economy through stopping Fiji Pine/Tropik Wood from getting optimum prices but it would deny landowners who are shareholders from getting higher returns and bonuses.
“He’s a man trying to make people’s job insecure, make them lose their jobs and he is stopping job creations for ordinary Fijians,” he said
“Such actions by such trade unionists and politicians will affect the workers in the pine industry, the hotel industry, the manufacturing industry, and have an overall negative impact on employment rate in Fiji.
“It’s very, very rich coming from a person like that, who seems to be more concerned about trivial allegations but not focusing on the main issues, and these are the main issues.”
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum has also questioned why some positions in trade unions vacated by such trade unionists have been filled in acting capacity and not permanently.
“Why are certain positions, for example in trade unions, from which some of these people have resigned from, people who have taken over these positions are now acting, is it because they have not really left, and want to still maintain control? And/or they want to keep their seats kept warm in case they do not win any seats in the upcoming elections?
“Unfortunately, all of this together with the very tangible attack on the jobs of ordinary Fijians demonstrates the hypocrisy of self serving politicians.”


15 thoughts on “

  1. What else do you expect from a trade unionist? But to fight for the right of its members, whatever it takes. The lobby should be taken in context; as a form of protest against the coup, treason that is.

    It is rich coming from an as ole who came into power illegally.

  2. its a stock standard comment from the iAG. The iGov implements law and decrees unilaterally then blames those who oppose the iGov laws of trying to destabilise everything under the sun. Assy is delusional and even his closest(?) friends say so.

  3. General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum aka Sword of Allah aka Khalid ibn al-Walid is systematically dismantling everything Fijian and the sad reality not one native has the balls to dethrone the mighty one.

    Sa rui sivia na ve vutusona.

  4. Support Khaiyum and you will be richly rewarded. There is so much money to made when we take the Taukies’ land that everybody can benefit!

  5. Saipanikeke.

    You can be rest assured if that muslim mofo come any where near my interests or family he would end up as say in the vernicular lei tei tarawau.

    As for the latter part of your infantile comment I shall leave that type of anal diving for people like yourself.

  6. A koiviti barking from afar, with her tails between her skinny legs. The dummy herself stated as a koi viti he is one of them “ve vutusona”…must be her favorite pastime

  7. Felix Anthony has not left FTUC. Rajeshwar Singh is acting and this must stop.
    The resources of FTUC is still being used by Felix. Mr Khayium the FTUC must have election and the post permanently filled.This is a loophole in the decree.
    Mr Khayium ensure that an election is called so this position is filled permanently. Felix will not be elected so he will safely return to FTUC. None of the unionists who leave the union to contest the election must never return.
    Otherwise the decree has no value.

  8. Rajeshwar Singh is only in the acting role for Felix Anthony at FTUC. These two need to be investigated. Rajeshwar Singh and Felix collided when Felix was a board member for FNPF. Rajeshwar Singh ended up buying land at Momi Bay. These two have enjoyed overseas trip every second month carrying huge per diem while their members are struggling.

    What about the chor Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA who is colluding with contractors of FPSA to make money. Every contractor working on the FPSA building for maintenance work is seen working at his home in Vuncakeca Road, Namadhi Heights or at several properties that he owns..
    Extreme Construction – Manoj an Indian national and Rajeswar colluded and made money on several work that was taken by Manoj who has absconded to Vanuatu in fear of investigation. Manoj’s company record at FRCA and FNPF show that no local was employed. How then several work was given to Manoj by Rajeshwar SIngh at FPSA.
    Rajeshwar and Manoj colluded and opened a business in the name of U Tech Institute at level 8 Honson Building to teach I.T. About 90 students were brought from India and US$5700 was charged to every student for tuition fees alone to teach simple courses like Certificate in Computing. This was a major scam where Rajeshwar Singh was a silent partner. The students were mostly from rural Indian who were fooled to come to Fiji.
    The Indian students had complained to the Immigration and Higher Commission but nothing had happened. Even the Indian High Commission is aware but no help was given to the students to recover their money.
    Now the same operation has moved to VANUATU where Rajeshwar Singh had visited last year.
    Last year Rajesh colluded with Nagin from Sherani & Company ( FPSA) lawyer which a conflict of interest to buy a house together at Wilkson Road, Dominion.The FPSA contractors and staff were used to do all the work at the house.
    Nagin also did the transfer of land at Momi Bay for Rajeshwar Singh.
    The Bainimarama government must really clean up the unions as some unionists have been with the unions for so long. The way is to investigate their dealings and charge them.
    The AG. Mr Khayium and Fiji Independent Against Corruption should investigate such unionists and charge them. Most of the unionists in Fiji have abused the members money and Rajeshwar Singh is one of them.

  9. c’mon ” CHRISTIANS” we are the son’s and daughters of the ” SUPERNATURAL” THE SON OF THE SLAVE IS ACTING, THE BIBLE CAN’T BE WRONG!!!!

  10. Khayium must review the constitution of unions like FPSA which allows only current executives to contest the election.
    After Mahen chor Chaudhry another chor Rajeshwar Singh is the General.Secretary.
    Now during election only current executives can contest the election.
    The constitution must be changed so that these unionists do make a life time employment in unions. They should be in any executive post for only 3 years.
    Rajeshwar SIngh is stealing members money from every chance he gets. Ask the current staff of the FPSA.
    The members money have been abused by Rajeshwar Singh for too long.
    Khayium all union executives must be thoroughly so that innocent members are made aware what these unionists are doing.

  11. The image of Khaiyum that was splattered across the front pages of The SunK deserves a round of applause for this ‘perception managed’ attempt. Did the Goebbels Guru’s seriously think that Joe Public would not be able to see through this stage managed shot intended to influence public emotions supporting the fallacy that Khaiyum is a cool, friendly and grassroots dude who gives a total shit about the people of Fiji?

    Try again losers. It’s looking absolutely and tragically desperate.

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