Chaudhry: I perform best in times of adversity

Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry says his inspiration comes from seeing democracy restored in Fiji.
“We have unfinished business – until true democracy returns to Fiji – it is our duty to fight.” Regarding his health, Mr Chaudhry said: “I think my health is good, I perform best at times of adversity.”
Mr Chaudhry is 72 years old and is the oldest of the party leaders that will lead his party to the general election. He had said that he will nominate himself to contest the September poll despite a court conviction that rules him out from standing.
Rosi Doviverata


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  1. So when FLoP get de-registered they will have no one to blame except themselves. If they were to look at the polls both SUN and c4.5 they would understand that no one like this thief. He supports the regime when it suits him. He is finished.

    It proves categorically that the FLoP membership have no alternative leaders. They are a bunch of dumb sheep following their bad shepherd into oblivion.

    The Perfect Dream: Aiyaz pissing off to India and taking MPC with him. They deserve each other. They both are so much alike.

  2. Chaudhry is a true fighter. The money that he has was has was given by the people of India to him. He has never stolen from the people of Fiji.Infact it is Khayium who has stolen from the people of Fiji.Khayium is earning over 1 million in salary alone. He has put all his Muslim brothers in government and government owned statutory bodies.
    Chaudhry you are real fighter and people see you as a threat. You keep the fight with the regime and your critics. Our vote is for you. You were the best Prime Minister we ever had in the history. All the statistics speaks when you were the P.M.
    Do not stop till Khayium the culprit is removed.

  3. mahen chaudhry pretended to be champion of the poor.
    he used FLP brand and the name of coup victims to raise finds overseas.
    He then pocketed the money – over $3m of it.
    Mahen’s chamchas and ball lickers like anon 8.16pm aren’t fooling us.
    chaudhry is the qom ke qaddar (traitor of the community) to use his own term.
    Chaudhry “feathered his nest” and “lined his pockets” to use his other favourite terms.
    In a selfish pursuit of his own financial and political interests, mahen fucked up the country by sabotaging the unity government and supporting 2006 coup.
    No bigger taitor than Chaudhry.

  4. Mahen Chaudhry the real champion and only true leader. Santa Maharaj the choor brother Atama Maharaj no place in fiji decission making fuck off u looses.

  5. Look at the thieving bastard shamelessly grinning in the picture. The chaudhry name stinks in Fiji.

  6. Chaudhry is the only one who can speak against the dictator and his sidekick Khayium.
    The day Chaudhry dies the Indians are finished.

  7. Give it up bankrupt Auckland businessman rajesh singh. You won’t be able to hang on mahen’s coattails. Mahen Chor’dhry is the one who put dictator Baini and his fellow thieves in power. Chor’dhry was finance minister in coup government on fat salary. He corruptly approved Bainimarama’s $180,000 backpay. Chor’dhry sucks the Indians’ blood and exploits them. The sooner he goes the better for Indians and rest of the country.

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