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Decree challenge looms

Shayal Devi
Sunday, June 01, 2014

FIJI Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry is adamant he will challenge the decree which disallows him from contesting the 2014 General Election.

Speaking at party meeting in Lautoka yesterday, Chaudhry assured party supporters he was not giving up.

“Our grounds are that this decree is a violation of my civil and political rights,” he said. “There is an international convention on civil and political rights under the United Nations Convention and our position is that this particular decree does not conform to the provisions of the convention and Fiji is bound by that convention.

“So that’s the position we have taken on that decision. I have accepted the fact that the judges have convicted me and the matter is still within the judicial system.”

However, Chaudhry said he could not reveal details about the case as the matter was before the court.

“This is a recent court case I had under the Exchange of Control Act where I was convicted of offences relating to Exchange of Control (Act) and the charges were that I did not bring the money to Fiji.

“I am precluded from commenting publicly on the case because I could be held for contempt of court.”

He said they were pursuing the case in the Court of Appeal.

“The Court of Appeal will decide and then we will see where we go.”

About 100 people from Lautoka attended the meeting in Rifle Range yesterday.

Mr Chaudhry also said reinstating the Great Council of Chiefs and addressing rising food prices were two of the main issues the party would address if elected.



5 thoughts on “

  1. Once again it is all about Mahen. When he speaks it is all about him. His favourite subject is himself. Does anyone else notice that he never discusses anything positive. It is all about him.

    The FLP had the opportunity to reposition itself with enough time to introduce a non-criminal leader. Someone who is intelligent and not self serving. We can only assume that such a person does not exist in their ranks,

    He IS a criminal. A convicted criminal. Even a manslaughter charge goes to character, but embezzlement shows that he should never be allowed to be placed in a position where he can steal from the people.

    This is a man who took a position with the illegal regime. An opportunist.
    FLP have now positioned themselves where their credibility is non-existent. They have only one leader. The membership of FLP have allowed themselves to be destroyed by MPC. Why? Only the members can answer that.

  2. What a despicable selfish little person this MPC is.

    And the money that allows him continue acting like this comes from the FLP members and they do not realise it.

  3. This case clearly shows that a judiciary that is tightly controlled by the government is a good thing. With an independent judiciary, this pernicious prick Chaudhry could have gotten away with stealing the peoples money. Our government needs to make sure that predators such as Chaudhry never get close to power again. He should also be charged with approving the leave pay out to Bainimarama which was violating civil service provisions. This would be good for at least two years in jail.

  4. Mahen should read and understand the 2013 constitution well or else were heading to hell again ,section 131 para 2 of our 2013 constitution speak against his intentions in which security will be breached again if he intends to bring back the council of chiefs this will lead to another goodness.

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