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SODELPA will name strong line up

SODELPA will name strong line up

08:11 TodayTaken from/By: FBCReport by: Apisalome Coka

The Social Democratic Liberal Party says it will be ready come September 17.

This was highlighted by Party Leader the Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa in a Central Constituency meeting yesterday. Ro Teimumu says SODELPA is aiming to take down all fifty seats contested. I can confirm it is now almost certain that SODELPA will endorse a team to contest all fifty seats in the legislature, a formal announcement of the lineup will made by the middle of June. She adds the Party has a very strong line up for the elections. The claibre of the contenders is impressive, they represent a wide spectrum of professionals with many years of experience and are eminently qualified to serve the nation as parliamentarians and Ministers and i see in them the foundation for a good, strong and stable government. Ro Teimumu says the SODELPA vision for Fiji is one of prosperity, opportunity and togetherness, in the richness of our diversity. – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/20303/sodelpa-will-name-strong-line-up#sthash.z9E1XC7p.dpuf


14 thoughts on “SODELPA will name strong line up

  1. A strong team is only part of the game, they should be talking about issues now, policies et al. building up the tempo given they have to catch up to the current popularity enjoyed by Fiji Foist.

  2. It is now the right time for SODELPA to make their demands with regard to how they expect the elections to be held, how the media would refrain from one sided reporting, how the field needs to be levelled in order to call the forthcoming elections free and fair. The handling of several complaints against Fiji First does not bode well and the threats hanging over anyone who dares to make a phone call with regard to the elections is serious. There is a window of opportunity now to expose the dictator for what he is. This opportunity should not be missed.

  3. Please produce a list of all the tortures, murders, corrupt actions, unaccountabilities ie Bhai and EyeArse’s salaries, nepotism etc…list have been published on several freedom blogs…..so that candidates speak from one sheet and consistently repeat to the public during campaigns, Start right now to bed the information well home as we go.

    Good luck SODELPA. We are all the way with you to uproot the evil FFP (Frank’s Fruit Punch).

  4. Baininamrama has committed treason with Khayium.
    Declare your salary!
    What assets both of you had before 2006 and after.
    Do you have bank account in Hong Kong and Swiss?
    Why the salary is processed by Nur Bano?
    Is it to hide the salary?
    Did Khayium sell his house at Berry Road which he bought in 2006 for $210,00 to Tappos for $850,000 in 2009?
    Kahyium did this before he introduced the capital gains tax!
    Do you own property at Naisoso?
    Why did FNPF allow Khayium to buy the house at 59 Vuncakecea Road ? Was this house on tender by FNPF.
    This was conflict of interest!
    Why was Rewa diary sold to CJ Patel subsidiary company?
    Rewa Diary was suppose to help the diary farmers.
    Diary is important industry and the government should always assist the diary farmers.
    Nur Bano was the consultant for Rewa Diary!
    Was she paid $500,000! Why tender was not called for this project?
    National debt now 7 billion.
    Why FBC CEO is Khayium’s brother? nepotism!
    Why 19 million was borrowed from FDB to finance FBC.
    Where was all the equipment for FBC bought from?
    Auditor’s report on FBC must be released to public on how and where was 19 million spend?
    Did the sub contractor of FBC do work as Raiz Khayium’s house in Namadi Heights.
    Why all government advertisement given to Fiji Sun – owned by C J Patel.
    Unemployement rate is at the highest. 12,000 school leavers are without job.
    Check this figures with the National Employment centre.
    The total people unemployed is around 24,000.
    Why minimum wages for workers is only $2 per hour while the illegal P.M. and illegal A.G earn over $1 million in salary?
    Influx of chinese!
    Chinese buying houses within the 10 k.m of the city and locals cannot even afford to buy houses.
    Chinese taking over small businesses managed by locals.
    Chinese are not bringing much money but doing cash business!
    Why prime land next to Garden city sold to chinese? How much did the chinese pay?
    Why tender was not called for this prime land?
    Nepotism is highest with Muslims everywhere holding top position in government and statutory bodies to act as spy for Khayium.
    Cost of living has gone up by 60% since 2006.
    Why P.S getting salary of over $200,000 while civil servants are low paid?
    Why prime land in Lautoka sold to Tappos?
    Chinese doing all poor quality road and kickback given to Bainimamra and Khayium.
    Why movie licence given to two individuals only who have no background in the film industry.Is it because Khayium gets commission from these two individuals when movies are made. These two have no experience or background to make movies. Just middle man!
    Why Qarase and Chaudhry were systematically removed to contest election as these two are elected P.M. and biggest threat to Bai/ Khayium.
    Diplomatic position to given to people whom they know rather then on merit!
    8 years of robbery , nepotism and illegal rule is not enough by Bai/ khayium.These two are power hungry. Power is money for these two. They must be removed.
    The people need a change as their is no accountability, transparency and good governance for the last 8 years!!!!

  5. Ro Teimumu and her SODELPA thugs will be silenced soon. We cannot tolerate the prospect that some opposition figures will enter our parliament. As Khaiyum’s Rear Admirer has repeatedly said, those opponents would only obstruct the implementation of our reform agenda. They would want to stick their noses into our businesses, demand declarations of salaries and assets and sniff around our major investment projects in order to show that our wonderful family is incompetent and corrupt. So we have devised a plan. The Honorable Khaiyum is currently drafting a new visionary decree that outlaws anybody who could collect more than 1 % of the vote. Those who are deemed to have a chance to do that will be automatically excluded from contesting elections and referred to a one percenters. A new wing will be build in Naboro to house them.

  6. The consultant for casino project in Nadi is BDO owned by Nur Bano and pufta husband Zarin Ali.All in the family. Who are the silent partners in this business!!
    All projects has to channeled through this company so that kickbacks are held overseas!

  7. After 7 years of illegal rule, this regime deserves to go.
    With all its policies and decrees, it deserves to go.
    With all its appointments and positions, it deserves to go.
    With all its new foreign relations, it deserves to go.
    With all its loans and debts, it deserves to go.
    With all its retirement policy, selective contractual agreements, it deserves to go.
    With no Auditor General Reports for 8 years, it deserves to go.
    With no disclosures of Ministers’ salaries, it deserves to go.
    With heightened nepotism, favouritism and unfair terminations, it deserves to go.
    With no freedom of speech, no media freedom, no freedom of choice, it deserves to go.
    Being an illegal regime that seized power through unfounded allegations of corruption, it deserves to go.
    A regime that came in to power through the so called doctrine of necessity, a so called extra constitutional power of the President, and all sorts of unconstitutional powers that ushered them in, in 2006, this illegal regime deserves to go.
    The regime has taken the country back 50 years, when we depended more on expatriates, it deserves to go.
    We send volunteers out and expatriates in, the regimes need to go.
    The list can go onand on, but one thing is certain,

  8. My master convict mahen chor is buttering, jamming, ro temumu kepa as she does not know that mahen was the architect of the 2006 against SDL.

    No mahen and sodelpa are sleeping together in a single bed. Good luck on your honey moon.

  9. How much Khayium was paid in Hong Kong for prime commercial land next to Garden city to the chinese?
    This was total sold out of prime commercial land worth millions of dollars to the chinese !
    Why was their no tender for this particular land?.

  10. The European Union has confirmed that $300 million assistance to sugarcane farmers was not given because of the illegal government.

  11. Ask anand singh of how much money convict mahen cho has in his account in NZ, hOng kong cxollected over the years for the poor people of fidji?

    Asl sachin and rajend how much was in their fathers account in Nz when they were studying there?

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