NFP names candidates for general election

Friday, May 30, 2014

Update: 3:52PM THE National Federation Party has become the first political party to announce its first batch of candidates who will be contesting the September 17 general election.

Announcing the names in Suva today, party leader Professor Biman Prasad said the candidates were chosen from a wide range of applications.

Prof Prasad says he is adamant that the candidates would take the party to victory in the general election.

The candidates include: Bimal Prasad, Dr Bijen Prasad Ram, Seni Leba Nabou, Bala Dass, Usaia Moli, Raman Pratap Singh, Pramod Chand, Mohammad Rafiq, Attar Singh and Tupou Draunidalo.


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  1. Good luck guys, but don’t hold your breath. My advise would be that all candidates make a clear statement of support for and a coalition with Khaiyum’s Fiji First. We would then consider the options of a) not persecute you, b) give you a few jobs in Khaiyum’s elected government and c) let you help yourself a bit to unearned income.

  2. Lehanga Party [nfp] on the move now lets see how many stick around during the time of crisis! B P Ram you again with the chutiyas,i though you had your lesson ok try one more time.

  3. mark my word NFP not for ppl and not for parliament story end,namaskaram.

  4. Yes Parma u right and another asshole is Bimal Prasad totally unethical bastard. As things progress you will have more about this cockroach.

  5. Why Bai/ Khayium want to rule. People need a change. 8 years of rule is enough. Is it they are indispensable or is it that power means money?
    Is it they do not want others to open a can of worm?

  6. Prof Biman should explain to the voters where his true alligence lie?

    His wife and children has been residing in Nz for a long time.

    They hold NZ citizenship.

    They have not lived in fiji for more than 6 years.

    Biman should also state why he did not support Wadan when the later was sacked by usp

  7. Nfp and flp will form coalition with sodelpa. We will let sedelpa put back qoliqoli bill. Also, we will allow sodelpa to bring back GCc.

    We will let sodelpa take fiji bacxkwards.

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