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PDP raises concern over abuse of office


May 29, 2014 08:29:51 AM

The People’s Democratic Party has alleged the proposed FijiFirst party of using senior civil servants and government statutory bodies to fund and assist in signature collections.

Party leader Felix Anthony says the proposed party used employees from the Sugar Research Institute to get signatures from cane farmers around Lautoka.

This he said was just one of their many concerns which have made the upcoming elections so far to give little confidence to the people that their voices would be heard.

“Concerns on the electoral system, voting process, restrictions on Unions and Non-Governmental Organisations, media freedom, the use of taxpayers’ funds for campaign by the government, the involvement of senior civil servants by government and government statutory bodies to fund and assist in signature collection and campaign are just some of the many concerns. To add to this, we have an Electoral Commission and a Supervisor of Elections who are completely oblivious to all these issues as if they live abroad and are unaware.”

“Let me give some concrete examples of abuse of government resources by this government. The Sugar Research Institute employees using Company vehicles were instructed to visit farmers around Lautoka to collect signatures for the proposed Fiji First Party. Four employees were paid wages for two weeks to collect these signatures,” Anthony said.

When FijiLive sought comments from the proposed party’s general secretary, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, he demanded the PDP to provide evidence for their allegations.

SRI financial controller and acting CEO Sanjay Prakash last week told FijiLive that he would respond to these allegations but so far, no response has been received from him.

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari


11 thoughts on “PDP raises concern over abuse of office

  1. We all know that the elections are a farce, designed to legitimise the regime’s grip on power. The diplomatic community in Suva has sniggered a lot about this and many jokes are told about the Rear Admiral and his intention to provide a level playing field only for himself.

    Every single aspect from ballot papers and ban on phone discussions to vote buying, voter intimidation and media muzzling everything points towards a clear picture: The opposition will not have the slightest chance to win even a seat in parliament. The Rear Admiral has made it very clear: He wants to win all votes and what a dictator wants he can get.

    So what should the opposition do? Make a list with their demands (actually Croz Walsh has recently provided a good first draft for such a list), give the regime a deadline to meet those demands – say until end of June. In case the regime fails to meet these demands, the opposition should declare an election boycott denying the dictator the much graved legitimacy. At least the opposition would not appear to be useful idiots. They would at the same time have to start mobilising their support bases to engage in peaceful civil disobedience and protest. This is the only way to change things in Fiji.

  2. I take great offence to your comments.

    The playing field is the same for all of the opposition parties. The fact that the field is on a 45degree angle and we are running down hill only occurred because we won the toss. Ask the elections supervisor he tossed the coin. We called heads. Simple.

    As for boycotting I can see what will happen. They will all agree to boycott then that Chaudry guy will turn up at the last minute. He still has a place on our team if he wants. He plays the same kind of game we do.

    As for Croz, he is our star fullback. We drafted that list. Smoke and mirrors boys and girls. Its all about smoke and mirrors.

    Abuse of office! I freakin invented that in Fiji. Abuse of office……you aint seen nothing yet!!!!

  3. The election will be rigged Felix. Do not cry after the election as we all know you will go back to FTUC as G.S as your good friend Rajeshwar Singh is acting till you rejoin.
    You all are liars and have have made money from FNPF and from the unions.
    Felix only talk s but no action. He is fooling his members.

  4. For once I have to agree with ASK, you make an accusation the onus is on you to prove it.

    If Felix is unable to do that it does not give anyone much confidence in him. On the other hand if he can provide proof it could assist his political career and help to go against that of his opponents.

    Lets wait and see if he can back this up……………………………………………waiting

  5. At least Felix Anthony has the balls to say it like it is. Dont you think he would not be saying those things if he had no proof so lets not accuse him of this and that…he is sending a clear message to those regime thieves that he is exposing them and is not afraid to say the truth. also for those of you who are arm chair critics…Felix is the only leader out there in the current pack who was taken in by the military on two occasions, tortured, arrested and kept in jail for 12 days, intimidated, beaten by Frankies gay boy Roukoura and company but Felix Anthony is still standing up and fighting for the people…Keep up the hard and honest fight Felix Anthony….We salute you!

  6. “” Dont you think he would not be saying those things if he had no proof so lets not accuse him of this and that “”

    Why should we assume he’s any different from the other politicians?

    Having balls, being arrested and ‘fighting for the people’ means nothing.

  7. Dan Urai, Felix Anthony & the PDP- there’s only one way to defeat unjust laws & corrupt practices under this dictatorship – ignore them repressive decrees and organise to change the rules of the game. PDP has what it takes to take the lead in this direction.

  8. Keep on barking Felix. You being the Secretary of FTUC could have done a lot by orgainisng smart sanctions which you failed to do in the 7 years of rule by the regime. You had all the connections with trade unions overseas. You are power hungry so unionists like you can make money.
    Let me tell you 95% Indians are voting for FF.
    70% i taukei voting for FF.
    PDP will be thrashed in the election and you sure going back to FTUC to make money from aid from overseas.

  9. THE National Employment Centre has so far registered an accumulative total of 83,000 unemployed people in the country.

    Centre director Viliame Cagilaba said the figure was inclusive of the legal employment age from 15 years and above.

    Mr Cagilaba said of the total of unemployed registrations they received, more than 5000 were from youths.

    He said 12,000 graduates had also registered with the centre in search of job opportunities.

    “We have identified from NEC that the problem has nothing to do with the lack of job opportunities,” he said.

    “The job opportunities are out there but we do not have suitable qualification that is needed from the employer.

    “In this light we also feel that there is a need to revise our education system because it has been outdated.”

    He said Fiji’s school curriculum needed to be tuned to bring out employees qualified to fit the demand from the labour market.

    “There is no co-ordination between the supply and the demand in our labour market because the education system does not co-ordinate with the demand from the labour market.

    “Most of our youths prefer to go for white collar jobs and they are never told that there are also opportunities in other labour markets.

    “Most of our clients out of the 12,000 are school dropouts but government’s free education initiative is expected to address this issue.”

    Mr Cagilaba said when considering the issue of unemployment one needed to be specific because most people in rural areas had their own forms of self-employment.

  10. If there’s no evidence then this bullshit allegation should stop!!!

    Almost all adults in Fiji has a mobile phone and it’s really surprising that such allegations were made without one single video being provided as evidence. Or at least a few convincing photos. But in this case NONE!!! Zip; Zero evidence.

    And guess what?

    Ratu She idiot straight away believes the allegations!!!

    Na idiot ga na idiot!!!

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