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PDP Press Release

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Government Tramples on Youth’s Political Freedom
The People’s Democratic Party condemns outright the denial of political freedom and
rights to students who wish to participate in the political process of the country. As
reported in the Fiji Times of Wednesday 28th May, a student’s scholarship has been
terminated by the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board for simply supporting or being
an activist with the Independent Candidate Roshika Deo.
This Government has denied a large section of our community from actively
participating in the political process including Unions, NGO’s and public servants. This is
plain denial of fundamental rights and must be condemned.
Scholarships must be assessed on qualifications, need and academic performance solely
and not on one’s political affiliation. This is clearly a case of victimization. I am sure that
if any student supported the government’s yet to be registered party, the student would
probably be given a five year scholarship at once. This decision by the Board will instill
fear in our young people and discourage them from participating actively in politics.
It is not good enough for the Chairman of the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board, Mr.
Dixon Seeto to refuse to comment on the issue. He has accepted the position and must
be made accountable for the Board’s decision or for following instructions from powers
that be. The students and the people of Fiji deserve to know why the scholarships given
are conditional on students remaining politically neutral or support only one party. On
one hand we have this government saying that people over 18 years are free to vote yet
on the other hand make it a condition to remain politically neutral if they have been
given a government scholarship.
Where is the sense in this policy? Our young people must be encouraged to participate
in the political life of our country. The PDP has a policy and rule that 20% of all its office
bearers must be youth. It will also have youth candidates in its election line up. It is
important that we do not only pay lip service to our young people but include them in
the mainstream of the political life of our country.
I call on the Chairman of the Tertiary Scholarship Board to explain why the scholarship
has been cancelled and why the Board has adopted a policy to deny fundamental
political rights to our young people. The PDP urges the Chairman to reconsider this
decision and ensure that the student’s academic progress is not hindered in any way by
this unfair decision. His scholarship must be reinstated.
Felix Anthony
PDP Party Leader



7 thoughts on “PDP Press Release

  1. Dixon Seeto is one of the most earnest chingy- eyed, bum sucking regime sycophants. He and his wife are the same. Jenny is the worst of the bad-enough ass licking accountants like Nur Bano (ministerial pay con-job), Steve Pickering (FHL/BP due diligence con job) and others. These accountants so overrate themselves but they don’t realize flimsy and lightweight they are as even as bean counters, nothing more!

  2. When will a board be established to lodge complain against accountants. The first one will against Nur Bano Ali for hiding the illegal A.G’S salary.

  3. Felix it is high time all political get together and fight the regime. Bro, the election will be rigged by Khayium so do not make noise after the election. This is the time to get together. Bro, united we stand divided we fall. The regime wants as many small political parties to divide the votes.Brother leave personal agenda’s behind and work together. This is the time for unity – SODELPA, PDP, NFP, LABOUR and others vs regime.
    I have been to several meetings of different political parties and it is clear the vote will be divided if you all do not unite. Otherwise, the regime will have it’s way.

  4. The Honorable Khaiyum and his Rear Admirer cannot tolerate opposing views. They have developed a vision for Fiji that will benefit everyone. Perhaps not at the same level and not at the same time, but we had to start somewhere and we started with the Honorable Kahiyum’s and his Rear Admirer’s salaries. This student has crapped into the wonderful nest that we have built for everyone, he must be punished.

  5. Khayium declare your asset and salary before 2006 and after.
    What you get by denying this boy his right to a scholarship and education.
    This simply means everyone on scholarship should not be given the freedom of speech.
    All the youths do not vote for Khayium.
    This is Muslim rule at it’s best.
    How long will people tolerate the Taliban rule.

  6. I’d definitely go with the call for oppositional parties to unite now, as to go it alone will be suicidal – the Khaiyum engineered electoral rules (& the massive ongoing military government vote buying exercise) will simply demolish new & weakly supported political parties. The more of these individual parties contesting the elections the more difficult will be to secure their 5% of the vote parliamentary admission. If you want to bank on coalition building against the dictatorship you’ll have to do it now, this side of September rather than post elections. In anyway it’s utterly futile entering a race when it’s pretty clear you have no chance of winning as an individual runner in a million years. Our freedom as a nation and the opportunity to reclaim justice & our common humanity rests on the ability of all our oppositional political parties to put aside their differences and start working together as a genuine collective that will contest the September elections as a broader coalition. And if Khaiyum’s rules won’t allow this to happen then we the majority will have to change them. Anything less will condemn decent and law abiding citizens, the good women and men of Fiji to once again fighting over the crumbs from the ‘legitimised’ dictator’s table post September elections.

  7. We will not unite with PDP or NFP.

    We will form coalition with Fiji first as we did with Rabuka, conservative alliance, and any party just to be in power.

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