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NFP calls on Dr Reddy to remain apolitical

NFP calls on Dr Reddy to remain apolitical

Publish date/time: 29/05/2014 [14:02]

The National Federation Party has called on the Commerce Commission of Fiji Chairman Doctor Mahendra Reddy to remain apolitical and completely refrain from making political comments.

NFP General Secretary Kamal Iyer said Doctor Reddy’s comments that parties are spreading misinformation about the cost of living violate the neutrality and independence of the Commerce Commission and Reserve Bank of Fiji board of which Dr Reddy is a member.

Iyer said NFP has announced measures to reduce cost of living when in government and has articulated this since the new leader was elected.

He said Doctor Mahendra Reddy must declare whether he is a prospective candidate for the proposed FijiFirst and whether he is already campaigning amongst voters.

Iyer has called on Doctor Reddy to resign if he wants to become a politician.

When contacted Doctor Reddy refused to comment on this issue however he reiterated that the Commerce Commission will put out more factual data on the cost of living for the public soon.

Story by: Ronal Deo


12 thoughts on “NFP calls on Dr Reddy to remain apolitical

  1. Reddy is ready to join Khaiyum’s Fiji First. Everybody knows that and he should be left alone as he will soon be under the full protection of the Honorable Khaiyum and his Rear Admirer. So better be careful Iyer, we could decide to re-educate you and teach you some manners.

  2. The very fact that he lacks independence of office and though is the very reason why I hired him in the first place. He never uses his own judgment (I don’t even know if he has any). He always does what he is told. Anyway, he exists to promote propaganda for me. He does not have the time to read blogs all day. That is why we hired Qorvis.

    Those rumours about Gates are not true. He sold his properties in Fiji because it is a good market at the moment. Yes he has a ticket to Sri Lanka but he is only going for a holiday.

    Yes Madigan is retiring but no one should be concerned. I can buy three judges from Sri Lanka for the same price I pay him. I am not upset as we will save lots of money. But I saw the owner of the Bad Dog Café yesterday and he was crying. He was wondering how he was going to put his children through private school now that Pauly is leaving.

    The Supervisor of Elections will take up the High Court judge position. He is so much better than a wooden puppet as I don’t get splinters when I shove my hand up his hole.

  3. Reddy one eyed sees things from one angle only. He is Kahyium’s boy.He is getting two salary. He should immediately resign and join FF.These are some of the Indians because of them one day Indians will have major backlash. Take my words.

  4. Biman was campaigning when still employed at usp for the last few years. In fact, he was campaigning recently as he gave 3 months notice for his resignation.

    Biman’s right cheery dr nilesh gouandar is also ca$paigning while still emplyed at usp.
    Kamal Ear, pls deny that?

  5. usp rules dont stop people from being being part of any political activity- you dont understand that reserve bank and commerce commission are independent state institutions- Kamal Iyer is on the spot!!

  6. Well how on the earth kamal iyer has agreed to accept biman as party leader. For your knowledge kamal, Biman is not MADRASI you may convey this to Jai Ram Reddy and Y P Reddy . In other words you have conceded that NFP and Madrasi days are over. Namaskaram.

  7. Looks like kanua Mahen Reddy has not gut. he has been silenced by a party official Kamal Iyer.

  8. @ Darpook u are in real term darpook [coward] first of all if you don’t know how to use hindi words than better stay away. I sure this darpook is one Madrasi and a strong puppet of Kamal Iyer or perhaps madrasi party.

  9. Mahen Reddy is right. Biman Prasad is spreading misinformation and fooling the people. I have just read Biman’s speech. He is promising the sky. But not once in his speech he mentions how he will fund these programs. Not even once!

    And this man is an economics professor? A snake oil salesman – a fraud – would be a better description. Biman is a conman. He is a populist politician trying to fool the people of Fiji. Please do not vote for him or NFP as their sincerity is in grave doubt.

  10. Mahen Reddy is nothing but a regime stooge. He is Khaiyum’s boy. He takes orders from the government. He should put his money where his mouth is and fight the election against Biman.

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