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The constitution

SODELPA have said they want to get rid of the constitution. The NFP have promised to review it. We all know the process by which it was imposed. Bainimarama created an independent Commission and then burned their draft report and refused to honour his commitment to have a panel of ordinary citizens representative of our diverse nation offer their opinions on it.

But there are two things the constitution does which are now more precious than anything else. Number one is the constitution restores the rule of law. Bainimarama has bound himself to abiding by rules. It’s true the his rules were made by him to suit himself, but at least he has to abide by them.

The other thing the constitution does is it gives us an election. The election may not be 100% fair, but it is much better than the alternative: no election.

It’s our chance to get rid of him. He may tells himself that the polls in the newspaper tell the truth about what people say, but the truth can only be suppressed. It cannot be changed. And the truth is in the privacy of a polling booth very few people will want to endorse a dictator who has lorded it over them for 8 years.

5 thoughts on “The constitution

  1. Navo you got it absolutely wrong this time. And I am surprised that you believe that Khaiyum and his RFMF goon will abide by their own rules. There is such a large body of empirical evidence that they don’t. Campaigning before party registration is banned according to their own decrees and what do they do? Right. And it goes on. Will they truthfully declare their assets and income? Well if you believe they will you must be delusional. Will they accept an election result that is not in their favour?

  2. The constant whining about the missing declarations of assets and incomes of the Honorable Khaiyum and the Rear Admiral becomes a bit irritating. You better be a bit patient. As Mr Chaudhry would certainly know, a lack of due diligence in the process of hiding money in overseas accounts can get you into serious trouble. In order to avoid this kind of embarrassment it takes a bit of time and careful planning when it comes to hiding considerable amounts of Khaiyum’s and the Rear Admiral’s cash in overseas banks. When this process is completed to my satisfaction, the general public will get a peek of what is left in the local ANZ accounts. And boy, it is not going to be a lot. We do not want to be seen as a bunch of greedy pigs with their snouts deep in the trough of public money.

  3. Of course they won’t let go of an iota of the good life to which the illegal & treasonous regime have now become accustomed LL, but with all the chips stacked against political parties do they just rollover and die, or do they fight this on behalf of fearful citizens who’s liberties and livelihoods have been snatched away from them in December 2006 until now?

    Everyone know’s what the final score will be. But this time, people must show their abhorrence of the regime in such a resounding way (just like they told Rabuka) at the ballot boxes, that it will prove the rigged polls wrong. The ultimate aim should be that the Guiness Book of Records can record the world’s longest sponge cake ever AND the world’s worst election racket ever, in Fiji.

  4. And the point of this article?

    It’s about as interesting and thought provoking and a Rajend Naidu letter to the editor.

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