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Vote buying Frank Style. 639 customers have bills written off.

PM directs WAF to waive bills in Rotuma

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By: Report by: Apisalome Coka

The Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has directed that over half a million dollars in unpaid water bills on the island of Rotuma be waivered. The debt had been accumulating for decades WAF Team Leader Rural and Maritime Water and Sewerage Sakaraia Radovu says government’s intervention to clear the debts accumulated by Water Authority of Fiji customers on Rotuma now allows for continuous water supply. The bills here on Rotuma had accumulated when the Water Authority was still the department of Water and Sewerage under the Ministry of works and transport, so all the bills had accumulated that until 2010, those were the ones that were wavered on the 14 million or so that was given by the government. Radovu says part of the reason the unpaid bills accumulated was because there was no official on the island to oversee the operations there. It accumulated from bills from the whole island and that comprised of 639 customers which were 660 thousand dollars had to be paid off for. WAF customers on the island who have left for Viti Levu have had their meters disconnected, while some more have just had their meters connected. – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/20207/pm-directs-waf-to-waive-bills-in-rotuma#sthash.mkX4JHcN.dpuf


11 thoughts on “Vote buying Frank Style. 639 customers have bills written off.

  1. This is not vote buying, this is visionary campaigning of a benevolent leader that produces tangible benefits for the electorate. On the level playing field for the upcoming elections that the Honourable Khaiyum has created, every political party can waver utility bills, unpaid debt and other liabilities. So don’t complain about our great leaders, do the same and the electorate will reward you!

  2. Coka should have principles when reporting. Why he is full time promoting illegal P.M.
    When will i taukeis have some principles or it may be true that they can be bought by money.Give fair reporting to all political parties.

  3. The desire for unearned income runs deep in our society. Together with cowardliness and indolence it creates strong support for the dictator who is willing to throw a few crumbs to the peasants. Welcome to the Banana Republic of Fiji!

  4. @ Aunty Nur
    I am loving your postings. Be warned, the children on this website like Nabua Prince, might think you are the real Nur Bano and serious. Not everyone gets humour, but laughter is surely the best medicine and we need plenty of it.

    @ Lamusona
    Nasty words but I am afraid you are right. The pork-barrelling has begun.

    @ Nabua Prince, I have attached a definition of pork-barrelling below. It is not acrobatic swine. I don’t want to get your hopes up. We all know how much you love acrobatic swine.

    Definition of ‘Pork-Barrel Politics’

    A slang term used when politicians or governments “unofficially” undertake projects that benefit a group of citizens in return for that group’s support or campaign donations. This spending mostly benefits the needs of a small select group despite the fact that the entire community’s funds are being used.

    Also referred to as “patronage”.

  5. The wavering of bills has reasons . This is a Fiji wide exercise. This increased bills were caused by air moving inside the pipes when there is no water apart from other reasons stated by WAF . This pipes have been their for the last 40 years and nothing has been done about . Simple answer from past Govts is – NO MONEY . Thanks to this PM for stepping in to assist the rural dwellers and the disadvantage to clear all these long outstanding bill s . Unfortunately most of these people have been deprived of clear and fresh drinking water for so long . For those claiming that this is election propagander please think again because it’s a matter of survival for the family . Put yourselves in their shoes . Kua na vosa vakalialia .

  6. warnings for Rotumans…waiving water bills doesn’t guarantee good supply of water. I think all Fiji water bills are to be waived for equity and fairness to all.

  7. Taukei
    truth tiko I mumu – enough bribery we sick and tired of your corrupting the minds of people using tax payer money ,,,,,sa rauta mada na namu ,,,,,use your own money to campaign tamata butabutako kana loto…truth hurts he?

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