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Volunteer’s scholarship is terminated – Roshika Deo


Publish date/time: 27/05/2014 [08:07]


The Tertiary Scholarship and Loan Scheme Board Chairman, Dixon Seeto said he will not comment on individual cases after aspiring politician, Roshika Deo’s claims that one of her volunteers had his scholarship terminated last week.

Deo claimed that the volunteer of Be The Change had his scholarship terminated by the Tertiary Scholarship Loan Board for “associating” himself “in political agendas”.

She said there are no stipulations in the scholarship arrangement that prevents a student from engaging in the political affairs of their country and nation building, especially in pursuit of making informed voting decisions.

Deo said her volunteer is a high achieving student who needs the scholarship to complete his undergraduate degree.

She urged Scholarships Board to reinstate the scholarship.

When Fijivillage questioned Chairman, Dixon Seeto, he stressed that they do not discuss information of any of the applicants in public because it is confidential.

However Roshika Deo said they want the decision reviewed as soon as possible.

Deo also stresses that her volunteer did not misuse any allowance given under the scholarship scheme..

Story by: Vijay Narayan



6 thoughts on “Volunteer’s scholarship is terminated – Roshika Deo

  1. Vilification in response to acts construed as opposition to government policy is the game plan. Wield the stick to those who dare and hold the carrot for the meek who submit.

  2. There goes Ratu She idiot.

    Jumping at and supporting anything anti Govt


    How many times do I have to tell you???

    Wait you idiot for more background on this claim.

  3. The meek like the kid from Naboa loves the carrot and the masi polo while he enjoys a high from his usual dose of Bai’s slipstream

  4. Well said RS. Hey Dixon, please clarify your position, if not specifically, then why not generally. I have always seen you as a fair person. I hope Voreqe and Khai have not affected your great person we used to know. Yes, we know Voreqe also spent a year or two at Marist, your old school. But the national interest is more than just OB networks and such.

  5. This is the sad reality of life under Bainimarama’s military dictatorship: that everyone whether they are a civil servant, head of a quango or statutory body, leader of the Methodist church, turaga ni qali or a turaga i taukei, or even a director of their own private company, that eventually they are compelled to feel they owe their existence to Bainimarama and you compete for his favour by turning a blind eye to the injustices and pain inflicted daily on ordinary folks or grassing on friends who bad mouth the supreme commander.

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