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Rich to pay ‘reasonable share’

NFP Seeks Tax Change

Rich to pay ‘reasonable share’


The National Federation Party will review income tax policies to ensure the rich pay what it calls a reasonable share.
It will also review import duties for some basic food items. Its leader, Dr Biman Prasad, yesterday outlined some of the party’s core policies at the party’s working committee meeting at Tamavua Primary School, Suva.
Dr Prasad said the meeting was to discuss issues that were affecting the people and also to announce some of their policy platforms ahead of the September 17 elections.
Provided the party wins the September 17 poll, Dr Prasad said they would review the media decree by removing all what he called its unreasonable provisions including the fines and penalties.
This, he said was important because everyone should have a fundamental right to access information relating to government’s decisions and how it affected people’s lives.
“NFP will enact a Freedom of Information (Right to Information) Bill, that will ensure that citizens can demand and be entitled to receive information from government because an open government is important for everyone.”
As earlier highlighted by Dr Prasad, the party was greatly concerned with what he called the high cost of living in the country and he said one of their immediate measures would be to reduce it.
The party will also introduce a health care modernisation programme to ensure that medical care will be focused on compassion, respect and dignity of life for all Fiji citizens.
“To achieve this, a Personalised Health Care framework is needed so we will ensure clinical (Hospital Based Care) is delegated to Empowered Health Specialists Group (Teams) for standard practice, equal care levels throughout Fiji,” the party leader said.
He said they would commit funding to ensure that Fiji would have a well placed and a well funded team of medical workers whereby the people would not have to go and wait endlessly to be medically examined by doctors.
And in a bid to modernise the education system the party, if it wins after the elections would appoint a competent Education Commission that would include an assessment of the status of teachers and school heads and recommend changes.
“We will introduce a means based scholarship within TELS to provide a full scholarship to bright students from low income families.”
They also want to provide decent jobs as part of their commitment to the young and this would be carried out through their involvement with business houses to establish new internship programmes for young people to gain skills and work experiences.
“We will review the status of the retirees with a view to provide them with appropriate compensation and we will restructure the FNPF board and review the contractual agreements,” he said.
“We will develop a ‘partnership model’ where employers, unions and government will meet regularly to decide on policies for training, investment, wage setting and welfare policies.”
Reviewing the national housing policy by focusing specifically on squatter settlements, bring new sector players into low cost housing and boost iTaukei corporate presence in the social housing sector are also on their list of do things.
Dr Prasad said the NFP was confident of winning the elections and if so they would seek an urgent review of the Constitution within the parliamentary framework.

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22 thoughts on “Rich to pay ‘reasonable share’

  1. Where will NFP get all the money from?

    Very soon NFP will say ‘We will cloth you in silk that are pure and bright and decorate you all over with gold and jeweleries and put a diamond shoes on your feet and a yellow diamond ring on your finger.’.

    Areh – too much talk.

  2. Isn’t that similar to what Papa Pig has been promising for the last 8 years? One Fiji for all where we are all one and equal; but experience shows that some are more equal than others.

  3. I agree Senior Kahyium was a parliamentarian from NFP so it makes sense that after election if it does take place the likelihood for a coalition with FF is very much likely.
    A vote to NFP is a vote to Bainimarma / Kahyium.

  4. When will Bainimarma take the challenge from Professor Biman Prasad on FBC for an open debate. Why Bai is taking so long to come for this debate. Include all the leaders so the people can decide whom and which party to vote!!!
    FBC does not belong to Khayium & family. This is taxpayers money invested by a loan from FDB for $21 million so the people deserve this open debate on a regular basis to judge the party and candidates or is it that FBC has already decided on the next government!!!.
    The people want to know about the current state of the economy, debt level, etc etc.

  5. VB is letting his one-eye Jack Mahendra Reddy from Commerce Commission do the work already.

  6. Two contradictory statements:

    “As earlier highlighted by Dr Prasad (of NFP), the party was greatly concerned with what he called the high cost of living in the country…” (From above article)

    “The Chairman of the Commerce Commission (Doctor Mahendra Reddy) of Fiji believes there is lot of misinformation and mischief making by political parties during their election campaigns who are claiming that the cost of living in the country has risen significantly.
    (From: http://www.fijivillage.com/?mod=story&id=270514ce6f3c595e96a95203baf878)

    Who is right?

    Who should ensure that those political parties giving out information are correct?

    For me – my pay is never enough but I’m managing. Of course I want more.

    Is there a desirable cost of living?

    How do we measure this?

    Can the media please help as too many politicians out there? I don’t know much.

    My head is spinning from these Doctors’ spinning.

  7. @ Grassroot

    The Commerce Commission is more reliable.

    Here’s their website if you want to know more about them:


    If they say there’s misinformation and mischief by politicians then there really are such things going on as they are an independent statutory body just like the Office of the Auditor General who are also independent.

    So claims by NFP and SODELPA needs to be backed by statistics that Commerce Commission can verify and accept as true. So far these parties haven’t done so but being mischievous and misleading ordinary people..

  8. @ Anony

    You asked: “When will Bainimarma take the challenge from Professor Biman Prasad on FBC for an open debate. Why Bai is taking so long to come for this debate.”

    You still don’t know like Ratu She idiot???

    OK ………ok…………. you just asking. OK here’s your answer


    Roger that??? Good boy!!!

  9. Nabua Prince
    Bai is the illegal P.M. so he should come now and take the challenge from Professor Biman.Bai ashole no school and is only form 4 for this reason he is scared. People are not fool.

  10. biman should make a fare call and invite people of his level to come on board rather than no school pm. he should have bit of sense before opening his mouth and review his call. healthy forum to have some substantive discussion should include persons like jone Cakavula, khaiyum, john apted,Vierisil vuadromo,attar singh,rajendra chaudhry etc.

  11. Commerce Commission is nothing but is always kept pants down. Commerce Commission is only big talk by one eye Reddy.How many research publication he has published? These are opportunists and do not know because their action the Indians will be a big backlash.

  12. Sofia
    Biman has made a fair call to know the calibre of P.M. we have and the one the people like to have in future. Biman is the leader of NFP so he will be the P.M. if his party wins.This is level playing field.

  13. Do people need a Commission or a rocket scientist to tell you that the cost of living in Fiji is very high. The power of the dollar you spend compared what you earn should be a sound indicator.

  14. The problem is Mahen Reddy has one eye so he looks at everything with one eye. Tell him to go and see the poverty around the squatter settlement. People are struggling to put food on the table.
    40% people are living below the poverty line while 10 % are on the fence while Bainimarma and Khayium live in luxury and earn over $1 million in salary. The people do not need Commerce to tell everything.The reality is on the ground.

  15. Sofia you think Khayium is equal level with the likes of Professor Biman, John Apted then you must be dreaming. You do not always need qualification to make constructive discussion. Khayium’s place is in Naboro for treason and looting of taxpayers money through his aunty Nur Bano’s accounting firm.

  16. @ Anony

    First – create a name and use that name only each time you say anything in this Blog.

    Stop hiding like one little mousy and make readers try to figure out who you are out of the many Anony out there.

    OK little boy!

    Don’t be like Ratu She idiot.

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