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Political parties spreading misinformation on cost of living – Reddy


Publish date/time: 27/05/2014 [13:09]


The Chairman of the Commerce Commission of Fiji believes there is lot of misinformation and mischief making by political parties during their election campaigns who are claiming that the cost of living in the country has risen significantly.

Commission Chairman, Doctor Mahendra Reddy said the parties are spreading false information to the voters which is unfortunate.

Meanwhile National Federation Party Leader, Doctor Biman Prasad said on Sunday that the burden of the rising cost of living has become too much.

He said the responsibility for this lies squarely on the government. Doctor Prasad claims milk is disappearing from the children’s breakfast menu as most families can no longer afford a balanced diet.

He said families juggle between whether to pay their electricity bills, or rent or buy adequate food or pay for school costs.

He claims in eight years this government has failed to address the rising cost of living.

The Commerce Commission Chairman said to deal with this they will put out more factual data for the public soon.

Story by: Ronal Deo


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8 thoughts on “Political parties spreading misinformation on cost of living – Reddy

  1. Expect the good Doctor Mahendra Reddy to appear as a Fiji First candidate very soon. He is supposed to run an independent regulation commission but already acts like a politician. So Dr Reddy, you should resign from your post as FCC chairman and come clean as a FF supota.

  2. Indeed there are quite a few rumours flying around that Reddy has political ambitions and will join team Khaiyum. The party decree’s provisions would require him to resign as chair of the CC, but then this is Khaiyum’s Fiji where those who support him are just a little bit more equal than those who don’t.

  3. Reddy needs to sit TF down and know when to speak.

    His illegal & treasonous mandate with the Commerce Commission gives him no right to wade into political debates. The Finance Minsta should respond.

  4. Good on you Mr Reddy . Parties like SODELPA or soddomy are the main culprit because they don’t offer anything constructive during there campaign . Full of complain because they cannot handle the heat .

  5. No Commission, one eyed expert or data can replace common sense. People actually can figure out the cost of living from the earning power of the miserly $ they receive as wages.

  6. Mahend luveni mata mapolo ……
    Price of pkt milk was $1.79 in 2006 and now its $3.75…..Are u a freaking blind rat or what? Go maichod Taukei.
    Come on stop the b shit!!!

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