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Fiji decree unworkable says Law Society

Updated at 3:18 pm today

The president of the Fiji Law Society Dorsami Naidu says aspects of the Electoral Decree are unworkable and were not well thought through.

For instance Section 63 of the Decree says people caught having a phone conversation about the election two days before the polls open risk jail.

But Dorsami Naidu says it will be ineffectual.

“I mean they’re saying you can’t campaign 48 hours before the elections and yet political parties can have a shed 300 metres away from the polling stations, so you know people are going to go through your polling shed, are you going to talk to them about the weather or are you going to tell them which number to vote on for which candidate?”

Dorsami Naidu says Decrees appear to have been tailor-made for the current regime, while restricting other parties who are preparing for the September election.


5 thoughts on “Ex RNZI

  1. The electoral decree works just fine for us. It has been purposely designed to allow full consistency between the Fiji Sun polling and the election results, which in turn creates stability and continuity. We will be able to milk you for another 20 years. Now, with regard to Naidu, he needs to be warned: Criticising a Khaiyum decree is a serious offence and we do not take seditious actions lightly. You better shut up Dorsami or face some serious re-education.

  2. I am relieved that the Fiji Law Society are doing their job. Lets hear more.

    It should not be surprising that the decree is unworkable. Another “cut and paste and make up the rest as you go along” job from a government void of any legal talent and expertise.

    Fiji has lost some brilliant legal minds since 1987. Mr Naidu is at least proving he has integrity and independence.

    Members of Fiji Law Society: now is the time to provide your critical analysis on all legal issues. If you stay silent until after September, then your credibility and fitness to practice will always be a matter of speculation.

  3. Well said AN. Although so overdue, we still appreciate the Fiji Law Society being involved and not choosing to remain a bystander. Thank you Mr Naidu. Please kindly marshall your legal fraternity to show some conscience and ethical muscle and give Khaiyum. Shameem and Gates some food for thought. Vinaka

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