“Consumer Council, Ministry of Health and Prime Minister’s Office” Letter to Editor, 27 May 2014


Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, Republika) (27 May 2014)

Consumer Council, Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Health

Dear Sir,

The CEO of Consumer Council (Mrs Premila Kumar) very responsibly informed the public (Fiji TV, 26 May 2014) that consumers keep making serious complaints about the Ministry of Health due to:

* bad and insensitive attitudes of the staff,

* inefficiencies

* gross negligence

* with some patients even dying

* and with the Dental and Medical Councils not responding to consumer complaints, even when the complaints came via the Prime Minister’s Office.

Although Mrs Premila Kumar quite understandably praised Bainimarama for raising this health issue (just four months before the elections), sensible tax payers must be mulling over many questions:

(a) Why would Mrs Premila Kumar tell the country that she was working very closely with the Prime Minister’s Office on this health issue?

(b) if most problems in the country are being solved by the Prime Minister’s Office (as it seems from the media) does this indicate that all other Ministries are not doing their respective jobs, and should everybody (following Mrs Premila Kumar) make a beeline for the Prime Minister’s Office?

(c) if the Minister or Permanent Secretary of Health have not responded to Mrs Premila’s complaints after eight years, should they both do the honourable thing, and resign?

(d) why have the Dental and Medical Councils not addressed the complaints and should they all resign?

(e) given the numerous media statements by the impassive and impressive Permanent Secretary of Public Service (Mr. Parmesh Chand) about their many initiatives towards improving the efficiency of civil servants (such as retiring civil servants at age 55 and sending everyone for training to China), have all these efforts been a failure as far as the Ministry of Health is concerned, and should Mr Chand resign?

(f) given the seriousness of complaints from the CEO of Consumer Council, should Rear Admiral (retired) Bainimarama himself resign, given that his government has been in charge for eight years now (the lifetime of two normal governments), given that he has determined his own salary, and given that the buck should stop with him in more ways than one?

(g) or is the real fundamental problem that the Ministry of Health budget has been severely constrained for the last eight years, the salaries of doctors and nurses have been totally inadequate, they have been over-worked, and the funds for medicines and equipment have been grossly inadequate, because of the Bainimarama Government’s other spending “priorities”?

(h) for instance, would the $230,000 of public funds, unnecessarily paid to Fiji Sun to print the 40,000 signatures for the registration application of Fiji First Party (when only 5,000 was required), have been better spent on medicines for the Ministry of Health?

(i) Or why was not a mere $10 million reallocated to Health in the last budget, out of the massive allocation of $1 billion (i.e. $1,000 millions) to FRA over the last two years?

Professor Wadan Narsey




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  1. Wadan… its simple. Premila Kumar’s only expertise in the Consumer Council is grand-standing; She has a master degree in that field; too much barking with little or no substance and the Regime doesn’t give too hoots. MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.

  2. Premilla should resign. She just wants her publicity rather then anything else. The government has donea lot of good things for the medical sector.Premilla knows very well she got her job because of Swani Maharaj her husband Jai Karan’s cousin from Lautoka.Swani Maharaj is great womaniser which Premilla knows better than anyone else!

  3. Wadan you are a petty bean counter and a bad one too. You whinge about the allocation of a couple of thousand dollars for demonstrating that the part of the Honourable Khaiyum has widespread support. You bitch about “spending priorities” of our great leaders, you complain about Parmesh who has had a stellar career while you have been marginalised. Get real man. Our spending priorities have been rewarding those who have worked hard such as the great leader Khaiyum and his friends from the RFMF. This has catapulted the country into the 20th century where we celebrate a brand new system of disciplined democracy where a few efficient and effective leaders take the critical decisions. What can possibly be wrong with that.

  4. The following is a direct quote from an article in FijiLive that reflects on the quality of health service in Fiji.

    “Grieving father, Vinod Kumar told FijiLive it was heartbreaking and says the hospital’s negligence and the NZ immigration had a hand in his death.
    And on Saturday, last weekend, the doctor said he had dengue symptoms. That was according to the doctor so he was admitted at the Ba Mission hospital for three days before we took him to Lautoka. I had told the doctor there that my son was a kidney patient and his body can only allow one liter of IV fluid in a drip bag for 24 hours; however they gave him three drip bags, two on his right and one on his left. After a while Kumar said he saw his son’s stomach and hands were swollen and was not breathing well. So I asked the nurse to take away the drips.”

  5. While I admire his courage, I feel Wadan is full of sour grapes.

    He is a loser having lost badly or rather was humuliated in the last election.

    He sees everything as half empty and considers himself as the “know all”.

    Wadan, relax man and retire. You sound like an old man who has nothing on his plate and hence spend all your time compalining.

  6. Wadan the health services has improved a lot under the guidance of Dr. Neil Sharma. People keep complaining despite been given good service.The people need to look after their diet rather than jumping at the health centre and hospitals around the country. The people eat all junk food and except doctors to be God send to save them when suffer from non communicable disease such as diabetes, heart attack etc etc. which leads to death.
    If people exercise and look after their diet then we will not have over crowding at the medical facilities.
    As for Premilla she seems to be knowing everything in this world – bank operation, health, bus industry, taxi operation,LTA, supermarkets, hardware, companies etc etc . She has only complains against everyone who is contributing to the economy.Her removable is imminent.

  7. Wadan it is high time you join a political party and see if you get elected. If you cannot contribute to the development of the economy you should not hurt it. Your articles are only negative to the economic development of the country.Do not hurt the country.

  8. If you missed out on scholarships from the ministry of education then come to me and I’ll give you one so you can get to koronivia, if rotuman islanders can’t pay their water bills then I’ll sort it out with the water authority, if you’re unhappy with the service delivery at your local hospital then I’ll talk to the doctors and sort them out. I am your prime minister, ok….unelected should you insist, I’m here to serve the people, at no costs to the people (well you don’t really have to know how much I’m paid, it’s none of your business okay) ….actually all you need to do is to give me a tick on election day. I am your knight in shinning armour and I will bring down my sword to bear on these incompetent permanent secretaries who are paid too much money and their respective ministers who I don’t really know why I appointed them in the first place. I am the one and only true way. Follow me with your votes and I will deliver you heaven on earth. For you who are weary and laden bring me today all your concerns and problems and I will sort them out in a flash. And if there should really be any costs to all these then that won’t really be my problem, that’ll be for others, for future generations to worry about.

  9. To comment on any issue is a right that any citizen can exercise. That applies to Wadan and every Tom, Dick or Harry commenting on this blog.

  10. Premilla’s husband Jai Karan got a job at USP without any advertisement at USP. This was a back door job for the husband who was not qualified but sacked from his last job.Premilla should investigate for his sacking.Nepotism of the highest level. Can she investigate this as a complain as the people who were qualified and experienced did not even get a chance to apply.Premilla should clear her backyard first and leave people who are doing good job despite the limited resources.. Her comments are only discouraging people to go that extra mile and provide better service!

  11. As usual some very pointed and relevant question posed by our brother Wadan Narsey. Single-handedly this man is the greatest pain in the regime’s arse. Thank God for Wadan Narsey.

  12. Absolutely, it’s people like Wadan and Mr Beddoes that keep that flicker of hope burning in these long, dark, cold nights of the Bainimarama repression. Vinaka vakalevu na yalo qaqa, my Fiji is proud of you and keep on the good fight gentlemen.

  13. The health services has greatly improved over the years Premilla is trying to justify her existence. She is an embarrassment to the government.

  14. Extension works on the one million dollar Sigatoka hospital is on track and expected to be completed before September. Vinaka Dr. Neil Sharma. People like Premilla will always complain but keep your focus on the good work you all have undertaken.The people must wake up to the reality and all start taking care of their health.This is what Premilla should be telling the people.She is out of date. What is her qualification? Is she is qualified to hold the position.

  15. Premilla Kumar is nothing but a promiscuous slut who is known to have offered and have her ravaged by union leaders, military officers and politicians in her quest for publicity. She doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. She is a known bitch who likes it in all her body crevices. The stink cunt of a bitch!!!

  16. Wadan Narsey and Mick Beddoes are telling us the other sides of the story. Remember that there are two or even more sides to every story to be complete. We would like to go into this election knowing full well who we are going to vote for. And if they are elected we will know full well who are running our government.

    So, Wadan and Mick, keep telling us the other sides of the story. Someone said that dictators hide the real truth from the people. These dictators fear the fearless like Wadan Narsey and Mick Beddoes.

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