NFP leader vows to prioritise service

Dawn Gibson
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

FOLLOWING a tour of hospitals around the country, National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad says the condition of a number of health centres is appalling and has vowed to make medical services in Fiji one of his top priorities.

Making the remark on Sunday afternoon at an NFP committee meeting in Tamavua Prof Prasad said if elected into parliament, the party would bring policy changes to the core of health management and administration.

“NFP will introduce a comprehensive health care modernisation program. The health care modernisation program will place our citizens at the heart of rebuilding health care,” he said.

“NFP will ensure medical care that is focused on public education and compassion for human values and life — all age groups, will be provided for throughout Fiji from the city to the most remote islands.”

He said in particular, the party hoped to address issues such as the availability of doctors, the provision of basic tests and patient follow-ups.

“As an example, our hospitals should never run out of basic medicines for the nation’s growing diabetics and high blood pressure patients, nor syringes to do blood tests. All it needs is better organisation and management.

“NFP will establish and strengthen health rights for a dignified and personalised health care and ensure clinical hospital-based care delegated to empowered health specialist groups for standard practice and equal care levels throughout Fiji.”

He said the party would ensure facilities were maintained to international health quality standards regularly.


4 thoughts on “

  1. What this Biman does is inciting disaffection with our great PM and he should be persecuted by the Honourable Khaiyum for this. Biman knows full well that our great PM has just certified Fiji’s health services as world class, salubrious effective and pleasant. He has emphasised the fact that he himself as the great leader has his medical check-ups done in Suva’s world class war memorial.

  2. What a nonsense. High blood pressure and diabetes are life style diseases that the ignorant have brought onto themselves. There is no reason why the public must provide for those.

  3. The emergency unit of Lautoka Hospital is equivalent to a chicken coop of USA. You be the judge.

  4. And it took 8 years for bai/kai to bring Lautoka Hospital it to this standard – World class, my ass!

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