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Fiji Sun Poll

NFP Back at No.2

Four parties battle
it out to break away from pack

Nemani Delaibatiki

The National Federation Party has bounced back to the top of the sea-sawing battle among the four registered political parties, the latest Fiji Sun poll reveals.
In the 13th weekly poll, NFP leader, Biman Prasad, has also retaken the lead from SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa, to be runner-up to Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainiarama. His party is also at No 2 to the PM’s proposed FijiFirst party.
In the Preferred Party stakes, the NFP has jumped from five per cent the previous week to six per cent. Mr Prasad goes up from three per cent the previous week to five in the Preferred Prime Minister poll.
Mr Bainimarama continues his comfortable lead in the Preferred Prime Minister poll at 77 per cent and his proposed FijiFirst party is way ahead in the Preferred Party ranking at 62 per cent.
The small changes in the four-party tussle reflect the intense battle that is raging to try and break free from the pack.
SODELPA and the People’s Democratic Party come in at number two to the NFP at four per cent while the Fiji Labour Party is at the bottom at one per cent.
To show some real genuine challenge to the PM and his proposed party, the four registered parties must consistently be polling in the double digits and improving every week.
At the moment, their erratic movements in the rankings indicate they are struggling to consistently find traction weekly. This is expected to carry on until they have firmed up their manifestos.
The NFP, PDP and to some extent FLP, have revealed some of the core elements of their manifestos. The poll results over the past weeks show that they are insufficient to woo voters.
The static and crowded positions of the parties and their leaders in the rankings under 10 should worry them as we approach June, more than three months away from the election.
The figures will change when they go full swing on the hustings. Whatever they are doing now pales into insignificance in comparison with the relentless work that the PM is doing.


6 thoughts on “Fiji Sun Poll

  1. Interesting these polls. Fiji clearly is the place to rush to and sell snake oil and and residential lots on the moon. I have never come across a population that is so stupid that you can kick it in the teethes for eight years, take their culture, their tradition, humiliate their leaders take their land and their human rights and they scream give us more of the same. Really a unique place this.

  2. Why can’t we just confirm our beloved AG as our life long leader and ditch this idiotic Western concept of democratic elections. We have got the leader we want, we have got the leader we deserve. Why waste time, money and emotional energy (yes that is you Mr Beddoes) on an election process that has no other purpose than pleasing Australia, New Zealand and the EU. Why can’t we just trust Khaiyum that his intentions are good?

  3. NFP at No. 2 – BUT have a very very long way to even reach the 20% mark !!!

    Fiji First more than 60% – still the majority. Imagine when campaigning starts – this should increase to 80% then come Aug-Sept this will increase to 90%.

    Vinaka Fiji First – the party that cares for all.


    I humbly request all political parties to please have in place a policy on a fair system of Taxi Base permits in prime locations within urban areas.

    In the Suva Bus Station and MHCC and other prime locations more than 95% of taxis that are based in there belongs to Indians.

    I have nothing against Indians. I believe they are hard working and should be treated with all the respect.

    But can the Councils please ensure that taxi base permits are also given to a good number of iTaukeis. Otherwise iTaukeis to a great degree will still feel victimized by the system where the economic power is not shared fairly.

    Also can JOURNALISTS please do some investigative journalism in this area and get stats from Councils and LTA so would be decision makers can come up with very good policies and justifications of these policies.

    I will strongly consider voting for the party that has a good policy on this issue.


  5. Ratu Sissy must be really stupid. Doesn’t Ratu Sissy know that SODELPA, NFP, PDP and FLP will all lose rather drastically? Something must be stuck up his rear not to accept people are now moving in masses to FFP.

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