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“Medical facilities that are clean, well maintained and salubrious”

May 23, 2014

Yes that’s exactly the words used by our iPM to tell his audience about health services in Fiji. He told his audience at the launch of the Public Service Leadership Model at the Grand Pacific Hotel that good health services include “the level of compassion, empathy and sensitivity shown by our medical staff” and facilities “that are clean, well maintained and salubrious to making patients feel good about and confident in the public health system.” We know he is so confident in our health services that he has to go overseas at regular intervals to get his health checked with health systems that “clean, well maintained and salubrious”. This is an insult to the people who are dying all the time from problems that could be treated if we had health facilities that were “clean, well maintained and salubrious”. Instead our hospitals are referred to these days as Vale ni Mate, not Vale ni Bula.

Fijilive May 21, 2014 Public service important: Bainimarama


12 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. The state of Fiji medical services are a true reflection of how the people of Fiji value cleanliness. Look around you, you live in shit, everywhere is covered with litter and shit so why would your hospitals be different?

    Fijians are simply dirty people, stop blaming others, you are just filthy.

  2. Well, people obviously believe this great leader. They got exactly what they deserve: Salubrious health facilities that rival the standards in Australia and New Zealand. Health facilities that are so good that our great PM makes these enormous efforts to travel to faraway places to get his health service, just that ordinary Fijians can use the capacities that he would have used. What a great place this country is. Would Key or Abbott travel overseas to free hospital and doctors time for ordinary citizens. No they would not. Selfish as they are they would use facilities in their own countries.

  3. What’s with Bainimarama’s desperate attempt to project himself as some kind of intellectual this week, when every man and his dog knows full well that he would struggle to pronounce the word ‘salubrious’, let alone spell or define it.

    Another epic fail by Qon-vis.

  4. ALL native Fijians need to be sent back to their villages away from civilised citizenery forthwith.These monkeys don’t need to vote,but just get on with the vakavanua crap ,drink homebrew and rape their mothers and grandmothers for their normality…..go back to your villages, you dumb fucks

  5. @ keep the Tuisolia@imranashamima.com
    We Taukeis are in our country..whether we live in urban areas or villages is our right to choose in our country. If you do not like it too bad, dig your heart out you waste of breath. You just have to accept us as we are in our country.

  6. Medical degrees are easily available at FSM and University of Fiji. Pay your fees and get the degree. Students who have passed with 250 out of 400 marks are admitted into FSM and University of Fiji.The quality of graduates coming out of these two institutions are really pathetic.
    People are dying in the hospital because of simply unavailability of experienced doctors and medicine. The service is pathetic as people visiting to see a doctor wait the hole day.
    The equipments are obsolete or not working.
    What a joke!

  7. What else do you expect for free? Get a job, pay decent taxes and any government will have money to spend, simple.

    Whilst the majority still expect to live by handouts things will not change. Plenty of money around to spend on churches and travelling religious circuses.

  8. @ Anon above. Fact check Einstein: if taxes were going where they were supposed to be going, instead of being siphoned towards favoured and/or irrational projects of the illegal and treasonous regime, hospitals would be salubrious.

    Hospitals, public infrastructure, education etc — these are all obligations of the State towards its people and is the social contract between taxpayers and those who govern them. Unfortunately this is beyond the intellectual understanding of the regime because they elect to gorge themselves at the coffers first, while the people paying taxes and their salaries and perks get the crumbs.

    As for people using money on churches and religion, is that really any of your concern? Perhaps expending a bit of your energy towards the regime and questioning how they’ve managed to raid the coffers continuously for the past 7 years with impunity would be more in order.

  9. @ Tomasi. Don’t comment Tomasi and feed us with your bullshit. You’re a devil using God’s name.

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