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Malice and Deceit or Love and Affection?……An opinion by Mick Beddoes

May 20 2014

 An opinion by Mick Beddoes

Former Leader of the Opposition,

 It’s very noticeable that Frank Bainimarama’s image-makers from the Qorvis PR Company have been busy redefining the coup leader’s image. They are trying hard to portray him as a kind and gentle father figure, thinking only of the wellbeing of the people, always ready to lend a helping hand and a completely devoted servant of all things good and true. His old Blue Bus, bare feet and shorts are props to show him as a leader with the common touch.

The latest tactic in the remaking of Bainimarama is an attempt to place him on a very elevated political level. This involves his preaching to the political parties in a recent Fiji Times article by Nasik Swami about the need for them to campaign with honesty, sincerity, love, and – get this – “affection without pretence”.

It gets better. He says his rivals should tell people about their policies in a positive manner, putting the interests of Fiji first, before their political careers.

And then: Everyone must work together to change the culture of “malice and deceit” that many older parties and politicians have practiced and continue to practice. We should all embrace sincere leaders who truly care for everyone. I wonder if he has anyone in mind?

Now, we have all experienced Frank’s repressive military rule and his dictatorial and threatening ways. This not only makes the latest Qorvis Bainimarama p.r. gambit hard to swallow. It stretches credibility beyond breaking point. This time Qorvis have crafted an image too far.

What they conveniently omitted from their scheme – for sound professional reasons no doubt – is that Frank Bainimarama has ruled through fear, persecution, intimidation and abuse of rights.

Fear is his prime weapon of choice to keep the populace under control. He was a master of threatening statements and gestures. I know because I’ve been on the receiving end of many.

Who can forget him, not so long ago, grim-faced in military gear, leading armed soldiers through the streets of Suva? This was pure intimidation aimed directly at the people.

We are in charge, we are armed and dangerous and don’t you forget it. This was the message of honesty and sincerity Frank sent out.

He told us on television, when he was starting to talk about public consultation on a new constitution, that his government would not tolerate an “iota” of dissent. When that kind of comment is made by a military dictator who remains in power by force of arms the meaning is clear. There is no affection and love in that threat.

When he urged massed ranks of his troops to be “professional, determined, tenacious and physically fit” in their support for his government’s efforts to bring about change, he was not expressing gentle thoughts.

It was under his watch that Sakiusa Rabaka, Tevita Malasebe and Nimilote Verebasaga were beaten to death. This was malice in its most hideous form.

We must not forget that many citizens, including Felix Anthony, Kenneth Zinck, Laisa Digitaki, Virisila Buadromo, Jacqueline Koroi, Pita Waqavonovono, Sam Speight and Richard Naidu, to mention just a few, were subject to special and extremely unpleasant treatment. Na Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa, was locked in a cell in the dead of night.

His reservoir of affection in these episodes was empty but his bucket of malice and abuse towards his fellow citizenswas overflowing.

Few of us will ever forget the shocking images of a prison escapee and his accomplice undergoing the most savage beating by thugs who appeared to be members of the security forces. This was seen worldwide on You Tube. This certainly did not portray love in paradise.  And Frank Bainimarama supported the perpetrators. His men, he said, were doing their duty. His feelings of affection and love were again absent.

Those who were on the Bainimarama regime’s travel ban experienced a very unpleasant type of persecution. They usually did not find out until they were at the airport that they were not allowed to travel. No affection there.

Frank Bainimarama has an unhealthy obsession with pensions. Several thousand hapless pensioners lost a large part of their income because he thought their legally-agreed pension contracts should be changed. Then just to rub it in he enacted a law preventing them from seeking legal redress.

A cruel decree is still in place that gives Frank Bainimarama the power to stop the pensions of retired members of parliament. He used this against former parliamentarians presumably as a form of control and punishment.

Pension entitlements of former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase is still being withheld today, 8 years on. There are no administrative reasons why he has not being paid what he is legally owed.  I believe the payout was approved last year, but the file still sits on someone’s desk in the PM’s office, why? How can a single straight forward pension entitlement take 8 years to process? Do they seriously expect us to believe this is the level of ‘competence’ in processing a single pension in the office concerned?  Or perhaps this is what he means by honesty, sincerity, love and affection without pretense?  Or is it more likely nothing more than someone in power being mean spirited and filled with malice & deceit.

The other pensioners who lost out are unlikely to feel that he was motivated by care, love and affection when he slashed their pensions for a problem that is still many years away and could have been resolved progressively over a period of time.

In view of his new image, what does Frank Bainimarama have to say about the fouled-mouth abuse he directed at a priest? What was this about? affection without pretense? Or was it just Frank being Frank?

It would seem to me that the reality of this new personality that Qorvis is projecting can be found in the raft of repressive decrees and measures that remain in place today that restrict liberties and rights of the very people whose votes he now seeks. He might even use one of them to punish me for responding to him with this article.

Until he voluntarily forfeits all protection he has given himself under his immunity provisions and willingly subjects himself to the same laws every citizen voter is subject to, and lets due process to take its course, he is hardly putting the greater interest of Fiji before his own.

He cannot offer proof that older politicians and political parties practice malice and deceit because there is none; he’s made this up. I challenge him to name just one of those from this group whose conduct has been as remotely malicious and deceitful as his.

In fact it is fair to say that malice and deceit accurately reflect the governance style of Frank Bainimarama and many of his associates.

The best example of this is Frank Bainimarama’s treatment of our chiefs. He poured unprecedented scorn on them, told them to “go and drink home brew under a mango tree” and then abolished their institution the Great Council of Chiefs. In fact he has virtually said he aims to destroy the chiefly system.

Now he is chasing after them for their votes?

Perhaps there is love and affection growing in his heart? Or maybe it’s still laced with malice and deceit?

Lest we forget.



Mick Beddoes


17 thoughts on “Malice and Deceit or Love and Affection?……An opinion by Mick Beddoes

  1. For true democracy this kind of piece should be disseminated by the media for public consumption; not the one sided bullshit that thrives in Fiji at the moment.

    Good one Mr Beddoes.

  2. If only the same effort were put into doing something positive for Fiji.

    Sounds to me like certain members of the political scene have given up as they realise they have nothing to offer that the people want, a bad sign for Fiji.

  3. Mr Beddoes you got it wrong – again. There is love and affection oozing out for every pore: Our PM loves his income and has shown more affection to our family than we have ever seen before. When the entire world is out bashing muslims and islam, our PM has fully embraced us without pretence. He cares for those who support him and has done more for the RFMF than any other leader before. In his forgiving way, he has even embraced those wo were deceitful and full of malice such as the old chiefs.

  4. Now Mick, where are your policies? What are you going to do in the extremely unlikely event that you get elected? What about unemployment, health, the RFMF, the 2004 constitution, immunity for treason, the land bank decree? What about free education, free Fiji Bitter, free lunches and electricity tariffs? What about state owned enterprises, the tourism and sugar sectors? What about free petrol, free transport and unearned income in general. What about the money the regime has stolen and Aunty Nur has hidden in overseas accounts? Are you going to bring it back?

  5. Mick you are a looser . You have nothing to offer – NOTHING . You don’t have anything to move Fiji forward . No one supports you . Just zip and pay your NBF dept . You are one of those greedy pigs but now desperate for more rubbish .

  6. The people of Fiji have had 8 years to decide what they think of Frank, why do Beddoes and some others continue to insult their intelligence by thinking these attempted character assassinations are going to make them change their minds now.

    Come on, what the people want to hear is what YOU are going to do better than what they have now.

  7. Micky mouse Beddoes lets talk about your loan from NBF, which you have not paid to-date.

    Please understand that you have now become an old rethoric, with nothing new to offer.

    You guys had a wonderful chance to carry Fiji forward BUT you along with SDL/FLP fucked it up.

    Your days along with many oldie politicians like you, are long gone.

    Please understand that the youth of Fiji have no faith in oldies like you.


  8. Good one Mick. There is so much to be desired about Franko’s character and its laughable that Qorvis is making a fortune out of re-imaging him! People don’t buy the re-imaging package while Qorvis still walks away with public cash……again its another example of assault and outright theft of state coffers! The dictator’s ego is ruining the country. It has bankrupt Fiji both morally and financially.

  9. Mick nice try. Wanting to talk about good governance etc but why has it taken you over 15 years and you have yet to repay your NBF loan.

    Why? Why?

    And why is it that its ok to steal someone’s elses wife? Are you man enough to admit that your are in the same rot.

    I don’t support FB but I don’t support hypocrites like you as well.

    Your are what my indian friends would call “a tatti falla”


  10. Ratu sissy

    No one is saying Mick brought down NBF. But for the man or big man to talk on being ethical, doing right, being honest, following the law, etc etc, Mick is nothing but a politican who is just plain a crap who has no principles.

    Why can’t he pay his loans when he has the means to it.

    Mick is a thief like others. Mick has been a thief for over 15 years. Mick is a big tatti fella and if you want to protect him, then its your right. But to me, its clear, Mick thinks he can break the rules but points his finger to others. He should shove one up his xxxx.

  11. True to form, the regime’s replies to Mick are at the gutter level; personal attacks that have absolutely nothing of substance to argue against the facts presented by Mick. The list of victims offered by Mick are a mere tip of the iceberg; a more deliberate audit of the trail of evil carried out by Frank from 2000 will show that every household in Fiji has been victimized in one form or another by the evil emanating from Frank! The tragedy is that a sizable percentage do nit even know that they have been victimized. It is revealing that the youths make up the bulk of the public support for Frank, while the older more knowledgeable segment of the population have reservations.
    So it is clear that the youth need to be educated, especially about the economy and accountability in national governance. Quite a challenge in the dictatorial environment! But this is the underbelly that the Qorvis strategy cannot cover.
    What I mean is this, the youth expect a job that will give them a livelihood that matches the illusion Qorvis paints!
    So a very simple math equation that shows our GDP and how we are headed for bankruptcy should be presented. This will mean that there is no way that they will get jobs, due to the lack of financial accountability of Franks regime.
    The Frank regime will not dare publish the Public Financial Accounts because they will lose. So the message to Franks supposed constituency should focus repeatedly on that simple message. Use the same tactics on him. Repeat a simple message over and over again.

    The other message about Franks lack of accountability will actually be easier to tell the youth in the follow up to the Economic message.

    Vinaka Mick for battling on for Democracy.

  12. Mickey Mouse the old politician speaks. His words are full of shit. No one believes you Mousey. You liu muri.us too much.

  13. Vinaka Mr Beddoes, the greatest fear of Bainimarama’s repressive military dictatorship is the truth. Keep on the good fight as only the truth will set us free.

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