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Ex Coup 4.5

Friday, May 23, 2014

New party launched as sex offence allegations circle FLP official

The latest political party to register for the elections is being

President of new party: Jagath Karunaratne.

fronted by Jagath Karunaratne, the Sri Lankan accused of writing anti-Bainimarama graffiti on billboards.

Karunratne’s sedition charges are still going through the courts so he is able to be a party official in his newly formed Fiji United Freedom Party (FUFP).

FUPF presented six thousand signatures this morning and has paid the $5,005 registration fees: the Supervisor of Elections now has 28 days to decide on the application.

Karunaratne’s co-officials are vice-presidents Viliame Tamanaivalu Ratu Emosi Verebasaga, Pranita Krishnan as general, secretary and Peni Waqavonovono as treasurer.

Karunaratne has told Fiji Village the party’s main focus is providing a platform for youth.

More complicated is the drama over the allegations circling the Fiji Labour Party assistant general secretary, Kini Marawai.

Marawai has been accused of ‘multiple sex offences’ on primary school students and of serving time for the offences – FLP has also been accused of protecting him.

The allegations were detailed in an email and publicised on Facebook.

Marawai has responded to his accuser, Yash Maharaj, by denying the allegations and referring Maharaj to ‘a contemporary’ of his – Fiji Sun managing editor, Maika Bolatiki, citing the case Bolatiki v State (1997) FJHC 124; HAA0035D.1997S 3 September 1997 (see link below)

“Your concern as a Fiji citizen is acknowledged.

Kini Marawai

Yes, I was a secondary school teacher (not primary a primary school one as you seem to suggest) before I went for further degree studies in Southampton and London, England.
I believe your allegations against me of sex offence(s) may have been misplaced or a case of mistaken identity or, may be, just plain fishing expedition.
I am not a sex offender previously or ever. I am a very vocal a

Maika Bolatiki

nd strong advocate of women’s right. A few articles of mine in the press and/or media, will attest to that.
Perhaps, it may help you if you ask a contemporary of mine who was a teacher during my time as a teacher. He is former primary school teacher, MAIKA BOLATIKI, the current chief political reporter of the Fiji Sun. Why don’t you ask him? He may know better.

Attached here is a piece of case law that may assist you.

Link cited by FLP official Kini Marawai:


Fiji One News has meanwhile reported that First Party’s 40- thousand signatures may have ‘broken a record of sorts’ with the Fiji Sun producing 508 pages today – 476 of which carry the names and signatures of supporters.

The TV network says the paper’s production department had to work double shifts to get the paper out.

17 thoughts on “Ex Coup 4.5

  1. Sex offences amongst the savages are common practise in Fiji. This is one of the reasons why we need a disciplined faith such as islam to reign them in.

  2. With the current regime’s highly flawed electoral system crafted for the 2014 elections how can we be assured that the results will be generally satisfactory. Vote rigging aside the other main point of grave concern and contention is when the votes concentrate their volumes and therefore electoral percentage on only a few candidates lets assume under 20. How will the other members be selected given that they don’t meet the criteria of being elected under this system? Have these buffoons ever made any scenario trials on their off the cuff from the wild electoral system. Else there may be devious minds at work behind a very cunning plan. It seems they are just keen on pushing something that’s already pre-planned and designed to deliver a result that is assured to give them victory. Everything has so far been shoved down our throats without us being involved or having a say in the process. Anything slightly different to their master plan might upset the outcome so they have so far rejected all suggestions to changes and even stated that there will be no changes to the unilaterally imposed electoral system. So doesnt this look like a dictatorial conspiracy for a hijack plan? I mean if the regime would listen to and accomodate our concerns, genuine as they are, then I am not inclined to habor any suspicious review of their actions.

  3. The regime held a license to print/steal vast amounts of money for eight long years. There is little if any chance that they give this up. Frank has clearly stated that his goal is that Fiji First wins all the seats in parliament. His rag the Sun has taken up the cue and their polls suggest that he will do so. It will be interesting how the rest of the world will react to his overwhelming election victory. Will he obtain the legitimacy that he graves?

  4. Come on Kini be a man . You had 10 convictions and why the blame game . Do the honorable thing and resign . Ko vakalialia I CEI .

  5. Good Luck Jaggan.

    Please do not get any older politicians with shit on their backside, into your party, otherwise it will kill its existence from day one , just like the PDP.

  6. Latest news is that Professor of Kamasutra Mahendra Kumar is forming new Fiji Sex Party. Dr Mahendra Kumar is the former VC of University of Fiji in Saweni. He was relieved when he was caught having sex with a woman in the VC office. Dr Mahendra Kumar was also famous for propositioning female students at USP. He used to stalk my fellow Samoan student. Fiji Sex Party stands for free sex. Dr Mahendra Kumar’s father-in-law Davendra Pathik, is the party secretary. …”

  7. Jag is a con artist that said he will invest $200 million in Fiji.

    Jag is Rajend chor dury’s partner in crime.

    Jag’s party is not a good thing for the opposition to the regime as he will further split the anti FB votes.

    Hahahaa and you think you are smart Jag.

  8. Jag at least you are better than most politicians. Go for it.Hope Ajit the con Sri Lankan with Cj Patel learns from you to be at least honest.

  9. Ask Jag about the bullshit investment proposal he took to Governemnt in 2009 as he wanted to get into the inner circles. His con investment proposal did not work and he became a frustrated person and that’s why he began his campaign.

    He is RPC’s partner in crime.

    I will reveal more soon.

  10. Convicted pedophile, Maika Bolatiki, Fiji Sun political editor and Military dictator Bainimarama’s chief propagandist, interesting to read his failed appeal. Will this be front page news and will we see Frank’s Gobbles stepping down from his ivory tower? Nah, this is Fiji man, the gangsters’ paradise, where those who commit treason and murder like the brothers in arms Frank and Kean don’t get to serve their time in prison but are instead awarded bountifully both financially and via self promotions. I’m sure though we haven’t heard the last word on the Maraiwai-Bolatiki front, or will we be extending it to become the Maraiwai-Bolatiki-VodoTuberi fiery triangle, what is it with former school teachers & custodians of young people that keeps coming back to haunt them?

    Yet another new political party……., by all means exercise your right to stand for election but the reality is it will further divide the vote against the military dictatorship. It’s a wasted vote especially when transferable vote is not allowed under the Khaiyum-Bainimarama electoral system. Oppositional parties should regroup and restrategize on a common platform under an effective coalition post September elections to master the maze of the Khaiyum electoral system & associated disabling political parties decrees to enhance the opportunity of an alternative government at the next one.

    The tragedy that is Fiji today though is graphically illustrated by the YouTube video above of the major divide or chasm between those who have stolen to fatten them sheep like the Bainimarama clan birthday celebration of free flowing wine, food and kava, and the 50% of our people who continue to live in poverty and squalor as depicted in the empty eyes of the impoverished toddler of one the many squatter settlements that litter our great city, Suva. This is the great tragedy of our time for allowing the gap between the rich and the poor to happen and via our continuing inaction entrench this gaping divide.

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