Former MP to contest

Felix Chaudhary
Monday, May 19, 2014

FORMER parliamentarian Vyas Deo Sharma believes he has a lot more to offer the country prompting his decision to stand as a Fiji Labour Party candidate in the September polls.

The 50-year-old potential candidate said he had put his hand up in response to calls from the party leadership to take up the challenge at the election.

“The party needs me and if the party needs me then I have to answer to the call of the party and the country and put their needs, interest and welfare above my own personal one,” he said.

“When I was a member of the House of Representatives in 2001, I did a lot for the party and the people that the FLP represented and I am ready to do it again if I get elected.”

Mr Sharma said the FLP was working on a manifesto that would cover all the basic needs and desires of the people of Fiji.

“It is a document that will take this country forward.

“When the party was formed in 1995 and subsequently formed government in 2001, we had big plans for Fiji and were working in establishing a lot of schemes that the current administration has done and is doing but we were not given the opportunity to do so.

“We have learnt a lot of lessons since 2001 and the 2006 takeover and if the FLP is given an opportunity this year then we will continue the work we had set out to do many years ago.”

In the 2001 election, Mr Sharma won the Vuda Indian Communal seat, taking almost 80 per cent of the vote from the incumbent, Vinod Chandra Deo Maharaj, who had previously won on the FLP ticket in 1999 but had subsequently defected to the New Labour Unity Party.


8 thoughts on “


    I humbly request all political parties to please have in place a policy on a fair system of Taxi Base permits in prime locations within urban areas.

    In the Suva Bus Station and MHCC and other prime locations more than 95% of taxis that are based in there belongs to Indians.

    I have nothing against Indians. I believe they are hard working and should be treated with all the respect.

    But can the Councils please ensure that taxi base permits are also given to a good number of iTaukeis. Otherwise iTaukeis to a great degree will still feel victimized by the system where the economic power is not shared fairly.

    Also can JOURNALISTS please do some investigative journalism in this area and get stats from Councils and LTA so would be decision makers can come up with very good policies and justifications of these policies.


  2. Vyas Deo Sharma is not an independent thinker. He is mahen chaudhry ke wafadar kutta (loyal dog). He is totally dominated by mahen. A chaudhry ‘yes man’. Vyas has no dignity. He is mahen’s bajaru (bitch).

  3. MPC has come to the realisation that he cannot stand in the election. His backup plan was to get someone into the position that he could control. The next best thing.

    People must understand that FLP is MPC. Enough is enough. I used to vote FLP now I realise they are just as corrupt and dangerous as Fiji First.

    No to FLP and FF. Vote for anyone else. Look for candidates that you know and trust. If you can’t find one, vote for…..none of the above.

  4. Chaudhary ke perlar

    Vyas Deo Sharma is chaudhary’s yes papa guy. He is chaudhary ke perlar.

    He stands no chance along with any flp candidates in this election

  5. Vyas Deo Sharma has been sucking up mahen all these years in the hope of getting a ticket to contest the election. He even used to mow chaudhry’s lawn. this what indians call taulo. finally his blind loyalty has been rewarded by his papa chaudhry. This shows that people who masipolo mahen get rewarded.

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