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SODELPA to reinstate GCC


May 22, 2014 11:27:57 AM

The Social Democratic Liberal Party will reinstate the Great Council of Chiefs when they come into power says party leader Ro Teimumu Vuikaba Kepa.

Speaking to FijiLive, Ro Teimumu said the GCC was the pinnacle of Fiji Institutions and it had its special provisions in the 1997 constitution.

“We recognise the importance of the GCC in the life of indigenous Fijians because it has Fijians traditional structure right down to urban or rural people,” Ro Teimumu said.

Ro Teimumu said the GCC was not only recognised in the country but also by various overseas mission up until it was abolished by the current government.

“This is now missing in the 2013 constitution which was made up by only two people- Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum,” she claims.

Ro Teimumu confirmed that SODELPA would also contest the validity of the 1997 Constitution when they come into power where the High Court would determine this.

“This is mainly because it’s important to 58 per cent of Fiji’s population who are indigenous Fijians.

“It is very important to us that this institution is constitutionally reinstated,” Ro Teimumu said.

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari


25 thoughts on “SODELPA to reinstate GCC

  1. I am indo-Fijian and I support SODELPA. One of their candidates is the only representative from a party who has spoken to me. They have indo-Fijians in their leadership ranks now. We are closer to unity now more than ever, thanks to the PM and the AG. They have clearly proven to us just how bad things can get.

    If the 1997 Constitution (which by law is still the constitution of Fiji) is restored,,, Naboro awaits.

    SODELPA are very brave. I understand they have key military personnel supporting them. Frank must be very nervous. Shameem has run. I hope Mr Gates has his tickets to Sri Lanka booked. Everyday now he is on borrowed time. The AG and the Supervisor of Elections can go about their business. They are too stupid to read the writing on the wall.

  2. I agree that a GCC or a new and similar council needs to be established for the iTaukei.Perhaps no one is against that as majority of all races will agree to this.There’s a real need to promote good iTaukei traditions, culture and values.

    However the powers for the GCC to nominate the President is where disagreements will creep in. Maybe to some degree some other functions of the GCC is where some disagreements may also come in. So this needs to be examined properly.

    Fiji needs to address this amicably and sincerely and not just bring back the GCC as the madam lady has mentioned. Because the previous GCC was politically powerful and some were using their influence to further divide Fiji.

    Maybe this new /reformed Council should administratively come under the Minister of iTaukei Affairs.

  3. @ Fijian Citizen

    Good ides. That makes a lot of sense. They must remain apolitical. They must have a cultural voice, not for division but to safeguard their history. The PM and AG have never understood this. They seem to hate everyone.

    Their days of destruction are coming to an end. There will be dancing in the streets.

  4. @ United

    Judging from how things are moving now it seems the PM & AG will look at setting up one under some kind of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Act and not the Constitution.

    What I don’t really know well is how and why and who set up the GCC. Maybe some experts will help us in understanding this.

    Please experts your intelligent comments please as we all value iTaukei traditions and culture. We need to examine this important body but also ensure this body will not be the cause of our division.

    I believe God will provide some good experts to speak and help on this matter.

  5. An article in this blogsite said that Ratu Joni mentioned:

    “I also think the Prime Minister will move gradually towards the centre and acknowledge iTaukei concerns as the elections draw closer,”

    Perhaps the PM was waiting for the right time then set up an appropriate Council for our iTaukei Chiefs under the appropriate legal instruments.

  6. @ Outsider
    The PM is an opportunist. The current Constitution was settled by (the unscrupulous) Chief Justice Gates and former High Court judge Nazhat Shameem (now heading to the UN as a “gift”)

    The Constitution is deeply flawed. Gates is the major beneficiary. The PM is trying to prevent being imprisoned for his role in previous coups let alone his current string of crimes. He was not waiting for the right time. He is simply desperate. He is starting to appreciate that those that pay him lip service may not vote for him.

    The PM is now very concerned. If there is a change in his position as Ratu Joni mentioned, it is borne of fear. He certainly has no concerns for iTaukei interests and culture. His position as a half-caste saw him ostracised by Indo-Fijians and iTaukei alike. He is a very vindictive individual trying to stay out of prison.

  7. @ Outsider

    The PM was not waiting for the “right time” as such. He is running scared. The current (unlawful) Constitution was drafted and settled by Gates (the unscrupulous Chief Justice) and Nazhat Shameem (who has been rewarded by way of a lucrative posting in Geneva).

    The PM has tried to dismantle all power bases in Fiji to save himself from prison for his part in previous coups (let alone his more recent string of treasonous crimes).

    He is a dangerous and vindictive man with no regard for iTaukei or Hindi culture. His primary aim is self preservation. His position will change in a flash to achieve this aim. He originally said neither he or any of his illegal cohorts would contest any future election. He understood that if he did not prison was guaranteed. Even the very mention of the GCC or similar apolitical body being formes will cause his some sleepless nights.

    Shameem has gone. I expect Gates will not be far behind her. He is even more unscrupulous than the PM. The difference between them is that Gates has citizenship elsewhere and he is not stupid.

  8. Vinaka we want GCC to be restored. This is the cornerstone of the Fijian society.Get rid of Bai / Khayium. Khayium is playing politics to divide the i taukei.

  9. Thanks SODELPA. Finally we hear something positive. Keep going Ro Teimumu, we will support you.

  10. You will be challenging the Army if you do that.Take a look at section 131 para 2 of the constitution and you will fear to take us back to another coup.Ro Teimumu got to watch out and tread carefully

  11. GCC and Sainana rodrodro are 2 big no no for the people and sodelpa is falling in a hole.

    By being on the extreme left, sodelpa will also hurt votes for FLP and NFP.

    Go fiji first.

  12. NO NO TO GCC. This bitch of a leader of SODELPA will bring back the old lease sharing formula.and take away money from the ordinary landowners who are finding is hard to survive.

    The GCC are the root cause of all coups in Fiji.

    Highly corrupt members of the GCC are a curse to Fiji and fijians.

  13. Anon its an offense under the crimes decree if you are pushing up allegations against anyone without evidence.If Khaiyum has anything to answer too , than why don’t you come up with evidence for authority to investigate and if found guilty will surely be taken to task

  14. GCC should be abolished but a new Council for our iTaukei chiefs needs to be set up. The roles and purpose of this new Council should suit the present days we live in.

  15. The election will also be a referendum on Bai, Kaiyum, Gate and Shameem & Co’s illegal constitution!! Geneva posting for Shameem will not help her escape what is coming up. Fiji citizens will show these criminals what they are good for……….justice awaits.

  16. So a chief would like the old power of the GCC back. The chiefs are a relic of the past and should stay there. Chiefs now day’s are more concerned with what 4 wheel drive to be seen in and which private school in New Zealand to send their children to.
    The reality is give a Fijian a bible and a microphone, and he will have more sway than a chief.

  17. Friends, I thank you for your comments and perspectives. Let me please ask you these questions:

    1. How does a person become a chief in the Fijian tradition and legitimate sense/
    2. How does it mean to be chief in this time of social and political changes?
    3. If chiefdom comes through birthright, can I have a say in becoming a rightful and legitimate chief?
    4. If I am a rightful chief by birth, how can I reconcile my origins and tradition with the challenges and threats of modern day Fiji and the world?

    People have talked about the GCC. Sometime ago, that was a taboo subject to the majority of people in Fiji. You see, unlike the impostor Voreqe and his bunch of criminal usurpers, chiefs had a legitimate authority and role in Fiji. To discard chiefs is to completely discard and reject the history of Fiji.

    In short, my humble plea is if you wish to speak about the GCC and the Fijian society, please take the time and make the effort to understand Fijian history and the Fijain tradition and culture. It will help you make sense of our present and our future. It will also help yo to understand so much of current events in Fiji and what Ro Teimumu and the Tui Cakau stand for. Vinaka

  18. So the current regime are using their blockheads from Delainabua to try and discredit any postings that they see as against the current regime. You can tell from their one line half cooked sentences that would appear one after the other as above. Rightful thinking sentences should be aware of these and not be swayed by their stupid postings.

  19. Tomasi the GCC was not an iTaukei institution but one created by the colonial masters for their purpose. You still want to be brain-washed? You’re really ignorant.

  20. Tomasi, vinaka for that insight on the Chiefs, and, yes the Chiefs are an important aspect of Fijian society, but so is justice, equality, and democracy. What most urban and western educated Fijians come to understand is that with power comes transparency, fairness, and the ability to vote out or have a say if someone is a complete “dud”. The idea of ‘birthright” is an antiquated and colonial idea that belongs in Buckingham Palace.
    Modern Fiji is land rights, sustainability, environment, and sustainable tourism ( which the chiefs could play are far more productive role!)

  21. Vinaka Tavarua. Having our chiefs does not necessarily mean we must let them dictate to us as they used to have in our past. We can still have our chiefs with our freedom and autonomy. There is this myth believed by so many that traditional Fijian culture is absolutely incompatible with freedom and democracy. Well, let me explode that lie once and for all.

    You see, tradition is in essence about structure, systems and strategies, associated with principles and practices based on values, beliefs and attitudes commonly shared by a community. Traditional Fijian societies were based on families and closely related people with a common heritage. The chief was the head of this community, an undisputed leader in times of peace and war and has proved his mettle throughout the changing fortunes of time. Leadership succession was through birthright because it was still a family based community and organisation.

    Changes have occurred and new forces and actors and factors have affected this traditional unit. We have evolved our Fijian society, but have not done so successfully for reasons that not entirely our fault. The sudden and significant influx of foreigners to our land has singlehandedly affected our traditional Fijian culture (way of life). We have been forced to adapt in many directions and at paces of change. Add to this mix the new laws that were imposed on us, and the political and economic .systems that we did not understand nor were consulted on. We became slaves to a new system, new government, and effectively rendered as slaves and servants to foreign masters in our own land.

    During this period of great social, economic and political change in Fiji, our chiefs (leaders) remained true to their calling, being the pivot and guardian of our way of life and custodian of our culture and belief system which has kept us as a people, unique and special, over hundreds of years.

    Then one day, an idiot and coward and a murderer comes along and tells us our chiefs should just go and drink homebrew under the mango tree. I can understand that statement because I know the idiot who said it. What he said speaks more sense about his nonsense of a brain and moral fibre, rather than the sacred subject f Fijian leadership and historical culture and tradition. Voreqe’s stupidity is made worse by the egomaniac of a dumb Aiyaz and a faggot of a judge called Gates who conspires with a witch called Nazhat.

    But do not worry Cidroi (Taukei). regardless of the propaganda and lies and decrees, most us Fijians understand who we are and the scared roles of our chiefs in the past and the progressive and modern roles they can still play in our changing Fijian society. You and your man Voreqe, being school dropouts and societal misfits are nothing more than historical dots in Fiji’s long equation of history and progress. make no mistake, while you and your so called reforms will fizzle out into oblivion, our chiefs, our society and our Fijian people will evolve, and adapt and become more successful than the greatest pessimists would have us believe. Study this and take note, Aiyaz, gates, Nazhat and all you soothsayers, Your time is almost up. We will restore our freedoms and our rights. we will restore peace and unity to our whole nation. We will ensure that this last 7 plus years will be just a lesson in what we must not do and work together to make Fiji a nation of great promise, where all ethnic communities will be recognised and allowed to thrive just as God had planned for all peoples and nations.

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