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Peoples Democratic Party…. FTUC and Politics

Thursday May 22, 2014

Recently we have noted that two media outlets have taken it upon themselves either on instructions from powers that be or on behalf of other political interests in questioning FTUC on its political position.
It is very well known by all that this Government has imposed strict restrictions on Unions, Unionists and Employees of Unions depriving them of their political rights. There is absolutely no justification that would stand up to scrutiny in any democratic society that justifies such restrictions and denial of fundamental rights.
These media organizations need to question government on why Unions are being singled out and victimized, instead they act in concert in trying to bait FTUC into admitting political affiliation so that the officers can be prosecuted under the draconian decrees. That appears to be the primary goal of these media outlets.
Additionally, the aim is to propagate to workers that the People’s Democratic Party is not one for workers. The repeated media reports on FTUC not supporting any political party is clear evidence of this.Let me make this clear.
The PDP was formed by FTUC in response to the denial of workers’ rights in Fiji and the denial of fundamental Human Rights by this Government. The PDP was formed to reclaim these rights.The Workers and people of Fiji have had enough of the dictatorial rule that wehave experienced in the last seven years.
The media who unashamedly propagate and promote such denial of rights for their selfish commercial interests and for Government’s favor. I have in the circumstances, committed myself to continue the fight for human and trade union rights from outside the Trade Union Movement.

No decree can take these values and principles out of us or the workers and citizens of Fiji. Our struggle will continue irrespective of any decree or media sympathy for these atrocities.The PDP was formed by FTUC and no one can rewrite history. The decrees came in response to the FTUC decision.

We remind these media outlets that it is alsotheir responsibility to make any government accountable for denial of rights andnot just act as an agent for government to gain favor. It is plain shameful that these two media outlets demonstrate absolute greed for profits at any cost.

Felix AnthonyPDP Party Leader

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