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Should the Fiji Sun be sanctioned?

May 20, 2014

With all the criticism flying at her Jiko Luveni has accused the Fiji Sun of distorting her statements about rape. She’s crying that she’s never blamed rape victims for inviting rapists to attack. It was only the Fiji Sun that made it look like she did. So is she going to make a complaint to the Media Industry Development Authority? Will Ashwin Raj bring down the full weight of all his powers on the Fiji Sun? If Ashwin Raj is anything other than a puppet of the regime he’ll take action but then we all know that he is a puppet, just like the Fiji Sun.


5 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. This woman is clearly unfit for public life. The more she goes on the deeper the whole she digs. Apologise and apologise again. Articulate what you meant to say and leave it.

    Instead she is looking for someone to blame for her own stupidity. Do we need another politician who is not prepared to humble themselves? With this person it appears it will always be someone else’s fault.

    Good Night Dr Levuni. Your lack of humility and your blaming of others means your game is over before it started, We would have forgiven your stupidcomments. We know you meant no real harm, but NOW blaming others, well that shows you will never be accountable for your own actions.

  2. @ Hyde

    I think it’s a small issue as there was a misunderstanding. Only a true Fijian will understand what I mean.

    I don’t think she is apologizing for having done any wrong. She was interviewed again by the press and she merely said the same thing. And brushing it aside as it was a misinformation and a non-issue to her.

  3. It is a relatively small issue. Blaming the SUN is scapegoating. That is not so small.

    A capable and intelligent person would have apologised. Then clarified what they meant. To blame the media shows she is arrogant and defensive. A prefect candidate for Fiji First I suppose.

  4. The media is indeed to blame for everything. They staged four coups in Fiji, tortured opponents, trampled human rights and stole eye popping amounts of money from the taxpayers. We should get rid of them altogether, even the once we control are our of control!

  5. @ Hyde

    That is you own personal view. But I don’t agree with it. I think she is not arrogant and defensive but rather treated the media hype the way any good politician would have done when their words are misconstrued.

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