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Aiyas Sayed Khaiyum broke his own PER and should be hauled before the courts:

(1) AS revealed by Fijileaks, Aiyas Sayed Khaiyum, the post-coup Attorney-General and Minister for Elections secretly registered the proposed Fiji First Party domain name and g-mail account on 11 November 2009, and updated it on 21 January 2014 before announcing that Fiji will go to the polls this coming September. We also pointed that that when Khaiyum registered the party domain name and e-mail account, Fiji was under his State of Public Emergency Regulations and no political activities of any kind or manner was allowed to any law-abiding citizens of Fiji. He, therefore, broke his own PER and should be hauled before the courts: http://www.fijileaks.com/home/fiji-first-party-and-the-search-for-the-da-vinci-code-p-o-box-555-leads-to-attorney-general-minister-for-elections-aiyaz-khaiyums-aunty-c-bdo-zarin-ali-level-8-dominion-house-gpo-box-555-suva-fiji-islands

(2) Worst, he (along with Frank Bainimarama and others) stole the name Fiji First Party from the original owners, mostly Indo-Fijian victims of George Speight’s failed 2000 coup. Both, Khaiyum and Bainimarama, were aware of the existence of the party and the name Fiji First Party for Bainimarama chaired the meeting of the political party leaders on 9th April 2009 at the Police Academy, Nasova. Other participants included Khaiyum and representatives of the original Fiji First Party- Anit Singh and Beni Sami. We were able to confirm our claim by publishing extracts from Minutes of the 9th April 2009 Political Party Leaders Meeting at Nasova, chaired by Bainimarama. The original Fiji First Party was also gazetted in Fiji Government Gazette on Friday, 12th December 2008: http://www.fijileaks.com/home/gazette-proof-aiyaz-khaiyum-and-frank-bainimarama-stole-the-party-name-fiji-first-party-from-anit-singh-and-others

(3) We also published a copy of the letter that was sent to the original Fiji First Party on 16th March 2009 to attend the Navosa meeting. The letter was sent from the ‘Office of the Prime Minister’ and addressed to Fiji 1st Party. Fiji First Party would NOT have been invited unless the PM’s Office got a confirmation  of Fiji First’s registration from the Supervisor of Election’s Office. That was the criteria established for Fiji First Party’s participation in the  PPDF. Now can the Office of the Prime Minister deny either receiving the confirmation of Fiji First Party’s registration from the SOE’s office  and/or the invite to Fiji 1st Party from the PM’s office- say on or about the 16th March 2009?: http://www.fijileaks.com/home/fiji-first-party-as-bainimarama-claims-18-more-chiefs-endorse-his-proposed-fiji-first-theft-party-new-evidence-reveal-hekhaiyum-stole-original-name-from-the-indo-fijian-victims-of-speights-2000-failed-coup

ASTONISHINGLY, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama have now applied for registration of their party under the very NAME  Fiji First Party – that they illegally stole from its original owners – the Fiji First Party! And over 40,000 Fijians have become party to fraud and misrepresentation by affixing their signatures!


39 thoughts on “Aiyas Sayed Khaiyum broke his own PER and should be hauled before the courts:

  1. I hope to high heaven that other parties and individuals object to its registration on the basis of how the current interim illegal government assumed power. And this must be stated and restated. There is no short term or long term stability in fiji due to the actions of those in illegal power.

  2. We want to hear something new like policies of the various parties. Can Firkin talk about this? We tired of this old topic as it will not help us in our decision when we vote.

  3. The Honourable Khaiyum has indeed shown long range foresight when he registered domain names and e-mail accounts. As the ruling dictator he is per definition above the law which only applies to his opponents. And his opponents should better be careful: Dictators do not suffer criticism lightly. Everybody should be aware that with full control over RFMF, police and the judiciary he has quite an awesome armoury which he will use to squash anybody and anything in his way. He wants your land and he will get it. You have two options: You give it to him voluntarily by voting for his party or he will take it from you anyway using the weapons in his armoury.

  4. Taukei.

    You are asking Firkin to stop posting idiotic articles and to discuss topics that are pertinent to the people’s needs?

    Unfortunately Firkin is really Perkin.

    His daddy claims was always jerkin his gherkin.

    His Mother said Perkin.

    Cease jerkin your gherkin.

    Your gherkin for Firkin not jerkin.

  5. Just waiting to see what is happening to mr mick complain against bainimarama? When will the new commissioner of police charge khaiyum and bainimarama for breaching their own decree?

  6. The new Polcom seeks a pleasant place where to retire with a handsome salary. Please don’t fool yourself!

  7. Is this a COPY & PASTE blog site? There’s no original article or good analysis by Firkin. Very strange. Firkin only gives an anti-govt 1 sentence then hide away. Why he not analyzing statements and helping readers understand issues better?

    This should be his job as he’s a journalist? All in media should have this duty. But Firkin seems to be just (as Ratu Sai says) “jerking off” and scooting away. The other Ratu Sai (who has a nude male picture) seems to love his “jerking off”.

    @ Other Ratu Sai – why you have nude male picture and always talk about FB’s ass? Are you gay? If so, it’s ok, it’s your right; but do you really need to show us all you like being naked and gay?

  8. Lami

    No worries mate you are entitled to your opinion.

    I am talking about Papa Pig and the Arse: two different people (guess who) and not FB’s ass.

    The picture just makes my day: a hilarious depiction of the mighty dictator.

  9. Why you all complaining about Khayium. I suggest you i taukei get your house in order.
    The i taukei’s have always got a scapegoat.Now it is Khayium. My vote is for Khayium.

  10. If Khaiyum and his lackey Bainimarama can wholeheartedly and actively participate in the most vile of crimes ie high treason against the State, then all other crimes really pale in comparison and nothing they do should surprise us any further.

  11. @ Taukei

    You want to read an interesting issue. Here’s one:


    Fiji First cares for the poor of this nation. No other political party have offered such good initiatives for the poor.

    Perhaps they will now copy Fiji First and mention it in their Manifesto. Just like the free education idea that this Govt had offered.

    SODELPA got no vision. NFP offers no new and good initiatives. PDP just copy everything Fiji First had proposed. FLP – well FLP still in limbo with their leader.

    Fiji First is the only party that can safely take all of us Fijians through to the future. Hope this issue will help you come voting day. Remember vote for Fiji First for a secure, inclusive and better Fiji

    A Fiji for all.

  12. Sorry, I left some things out in my last post and made a typo or two.

    Remember vote for Fiji First for a secure (Khaiyum’s financial security), inclusive ( a public service that incudes all of Khaiyum’s relatives) and a BITTER Fiji.

  13. @ Ratu She

    I know it’s you messing with my name.

    You idiot.

    Use your own name.

  14. From: Fiji Democracy Now Blog

    Is currency crunch time coming?
    May 20, 2014

    In 2008 the current account deficit blew out from $1.7 billion to $2.1 billion. The situation recovered only after we’d all been forced to swallow the harsh medicine of devaluation in 2009. Now the current account deficit has blown out to over $3.1 billion. In 2013 we exported a miserable 113,000 tonnes of sugar, worth a miserable $142 million. In 2006 we exported 250,000 tonnes which was worth 215 pre-devaluation dollars, which were worth 20% more. Meanwhile Bainimarama is pumping out borrowed dollars to boost spending so that we can all think we’re doing well under his strong handed government. If he succeeds in pumping up everybody’s spending he may well succeed in moving forward a currency crunch like we had in 2009. And as happened in 2009, the poor will be crushed when the cost of basics – kerosene, vegetable oil and flour – go up.

  15. If the people of Fiji votes for these Regime thugs then I say that they have not learnt anything from the seven years of their utter disgraceful rule which will result with the people deserving to suffer the economic hell-hole that is definitely going to spiral into a star trek black hole . I personally can afford to go into hibernation whilst most of these occurrences evolve and my guess is when i finally wake up, Fiji would be a possible wasteland.

  16. Aiyas Sayed Khaiyum broke his own PER and should be hauled before the courts….Who wrote this nonsense? Khaiyum owns the courts, the prosecutor, the judges and everything else that has to do with the judiciary. Are you suggesting that we have an independent judiciary in Fiji???

  17. Ratu She idiot.

    Here marinate on these facts from ADB (the experts in this field) :


    Some important things to note from this ADB article:

    – Economic growth picked up in 2013, stimulated by an expansion of government expenditure to rehabilitate and upgrade the country’s road network, and by increased domestic investment and consumption. Business confidence continues to strengthen as clear progress is made toward elections scheduled for September 2014.

    – The latest official estimate is that Fiji posted 3.6% growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013

    – Projects to rehabilitate and upgrade the country’s road network drove an increase of more than 30% in capital expenditure during the year. Buoyant construction drove domestic cement sales up by 20% in 2013 and imports of investment goods up by 27% from January to November 2013.

    – Growth is projected to moderate to 2.8% in 2014

    – Growth is projected to accelerate to 3.0% in 2015 with development partner financing in the post-election period, continued improvement in investor confidence, and rising private sector activity stemming from greater policy certainty.

    IN SHORT Fiji is growing.

  18. Khaiyum is a law unto himself. The worst thing is that Gates is his chief advisor.

    With judges like Madigan and Calachini, anything goes.

    I am waiting to see if Khaiyum or Shameem become the next Chief Justice. The elections (with this Khaiyum/Gates/Shameem constitution) will not impact on the current judiciary.

    If the people of Fiji want Bai and Khai to go to Naboro, they will have to put Gates their first. I am sure there would be a number of judicial officers from democratic countries who would assist Fiji in hearing the case against Gates, to ensure he had a fair trial. His assistance in this unlawful coup must be accounted for.

  19. Dr Luveni had a point: we seem to enjoy being raped and plundered. When the shaft went in deep in 2006 we screamed for more. When every promise the dicktaker made was broken, we said well done, Honourable PM. When Khaiyum started to steal our land, we said we actually don’t need it, please take more. When our freedom was trampled on and our human rights were violated we said only a few were actually killed and tortured. When the media was muzzled we believed what Sharon and Croz told us. When every senior post in the government was filled by a RFMF goon, we said these are wonderful, competent people. When the elections were stolen by Khaiyum we kissed his butt. When Aunty Nur laughed all the way to bank we offered her more. And most importantly, when Khaiyum destroyed our culture, our identity and our dignity, we screamed deeper, harder faster. We are a sorrow bunch of cowards and we got exactly what we deserve!

  20. But would you expect the government to be so much different from the people it governs?

    Fiji has and has always had the governments it deserves.

  21. LL.

    I do agree with your last paragraph in that you all are sorrowful abject cowards and the reality Frank knows that.

  22. Papa Pig is the biggest coward of all: who can forget his infamous sprint down the cassava patch, soiling his white uniform in the process. He arrived at the Naval Base with a stinky smell screaming murder. Which he did by killing the innocent CRW soldiers who were never anywhere near the mutiny.

  23. From a sprinting shyte hole to an emperor ordained by the very people who despised him now what more does anyone need expect to please his people.

    Now tell us about your shyte experience?

  24. Go on tell us don’t be shy, we all know you have had a very sad experience with shyte recently.

  25. I suggest to i taukei to go and get your house in order and stop blaming Khayium.
    90% Indians voting for Khayium/ Bainimarma..
    70% i taukei voting for Bainimarma.
    70% others(chinese etc) voting for Bainimarma.
    So all the way FF.
    i takei on blogsite stop blame game! Get your house in order!

  26. @ anon 11:06 am

    Please explain how you were able to find out what the entire population is voting. I thought that was called an election.

    Many itaukei have their house well and truly in order. Many ass kiss to get ahead. Many indo-Fijians have their house in order. Many ass kiss to get ahead.

    You represent a truly ignorant and racist view. What else would we expect from a Fiji First voter?

  27. Fiji’s Chief Justice Anthony Gates triggers expulsions
    • by: Chris Merritt, Legal affairs editor
    • From: The Australian
    • November 05, 2009 12:00AM
    THE breach in relations with Fiji has been triggered by one extraordinary man, Chief Justice Anthony Gates, an Australian citizen who appears to believe the role of a judge includes providing briefings for dictators.

    At this time Gares accused the Australian and NZ governments of trying to intervene in another nation’s sovereign affairs. Let us hope and pray that these same governments will not intervene when Gates in extradited from Sri Lanka to Fiji, to face the courts (once the rule of law is returned).


    Well said. How can these two criminals, who disobey their OWN LAWS, expect anyone to follow the same?

    Their immunity will be revoked, they will be charged and all those who aided and abetted their treason, theft, assaults and murders will be held to account.

    The Rear Admirer, Frank Bainimarama, will face the music. I wonder if the RS Goat Herder and his Naboro Princess will take the time to visit him in prison? My guess is that they will just be another couple of Judas’s.

  29. @RL

    The illegal regime has surrounded themselves with Judas like people. When the power and the money stops the knives will come out.

    The ass kissers will sell their superiors in exchange for freedom. It is very hard to trust anyone in Fiji.

  30. Crystall Balls
    Do not get upset. This is a fact on the ground but it is not too late.I suggest that you and all i taukei get together and find strategy to defeat Khayium/ Bainimarma which seems impossible for i taukei to stop and handle. Do not not be in the blame game.For this reason get your house in order. Go to your community if you can and talk facts and see if you can convince the common man in the city, town and village. No one is a racist but the fact has to be accepted.Everyone is going to vote.
    For this reason get together if you can and stop Khayium/ Bainimarama.My vote is for Khayium.

  31. There you go again with your racist views. Why assume it is the itaukei who have to act?

    This is a dictatorship that holds control over the RFMF. There is no strategy available at the moment. If we get a military leader who has decency and intelligence, they will arrest your friend Khaiyum and install an interim government, preferably with overseas assistance (regional. not China).

    The added difficulty is the gullible, uneducated people of Fiji. There can be no possible reason to support Khaiyum unless you are on his payroll.

  32. Lynda – hullo this is politics Fiji not a lecture at usp or some hibiscus contest ,,,,,,,people who don’t understand what drives local politics must never set up a party ,,,,,,,,,

    PDP faces problem in selection of candidates
    Publish date/time: 22/05/2014 [12:11]

    Print this page
    Email this page
    The People’s Democratic Party said they are facing some problems in selecting their candidates for the September 17th general elections.

    People’s Democratic Party President Lynda Tabuya said the party has done its second round of advertising but they have not received many applications.

    Tabuya also said the party will need around 150 to 200 thousand dollars to campaign for the elections.

    According to Tabuya, at least 200 to 250 thousand dollars would enable any party to have a good campaign.

    She added they are relying on membership dues and other donations.

  33. With the current regime’s highly flawed electoral system crafted for the 2014 elections how can we be assured that the results will be generally satisfactory. Vote rigging aside the other main point of grave concern and contention is when the votes concentrate their volumes and therefore electoral percentage on only a few candidates lets assume under 20. How will the other members be selected given that they don’t meet the criteria of being elected under this system? Have these buffoons ever made any scenario trials on their off the cuff from the wild electoral system. Else there may be devious minds at work behind a very cunning plan. It seems they are just keen on pushing something that’s already pre-planned and designed to deliver a result that is assured to give them victory.

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