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Ex RNZI…….. $200,000 for 40,000 names.

Sodelpa says Fiji regime incurs bumper bill for taxpayer

Updated 5 minutes ago

Fiji’s Sodelpa Party says it is a big concern that Fiji taxpayers will bear the cost of Monday’s bumper edition of the Fiji Sun.

The five hundred plus page paper contained the names, addresses and signatures of more than 40 thousand supporters of the regime-backed Fiji First Party which is applying for registration.

The rules require parties to have at least five thousand signed up members, and a member list is among the party details which need to be published in the media.

Sodelpa’s General Secretary, Pio Tabaiwalu, says when his party registered it pared down its list of supporters in order to keep publication costs down for the government.

“Why go overboard? It’s really going to cost taxpayers in the vicinity of over $200,000 to pay for the advertisement in the daily and that is of real concern to us. And paid to a newspaper that in fact is a propaganda mouthpiece of this regime and that’s another issue.”

Pio Tabaiwalu of Sodelpa.


17 thoughts on “Ex RNZI…….. $200,000 for 40,000 names.

  1. Pio need not worry his little kutu head about the cost of registration for Fiji First, her ought to be more concerned about his soli-sona party on how they are going to achieve their goal.

    The Indian Mafia of Fiji is picking up the tab for Fiji First.

    Frank is the best thing to happen to Fiji in a very long time.

  2. Its common sense to keep the list of supporters to the required minimum to manage cost. A costly side show indeed if it is paid by public fund.

  3. This fala [bainimarama] said no one will benefit from the 2006 coup and he also said current members of his illegal regime will not be allowed to contest the election. how about your bainimarama? how can one trust you? are you a man of word? if so than what is fiji first party and its leader [bainimarama]? are you the same person in dual role or a tevoro!

  4. The picture of bainimarama used by ratu sai portrays exactly whats going to happen to bainimarama after the september election.

  5. Come on sodomy party , their are more pressing issues to delve upon than this . Your claim is baseless . Dou cakava mada so na ka yaga Mai na veivakacacana . Aren’t you ashamed .this week This party was cited for dishing propaganda in the Cakaudrove , macuata district . How low can they go . They haven’t even come up with any constructive idea on how to build a better Fiji .
    Mr Bijay the proposed Vice President of Fiji first did a honorable thing by resigning due to his past conviction . SODELPA has those who stole from min of works , stole from West ex servicemens coffer , drunk driving and defilement case , disgrunted ex military officers and many others with serious offences in their proposed line up but no one will gain anything from belittling them . Sa rawa rawa ga me ra na veivakacacana – which simply means that they have nothing , NOTHING to offer . Like vultures , jumping at any given opportunity but their beak has been chipped off . Can only thrive on waste . Sa rauta mada . Sa yadra na Tamata ka ra kila tu ko Ira na baci sagai Ira yani me ra laki vaka qara Bula . Keimami sa yadra .

  6. Taukei fuck your father u sob. go and look for banana leaf to hide your ass and not too far away are the days when you will starting eating shoes n drinking rubber soup. Taukei vutusona don’t use english alphabets to express your shitty views mf first create your own alphabets than come on board for debate.

  7. Fiji Foist does not care how much money they waste.

    They stole the money anyway.

    They have no accountability, no transparency and do not even follow their own law and rules.

    But what can anyone expect from a party led by a criminal traitor, liar, murderer and torturer? No one can be surprised by this.

  8. This whinging by SODELPA is laughable. We have managed to divert millions and millions from the government coffers into the Honorable Khaiyum’s pockets, not to mention the facilitation fees that we have collected for all major contracts in Fiji. And what do this pathetic SODELPA losers cry about? A couple of thousand dollars paid to the Fiji First newspaper. Come on get real guys.

  9. Radio Androgynous.

    “They stole the money anyway”

    “But what can anyone expect from a party led by a criminal traitor, liar, murderer and torturer?”

    Cuke you are a classic example of a waste of education more so a waste of space.

    I have asked you on numerous occasions to produce evidence to your infantile accusations and so far all we’ve got from you is a fly in the jar syndrome.

    Kookie haven’t you realise yet Frank is on the final leg to victory while you and your ilk still busy yanking your chain.

  10. Anwar Khan , if u want your ass fucked than your farther can do it for you . If you can’t take than take a coconut and ram it up your bloated ass .

  11. Grandstanding or strutting around like a peacock with senseless verbose seem to be the favorite past time of some egomaniacs.

  12. Oilei SODELPA! Have nothing better to talk about?

    WE THE PEOPLE wish to know what you can offer Fiji and its future.

    Stop wasting everyone’s time and talk about some of your proposed policies.

    Tell us why your policies are better than what the current Govt. are offering.

    If you don’t have anything new then just say so! If you agree with the current policies then just admit it and thank the current Govt for their initiative and intelligence.

  13. Taukei mark my word u vutusona first go and clean your dirty ass before muslims start ramming fijian ass.fuck the taukei u kawaca

  14. Pio is lying. Why did solepa have more around 7000 signatures. If he puts his money where his mouth is, he would have just 5001 signatures.

    Pio is full of bullshit.

    Someone said that he is having affair with sainana rodrodro.

  15. Aiyas Sayed Khaiyum, the post-coup Attorney-General and Minister for Elections secretly registered the proposed Fiji First Party domain name and g-mail account on 11 November 2009, and updated it on 21 January 2014 before announcing that Fiji will go to the polls this coming September. We also pointed that that when Khaiyum registered the party domain name and e-mail account, Fiji was under his State of Public Emergency Regulations and no political activities of any kind or manner was allowed to any law-abiding citizens of Fiji. He, therefore, broke his own PER and should be hauled before the courts:

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