Chiefs show support

Nasik Swami And Dawn Gibson
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PROMINENT chiefs and Fijians continue to show support for the proposed Fiji First which applied to be registered earlier this month.

In a statement by the proposed party leader Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama, he said apart from the 40 odd thousand who put forward their names, there were many whose names had come in after they lodged their application.

“As required by law, the constitution of the proposed Fiji First and the names of those Fijians from all walks of life who have chosen to become original members have been published.

“There are many Fijians who continue to send in their names from all parts of Fiji, even after we had lodged the application.

“Among these Fijians are some prominent chiefs whose names could not be included because the application with the Supervisor of Elections had already been lodged.”


* Turaga Na Taukei Naua, Ratu Ponijese Lou

* Turaga Na Tui Vuda, Ratu Eparama Kitione Tavaiqia

* Turaga Tui Nawaka, Ratu Asaeli Driu Naevo

* Turaga Tui Sabeto, Ratu Tevita Susu Mataitoga

* Turaga Tui Nadi, Ratu Sailosi Ramoqe Dawai

* Turaga Tui Tavua, Ratu Salesi Baleimacuata

* Turaga Tui Navitilevu, Ratu Meli Bolobolo

* Turaga Na Tui Naviti, Ratu Kitione Vuluma

* Turaga Na Tui Vusu, Ratu Siriako N. Matabogi

* Turaga Na KaLevu, Ratu Kini Nanovo Vosalagi

* Turaga Na Tui Conua, Ratu Luke Veidovi

* Turaga Tui Davutukia, Ratu Emosi Buruavatu

* Turaga Na Vunivalu, Ratu Peni Mataitini Latianara

* Turaga Tui Nasikawa, Ratu Timoci Koilolo

* Taukei Vidilo, Ratu Wiliame Bouwalu Saumaimuri

* Turaga Na Tui Vitogo, Ratu Viliame Sovasova

* Turaga Na Tui Nalawa, Ratu Peni Niudamu

* Turaga Na Tui Lawa, Ratu Sevanaia Vatunitu Lalabalavu.


37 thoughts on “

  1. What has the emperor of Fiji achieved to warrant such a wide array of prominent chiefs to endorse him?

    Is it his compassion towards them and their people or have the chiefs finally realise Frank is God sent to lead them out of their sinful ways?

    May its the aura around Frank’s that they can not resist.

  2. L’homme fort des Fidji et ancien chef de l’armée, Voreqe Bainimarama, a annoncé, lundi 2 janvier, la levée des mesures d’urgence imposées il y a près de trois ans et qui avaient entraîné la suspension de l’appartenance de cet archipel au Commonwealth.

  3. Truly amazing! Perhaps we should all support Khaiyum’s party and publicly declare that we hand over our land rights and all our other possessions to him and Aunty Nur! Then we are over and done with it and Fiji has got what it deserves.

  4. Any vote for Fiji First is a vote for Muslim nepotism.
    Remember these names. Keep copies of the 40,000. These are the people the next generation of Fijians will have to thank for selling their nation.

    The GCC was disbanded. It looks like these ass licking chiefs are lining up for their freebies.

    Are they really that stupid or ore they just plain greedy?

  5. All these so-called chiefs are selling themselves out. They are cheap people who jump when a carrot is dangled in front of them. They should be ashamed of themselves by supporting a murderer who has taken away privileges that benefit the iTaukei. The good thing is this; they are not the ones who do the actual voting, it is the people. A chief’s vote is only a single vote and hardly matters when people whom they lord over in the villages will vote for other parties.

  6. The bunch of thieves with no bearing in the fijian protocol and self centered idiots will make you suck your own cock banimarama,mark my word. This is the most opportune time to make you fool of the highest order. I am one of them as my record speaks at volume.

  7. Didn’t he tell these d-heads to “Go drink homebrew under the mango tree”……….
    watch as these chiefs deny ,,,,,,,,,,,,,frank a user as usual

  8. Frank these chiefs are making a fool of you!! You think they’re stupid. Better you don’t declare their support like that, because they can easily say “we did not say we supported him”…he said it himself. The “homebrew” reference and the fact that you have cut their lease entitlement by spreading the lease money evenly to their subjects instead of the 15% they use to get ahead of all mataqali members is still burning in their heart and minds. Are you and your advisors are so farking stupid!!!

  9. Less than 20 chiefs signed up. Was that critical piece of information heralded by The SunK today intended to instil fear into the other parties particularly SODELPA because they’re out there opening doors traditionally before they commence campaigning?

    Come on QORVIS wake TF up. Everyone who knows, knows that leading chiefs to water does not necessarily mean their herd will spontaneously drink too.

  10. Frank is stupid …..2 months ago Tui Nawaka corrected a statement made in the Fiji Sun that he supported frank …He said” the only matter I raised was to thank the govt for the development work – I did not say anything about political support ,,,that’s up to the people!!”

  11. May be it is time for all to think about their loyalties. We offer ships full of gold to everyone who stops opposing the Honourable Khaiyum. Come over, kiss his butt, sign away your land (you are too lazy to use it anyway) convert to the Muslim faith and you will be richly rewarded. There is enough to steal for everyone!

  12. They were banished to the mango tree but called to the forefront to shore up support for the Fiji Foist Party. The hypocrisy of Papa Pig never ceases to amaze me but I guess some people are just gullible (or so he thinks).

  13. A strategic move by Fiji First…..Chiefs in the western division are landowners (sugar and tourism)….perks from these two major industries is probably part of the agreement….for years, western chiefs have received larger shares through NLTB..western chiefs have become rich and used to receiving large sums and surely will not show support unless somethings is promised. Funds surely will be channelled through other means..hoteliers, overseas trips (their families), shares in business, etc….For years people have misunderstood the Fiji Military…brilliant minds are at work there. Its not only about Bai and Kai but the existence of the military institution now and in the future. Polo’s appointment as Commander is a testament to this. Forget racial differences….we are up against an institution where you are taught to be the best at everything you do….Acting dumb and stupid are just normal means to keep people guessing. If kaiyum has other agendas, he is in for a shock because when the time is right he will be removed like everybody else if he is out of line. He has a role to play at the moment (ensure that Bai wins the election). I-Taukei and their land are safe…descendents of Girmitiya’s are safe (because chiefs made a promise to Britain that their future here is safe – that has never change). Coups of 1987, 2000 were necessary because the i-Taukei were not ready for others to lead. 2006 was also necessary because the world has caught up. Fiji now needs everybody as ‘one’. However, some faceless benefactors of these coups have taken advantage of our problems, but the military had to accomodate them to ‘mask’ their real intent of justifying its existence. Their time will come. Records are currently stored. Without the military, Fiji at the hands of faceless people is doomed…..Politics is also part of military life!…..Switch on! Who shall you vote for? Dont ask me? That is your democratic right….My thoughts, vote the Person not the party….awkward!!!!!

  14. The same chiefs were crying foul over Papa Pigs lease payment scheme but apparently the dead sugar industry is enticing them to support him instead.

  15. That some chiefs had appeared to endorse FF is truly amazing and makes me wonder what the hell is going on here. For someone who had trashed the chiefs and their status with such disdain disregard and impunity makes this the more baffling. I doubt it is an act of doublespeak by the chiefs who had shown their hands but I hope the commoners who actually hold the power in voting numbers can see through this masquerade and see the truth unlike the above chiefs who only see thing up to the tip of their noses. But then their number is nothing to be alarmed about since 18 out of hundreds don’t make a significant percentage and on paper it looks like a standoff between the chifs of the west and the others. If they look further than bai they will see a most devious and cunning creature in the background in the form of iarse who is dismantling and diluting everything Fijian and what Fijians hold dear like their original name as well as other culture traditions and special place and recognition they held in their country.

  16. @Grrr,

    Caitibumu. The only thing this sonalevu military has which they make sure no one else can get are the guns! Fiji being isolated and an island as it is, can be easily quarantined for that matter. They are just a bunch of cowardly soldiers imposing their inherent and overwhelming armed might on the people they supposed to protect. Stop justifying or trying to romanticize the supposed brilliance of this fuckanass army which is just a bunch of non-combatants, wannabe soldier boys. they are most pathetic idiots and are heartless in making the people suffer to achieve their own interests. Give 30 or so ex-British army real combatants enough arsenal and they will decimate a good part of this bunch of pufters who just practice sodomy amongst themselves during their spare time, which is all the time, in QEB. Yavu sonalelevu vatakei ira nomuni liuliu. Fiji army officers have tendency of adorning themselves with military medals, which everyone knows has not been earned in any field of combat, except for marching around threatening unarmed honest working citizens.

  17. Fiji First.

    Now the message has been widely accepted. Fiji, it’s people and interests must come first.

    Chiefs support this message and support Fiji First.

    Hooray! Fiji is moving – forward and fast!

  18. Thank you friends and fellow citizens. Please listen to what heaven has to comment about all these seemingly contradictory events. ” The heart of man is deceitful above all things. Who could know it?”

    Frank Khaiyum and cronies think they can manipulate our chiefs and our people. Remember the mango tree credo not so long ago and the consequent change in NLTB policy. . Well, think again. Two or more people can play the same game. Sa dina sara. Sa ka dau veivakaisini na loma ni tamata. O cei e kila rawa?”

    Sa dri yani.

  19. Lets face the facts: Fiji First is Khaiyum’s creation, devised with the help of a few unsavoury RFMF thugs who are greedy enough to betray their own people for a share of the loot that Khaiyum and his clan has stolen from Fiji. Now chiefs have joined the party, no doubt expecting to pick up some crumbs from the feast that Khaiyum has arrogated to himself, his family and a few RFMF bastards who are willing to screw the country that hey have sworn to protect. It is a very sad thing to see, but it unfortunately is the way things are in Fiji.

  20. Tomasi lai veka mada. Sa rauta mada na vosa vakavereverea ka vakayagataka cala tiko na vosa ni Kalou.Iko na olifa ka dara tiko na sulu ni sipi.

  21. Taukei ni Da
    Sa rauta mada na kana loto caka tiko qori keina lasu keina bribery me ra vakasesei tu kina na lewenivanua

  22. @Taukei, na vosa ni Kalou na noda Iloilo meda dikevi keda kina. E vaka na wai me savata na lomada. E vaka na mudre ni cagi me vakabulabulataka na yaloda. E vaka na cina meda raica kina noda sala. E kakana ka madrai ni bula vakayalo.Same 119) E vaka na ulunivanua cecere meda tu kina ka sarava na veika lagilagi eso. E kauti keda talega Vua na noda Kalou ka vakaraitaka vei keda na sala ki na bula kalougata, e vuravura kei na bula sa bera.

    Au kerei iko Taukei mo dau qarauna na gusumu. Lewa na yamemu de o na leqa kina. E macala votu makare vei au ni o tamata lialia, dogadoga, viavialevu, dokadoka, ka sega na nomu I tovo. Ke o sega ni vakavulici vinaka mai vale, ia bau tovolea mo vuli mai vei ira era vuku ka yalomatua mai vei iko.

    Nomu vosa e tukuna na lomamu. Ni o vosa, keimami raica votu na duka ni lomamu, na vakasisila ni yalomu kei na butobuto loaloa ni nomu gagadre. Au sega ni kila o kai vei o iko. O vakatokai iko me yacamu o Taukei. Ia sa vakasisiila dina sara nomu I tovo kei na nomu I vosavosa. O keda na i taukei eda dau kilai ka divi ka dokai ena noda i tovo ni loloma, vakarokoroko kei na veidokai. Au vosa vakaviti vei iko baleta niu kila ni ko na rawa ni kila vinaka na veika eso au via vukei iko kina. Au vosoti iko na wekaqu. Ia au kerea mo tu mada vakadua ka vakasamataka sara vakavinaka na sala o sa muria tiko. Na yacamu me veisau. Oqo na yacamu ka rakorakota vinaka nomu yalowai. Sa na yacamu mada o Cidroi. A kena i balebale qo. Ko sa cidroi mai na bula kei na i tovo vinaka vakaitaukei. O sa cidroi talega ena bula vaKalou eda kilai kina na i Taukei. O sa cidroi talega ena bula kei na i tovo ko a susugi kina mai vale. Ke o sa na veisau, sa na qai bau dodonu tale me lesu ki na yaca Taukei. Tovolea mo ketena toka mada na i vakasala oya ka luraka tale, mama tale mada, ni bera ni o via sereka na yamemu. Vinaka.

  23. @ Tomasi. Iko sa ka wale ga.

    O sa varautaki ka laurai ni o ka mamada wale. Levu nomu vosa macawa. Iko na Con-man. Tovolea mo vulica mada eso nai tovo vinaka. Na yamemu sa vaka na yameyame na levu ni lasu. Lako lai veka mada qai boica na demu.

  24. Cidroi (Taukei), o iko e dua na tamata vakaloloma sara nomu bula. Au lomani iko vakalevu. E dua na ka ni da lialia tu se yalowai beka. Ia, keda sega nikila ni da lialia, sa dua na ka vakaloloma dina. Ia ke da qai besetaka na vakarorogo meda bau vuli kina, sa dua ga na ka e rawa ni da tukuna. Na I lakolako qori Cidroi ena tini sara ki bai ni vuaka.

  25. Tomasi iko sa lako cala tiko vaka e dua na cidroi. Ulu lala. Kua ni vakamaduataki ira na lotu dina ena levu ni nomu calacala ka qiqo ka vakayagataka cala na yaca ni Kalou. Sega ni vaqori na tovo kei na rai va lotu. Iko sa cala tiko. Ulukau, boi dada..Iko sa tiko ena bai ni vuaka boica ca.

  26. Cidroi(Taukei) na wekaqu, nomu vosa e vakaraitalk na lomamu. “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh”. Au sa na laivi ira ga noda lewe ni vanua me ra vakatulewa ena veika era sarava tiko. Au gadreva ga meu bau vukei iko. Sa moce mada Cidroi. O na qai rai ka rogo ni ko sa kana benu tiko mai na ba ni vuaka.

  27. Tomasi my heart aches each time you use God’s name in vain. Sega vei iko edua na dodonu mo vosataka na ka o sa vosataka. Ulu lala qai via vosa vavuku. Sa rauta mada na vosa calacala.

  28. @Cidroi, do you wonder why I am so free to talk about our God in addressing public issue? Well, this is the answer to your question: “Whosoever shall be ashamed of me in front of people. I shall be ashamed of in front of my Father”

    Go home Cidroi. Find your peace with God and restore your peace with your fellow men and women.

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