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Dark age thinking, says SODELPA


May 18, 2014 10:51:05 AM

Dr Mere Samisoni, Social Democractic Liberal Party official has labelled comments by Women’s Minister Dr Jiko Luveni as “thinking from the dark ages.”

In a news report on Friday, Dr Luveni was quoted as saying that that “women should dress modestly and help men in the national campaign to cut down sex crimes” and that “if a girl is going out to drink with guys in an isolated area wearing shorts or clothes showing off her body, she is inviting trouble.”

Dr Samisoni said thinking as such has no place in today’s society.

“Blaming the victim and suggesting that it is women, and not the men who should take responsibility for avoiding possible abuse, is thinking from the dark ages and has no place in our society today,” Dr Samisoni said.

“Such utterances from a government minister and a woman at that, is absurd and she is in effect making excuses for the behaviour of men in the presence of women.”

She pointed out that both men and women must be held to a standard of behaviour in mixed company and basic good manners and respect for each other is a minimum level of behaviour for all.

“A girl or women’s choice and style of dress must never be used as an excuse for anyone to commit such a heinous crime against women and children,” Dr Samisoni said.

National Federation Party leader Dr Biman Prasad also joined in the chorus, calling on Dr Luveni to apologise to the local women community.

He also suggested that Dr Luveni “ought to teach men to respect women.”

Meanwhile, in a media statement issued late Friday evening, Dr Luveni denied saying that victims of rape were to be blamed, adding that her comments were distorted.

She said it was “unfortunate and regrettable that her fundamental belief was distorted in the media coverage.”

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari


24 thoughts on “Dark age thinking, says SODELPA

  1. This is what we expect from a khaiyum lap dancer like the farkwit Luveni. She supports the human rights abusing illegal regime and deserves all that is coming to her. What does the evil witch want next – hijabs and sharia law??

  2. Dr Luveni can’t be wrong can she? She is a member of the Honourable Khaiyum’s team, she is a young, fresh and visionary politician and she knows how promiscuous and immoral Fijian girls are. We need to introduce much stricter rules and the muslim faith offers plenty of rules that would help Fiji to become a better society. So please vote for Khaiyum and his friends from the RFMF and you will see the light very soon.

  3. Dr Mere Samisoni, Social Democractic Liberal Party official has labelled comments by Women’s Minister Dr Jiko Luveni as “thinking from the dark ages.

    This lauan bitch is up and politicking again.

    mere samisoni’s past actions of funding and supporting the previous coups is finally catching up with her in the old age. You have to pay for your sins on this earth before you expire finally.

    Well she did not condone the actions of her daughter who was a home breaker and carried on a orgy spree affair with a married man for years and caused a lot of misery.

    With such racists bitches in SODELPA, Who will want to vote for such a racists party.

  4. I agree Mere owes her fortune to Qarase. All the soft loans for building more shops and more importantly for her real estate portfolio while Qarase was at FDB. Mere easily has the biggest real estate portfolio of any Fiji indigenous person.
    Thats no lie either. My sources are quite reliable. Not begrudging her success but how it was achieved is debatable. The early success of Hot Bread Kitchen can be attributed to the good foundation set by Tony Philp Senior and Tiko Eastgate who helped set up the business.
    Mere’s only experience then was as a senior nurse in Perth. But nevertheless she has done a great job with the brand

    Mere Samisona is a political prostitute, who financed and supported all previous coups. She has to account for her actions before she RIPs.

  5. An Indian IT company working out of the illegal AG’s office is programming the system that will be electronically counting votes.
    They also suggest that this explains why the corrupt AG, Khaiyum, is not too worried about the elections because the counting system, once programmed, will count the votes in Bainimarama’s favour – irrespective if more people vote for other parties.

  6. What Jiko Luveni, Mere Samisoni or her daughter did is not relevant to the topic. The issue is basically how women should dress in the context of rising cases of rape.

  7. The comments of Dr Luveni highlights the fact that there are very few people in Fiji with the skills to be politicians. Her comments were offensive to right minded people but it highlights something much deeper.

    Those Fijians with the skills and intellect to lead Fiji left her shores over the last 30 years. Those with ethics and education saw how futile it was to remain in coup land. The youth have enthusiasm and good ideas but they have no mentors to guide them and train them.

    Fiji will remain un this wretched merry-go round. FLP have a had a megalomaniac leader who was also quick to take up a position with the current dictatorship. He bends with the breeze according to his pay masters. The FLP membership was too weak and blind to choose the best candidate to lead them.

    SODELPA (SDL) are not without their own problems. They have squandered opportunity in the past and it is difficult to see that they have learnt from the past. They appear to be (trying to be) inclusive. Whether they are genuine is hard to gauge.

    The current regime is reflected by people such as Dr Luveni . They are unskilled. They have vested interests.

    It started with Rambo. It has continued to the present day with this illegal regime. Fiji is trapped in a loop and there is no foreseeable end to the mess.

    Look at those who have left Fiji from 1987 onwards. Excellent and educated Fijians are now working below their true station in other countries. Why would such persons return. Their children and their children’s children are enjoying the freedom and prosperity that comes with true democracy, something that Fiji has never had or does not want to have.

    Where to from here. Unfortunately there is only one way forward. Fiji needs assistance from long established democracies. They need international intervention to move forward.

    That will only happen if the current leadership is ousted before the “free and fair” elections. People power is the only thing that can save Fiji. Followed by a short period of international support until the basics of the rule of law and democratic principles can be implemented.

    None of the current parties deserve a vote. Each parties agenda is founded on self interest and revenge. The Fiji loop of “might is right”, has no end in sight. People power is all we have. That is problematic as the people are still divided, by geographical lines, by racial lines and fear and loathing.

    The current military elite are the problem and the answer. The loop continues.

  8. SODELPA trying to make an issue out of nothing.

    Dr Luveni said it was “unfortunate and regrettable that her fundamental belief was distorted in the media coverage.” So end of story. What’s the big fuss in this???

    There’s so many important issues for Fiji to be talking about and it’s about time SODELPA talks about these issues. We want to know what kind of future SODELPA is proposing. We want to know what SODELPA intends to put in place that can make Fiji a better place.

    Is SODELPA up to this? Or will SODELPA be crying over waste time issues and saying nothing about what they can bring to the table.

  9. Vinaka Rumour
    Luveni also makes sense – ie dont wear come on clothes and dont drink in the bushes with men ,,,very sensible advice,,,vinaka Luveni
    SODELPA should focus on countering Bai as he is succeeding in brainwashing the masses ………..

  10. @ Rumour and Wasting time

    Her comments were inappropriate and should not be dismissed lightly.

    In the USA a rape victims prior sexual history can be adduced in evidence. That is not the case in Australia, where such evidence cannot be led.

    Even if a women is a whore or a prostitute, rape cannot be justified and nor can the blame be shifted to the victim. It is not the point that women should dress modestly. It is the case that MEN SHOULD NOT RAPE WOMEN.

    To suggest her comments were distorted when she was quoted directly, is RUBBISH.


    She should have raised sexual crimes and the treatment of women in Fiji as the issue, not given advice to the younger generation. Your comments are clear proof that Fiji is living in the dark ages.

  11. Once again we see the opportunists trying to make political and personal advance by twisting someone else’s words in an effort to ‘stick the dagger in’. Fortunately those with any sense see through this game.

    The subject of rape in Fiji is of major concern and those with any care whatsoever would of course advise our women that the way they dress could unfortunately give the predators ideas. That is not blaming women for the faults of men.

    What is far more significant is that whilst adult women have the choice of how they dress the babies and children that suffer from incest and rape in Fiji society, which is more prevalent than adult rape, are far too young to have any choices to help protect them.

    But of course no one wants to make political mileage of this as they prefer it to remain hidden.

  12. According to Mere Samisona the real Dr. Luveni is “thinking from the dark ages.” How infantile is she?

    And the dried up the trollop further expounds her feeble comments below.
    “A girl or women’s choice and style of dress must never be used as an excuse for anyone to commit such a heinous crime against women and children,” Dr Samisoni said.

    Now Dr. Luveni is stating facts when she says teenagers and adult women are scantily clad and ergo is an invitation for unwanted ogling which leads to the unwarranted sexual intrusion.

    It is obvious that the old bag condones the sexualisation and violation of young females, I believe the soli-sona party that she represents ought to be more concerned with the sexual violation of young children by their parents uncles unties and grandparents.

    Mere look after your own children.

  13. “…the way they dress could unfortunately give the predators ideas. That is not blaming women for the faults of men.”

    What nonsense. SODELPA are right to expose this stupidity to show the lack of skill and intelligence in Fiji Foists candidates.

    Put yourself in their shoes; if your daughter was raped would you blame her for wearing a dress? Or blame the criminals who raped her?

    Only an idiot would try to claim that women ‘ask to be raped’ by wearing clothes.

  14. The same statement if made in the goat herder’s back yard in Auckland would have prompted a much more vigorous response…nothing less than a concerted call for resignation.

  15. Radio Eejit.

    Sunshine you’ve been flying below the radar, having problems with your sexual identity?

    “Only an idiot would try to claim that women ‘ask to be raped’ by wearing clothes”

    Here doodah the point is not the clothes they wear but how they wear it for instance a pair of hip-hugging jeans and a top not to revealing is most admirable in the eyes of the beholder.

    Ergo if the same female dons a scantily clad mini skirt and a revealing top than what does that say if its not an invitation?

    But than again some who specialises in the art of buggery wouldn’t know aye?

  16. Luveni stick to what you know best, distributing free cheap made in China sewing machines.

  17. “” Only an idiot would try to claim that women ‘ask to be raped’ by wearing clothes “”

    Only an idiot would suggest that anyone has said this within anything that has been said or printed in the media with respect to Dr Luveni comments.

  18. I suggest to i taukei to get together and suppport SODELPA otherwise Khayium will ensure that the election is won at any costs by the regime. Khayium already has IT company from India doing work on electronic voting in his office.Time for us i taukei to be united and support SODELPA.
    Perhaps we should get Khayium to resign for free and fair election as he has conflict of interest for holding the position of G.S. of Fiji First and also Minister for Election.He must be removed.
    Land and scholarship has already been taken. Only 14 i tukei student got scholarship under the toppers scheme out of 600.
    Only 2% business company is owned by i taukei.
    Lets us i taukei get together and support SODELPA.
    Otherwise the likes of Luveni will sell us!
    Now chinese are everywhere doing all sorts of business.

  19. Biman Prasad shpuld be the last person to comment on this issue because of his sin committed to young girls at the university of the south pacific.

  20. “” Now chinese are everywhere doing all sorts of business.””

    Well you have had the chance to run the massage parlours but did not make the effort. But are you not the ones that are pleased to come out of them with a smile after getting your happy ending?

  21. US scientists ‘hack’ India electronic voting machinesBy Julian Siddle

    Science reporter, BBC News

    Indian officials inspect an electronic voting machine (2009) India’s voting machines are considered to be among the most tamperproof Continue reading the main story
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    How votes are counted in India
    Indian election in numbers
    Quick guide: Indian election

    Scientists at a US university say they have developed a technique to hack into Indian electronic voting machines.

    After connecting a home-made device to a machine, University of Michigan researchers were able to change results by sending text messages from a mobile.

    Indian election officials say their machines are foolproof, and that it would be very difficult even to get hold of a machine to tamper with it.

    India uses about 1.4m electronic voting machines in each general election.

    ‘Dishonest totals’

    A video posted on the internet by the researchers at the University of Michigan purportedly shows them connecting a home-made electronic device to one of the voting machines used in India.

    Professor J Alex Halderman, who led the project, said the device allowed them to change the results on the machine by sending it messages from a mobile phone.

    Continue reading the main story

    Start Quote
    It is not just the machine, but the overall administrative safeguards which we use that make it absolutely impossible for anybody to open the machine”
    End Quote
    Alok Shukla

    Indian Election Commission

    “We made an imitation display board that looks almost exactly like the real display in the machines,” he told the BBC. “But underneath some of the components of the board, we hide a microprocessor and a Bluetooth radio.”

    “Our lookalike display board intercepts the vote totals that the machine is trying to display and replaces them with dishonest totals – basically whatever the bad guy wants to show up at the end of the election.”

    In addition, they added a small microprocessor which they say can change the votes stored in the machine between the election and the vote-counting session.

    India’s electronic voting machines are considered to be among the most tamperproof in the world.

    There is no software to manipulate – records of candidates and votes cast are stored on purpose-built computer chips.

    Paper and wax seals

    India’s Deputy Election Commissioner, Alok Shukla, said even getting hold of machines to tamper with would be very difficult.

    “It is not just the machine, but the overall administrative safeguards which we use that make it absolutely impossible for anybody to open the machine,” he told the BBC.

    “Before the elections take place, the machine is set in the presence of the candidates and their representatives. These people are allowed to put their seal on the machine, and nobody can open the machine without breaking the seals.”

    The researchers said the paper and wax seals could be easily faked.

    However, for their system to have any impact they would need to install their microchips on many voting machines, no easy task when 1,368,430 were used in the last general election in 2009.

  22. Anonymous@3.06p.m.
    It is Indians like you who visit these places not i taukei. Go around and see what your children are doing at these places.The chinese will come exploit and this is what is happening now around the country. Remember what happened in Tonga and Solomon to the chinese!
    Here we are talking about facts. They are taking over all Fijian owned businesses. How they are allowed in the country to set up corner shop, massage parlour, restaurant , small scale farming etc etc etc. Look around Suva the number of chinese shops that have come up.They hardly employ locals and what is the really benefit for the country. Chinese takeover is inevitable!

  23. The Electoral Commission is not independent.
    The Supervisor of Elections is a government crony and was not the most suitable applicant.
    Foreign-funded NGOs should be able to carry out voter education.
    Some information on the registered voter card can be misused by the authorities.
    The political parties should be given a printout of registered voters
    It is not a level playing field.
    Opposition leaders knee-capped. Chaudhry and Qarase convictions politically motivated.
    Bainimarama is breaking regulations – campaigning before registration, choice of party colour and emblem.
    Unfair media coverage, especially by Fiji Sun and Fiji Broadcasting.
    Media Industry Development Agency not independent and its chairman is unsuitable.
    A-G is in charge of elections and in Fiji First: a conflict of interest.
    Voting will take place in an atmosphere of fear. They will not be free, fair and transparent.
    Voting must be overseen by independent observers. There are too many polling stations for observers to cover them all.
    the Election Decree allows phone tapping.
    Officials at polling stations could influence how people vote.
    Voters will not be allowed to bring voting advice and reminder information into the polling station.
    Voters may be body-searched if officials think they are breaking this requirement.
    Many voters will not be able to remember the three digit number of the person they wish to vote for.
    Voters are expected to vote in no more than two minutes.
    All the decrees and regulations passed by government are invalid because they were not elected.

  24. A reality check for a new politician: welcome to the world of real politics. The cocoon of dictatorial rule is being displaced by the norm of public critics that underlies democracy. And she is already riling under the pressure of public scrutiny, beginning to stutter like her boss Papa Pig.

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