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Traditional protocol to allow those standing on a SODELPA ticket to campaign freely and without any hindrances.



Aqela Susu
Bau island
The Social Democratic Liberal Party is laying the foundation to make it easier for its selected candidates to campaign around the country.
Yesterday, party leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa led a delegation to the chiefly island of Bau. The party is focused on following traditional protocol to allow those standing on a SODELPA ticket to campaign freely and without any hindrances.
Ro Teimumu said: “We are going around to chiefs of the various vanua and we are visiting to seek the permission and blessings for the people from their vanua to campaign under a SODELPA ticket.
“Bau has a long standing relationship with Rewa dating back before Fiji was ceded to Britain and once we have those blood and traditional relationships, it is also important for our people to be rest assured that we are coming out to seek their blessings on their behalf,” Ro Teimumu said.
She said the party would be visiting other areas throughout Fiji.
SODELPA’s media manager Sainiana Radrodro said the party would visit the vanua of Verata and Naitasiri next week. Other areas in the northern and eastern division will also be visited by the SODELPA delegation.
“The vanua has been very cooperative and there has been an overwhelming level of gratitude, support and acceptance which we expected,’ Mrs Radrodro said.
“In fact after returning from some of the villages that we visited last week there have been follow-up requests for immediate attendance by our party nominees to come in and begin our campaign.
“In some areas there have been requests by the villagers to be taught on how to conduct the electoral process itself.”
Meanwhile, Bau chief Ratu Epenisa Cakobau in receiving the SODELPA entourage gave them the vanua’s best wishes and blessings ahead of the September 17 poll.
Ro Teimumu said the party would start their campaign by the end of June following the launch of their party manifesto and announcement of the party’s final candidates.
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8 thoughts on “Traditional protocol to allow those standing on a SODELPA ticket to campaign freely and without any hindrances.

  1. Campaigning will have to be conducted at a grass-roots level as the military are still camped out in all media outlets. Media support is critical in any modern election. When the AG controls the media it is hard to see anything free or fair about this election.

    When the AG has a relative as supervisor of elections it is difficult to see this freedom and fairness.

    When the AG establishes the rules of the game it is hard to consider that the elections will be free and fair.

    When the AG has ruled by “cut and paste” decrees for so long, the road back to democracy and the rule of law will be very steep and arduous.

    Freedom and fairness will be restored when the coup “perpetraitors” have faced an independent and properly constituted judiciary. That CANNOT happen under the Khai/Shameem/Gates constitution.

    The term “free and fair elections” has been used very loosely by the illegal regime and regional governments alike.

  2. Khayium must resign as he cannot be the GS of FF and illegal A.G.Fullstop.
    Media must be free and fair.
    FBC does not belong Khayium & family.

  3. When Bainimarama took Fiji hostage in a military coup to escape from being arrested for treason, murder, corruption and a list of other crimes.

    A number of other things have risen or gotten worse since Bainimarama, the dictator, took over. This includes:
    over 1000% increase for Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s salaries
    over 150% increase for salaries of unqualified military officers in permanent secretary roles
    the national debt has increased to Fiji’s highest ever with every man, woman and child now owing over 7 billion in overseas debt
    unemployment is at a record high
    poverty is at a record high
    cost of living has reached its highest point ever
    corruption is at a record high
    mismanagement and abuse of office is also at an all time high
    crime has increased
    theft of native lands has increased

  4. Regarding Tupeni Baba’s infamous leaked email to fellow SDL members about politically laid back Fijians and grand Indian political design: yes, Fijian race is so laid back they marched in their thousands in 1987 and 2000 and helped overthrow two governments and burn part of Suva down and plan a mutiny and elect SDL by 80 percent of vote.

    And Mahen Chaudhry and Jai Ram Reddy and NFP and FLP have been faking their enmity to mask a grand Indian design to take over Fiji. Yes, NFP deliberately lost all seats in elections to FLP because of a grand plan. Yeah right! what a brilliant analysis by Baba.

    That’s why Indian birthrate has been lower then Fijians since the 1970s – because of a grand plan to takeover Fiji. If Mr Tupeni Baba is such a great reader of history, how come he left out this population fact from his analysis?

    Mr Baba not only needs to revise his understanding of history, he has to take his head out of the history books and get a dose of reality also. he needs to stop looking at everything from the prism of race, hard as it may be for someone like him.

    One wonders what he has leant from his academic training. No wonder he never rose to any great heights as an academic and remained mired in mediocrity. His thinking is quite shallow. Its people like him who keep repeating that Fijians are laid back that make the problem among his people worse and give them an inferiority complex, than blame others.

  5. I am not sure that is the gist of what Tupeni Baba was saying in his e mail. But then again such opinions are open to a thousand interpretations. On its face I see it as a personal opinion or assessment of the Fijian political landscape. Whether it is accurate or erroneous is for individuals to decide.

    After all our individual realities are different: the way we see things that is.


    What Dr Tupeni Baba said was that indigenous Fijians are laid back, illiterate, idiots whose votes can easily be swayed away by chiefly influence.

    So that is the way for SODELPA to go forward and make use of these laid back, illiterate idiots.


  7. @ANON 5.26pm You have a very shallow and distorted understanding of our Fijian traditional system. When you do not understand something or only have a little knowledge , please do not speak about it, for to do so would expose your ignorance, malice or both. A little knowledge is dangerous.

    No system on earth is perfect, our traditional system included. Many of the commentators who try and understand our traditions are outsiders who try their best to understand something they can only see from outside. Their views are generally biased, distorted, myopic or even false. But their opinions have been presented as the truth.

    Maybe you are an outsider. Or you have been mistreated by your own Vanua or family or community. Your hatred, pride and insolence comes through your language. That is not the way we talk about our own race and ethnicity. It is not the proper way to talk about our elders. You appear to have no respect for others. You most likely have no self respect.

    I am sorry that you have not been raised in a proper Vanua and family. I am also sorry that you are shouting out a blatant lie in a vulgar language about our Fijian tradition. You have insulted me and many other Fijians who treasure our Fijian people and our traditions, in spite of its imperfections. We will improve our system and we will do so democratically. .As for you and Taukei, please think carefully before you start moving your tongues. The Bible admonishes us to control our tongues. King Solomon says that he who controls his tongue is wise. He is the best adviser ever known in all of human history. Please take time to read more on his writings. It will purify your hearts and open your minds. You two gentlemen can be wiser too. Vinaka

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