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FijiFirst Minister for Women blames women for rapes…..

Fiji women’s rights group calls for minister to resign over rape comments

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Pacific Scoop:
Report – Special correspondent in Suva

A Fiji women’s advocacy group has launched a campaign calling for Minister for Women Dr Jiko Luveni’s resignation over her comments in a daily newspaper blaming rape victims.

The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM) issued a statement today urging protests to be sent to Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama seeking her resignation.

Executive director Virisila Buadromo said in the statement Dr Luveni’s comments “shamed” and “further violated” victimised women rather than denouncing rapists.

Dr Luveni was quoted in today’s Fiji Sun as saying: “If a girl is going out to drink with guys in an isolated area wearing shorts or clothes showing off her body, she is inviting trouble.”

The FWRM statement said Dr Luveni’s comments had moved the focus of rape away from the rapist and aimed it directly at the victim. It said:

Luveni’s comments insinuate that rape victims are to blame for the violent crime because they were not dressed modestly.

Why should Luveni’s comment make us all angry?

Firstly, it shames and further violates against the already victimised individuals rather than denouncing the aggressive actions of rape and the rapists.

Insult to men
Secondly, it is an insult to men because it assumes that ALL men are rapists because they cannot control their sexual urges and will rape women if they are not dressed modestly.

Comments such as these from nationally prominent figures need to be based on credible evidence and not on wild accusations without hard data to back them up.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) report, the global lifetime prevalence of non-partner sexual violence is 7.2 percent. What is also really revealing is the hard data from countries in which women dress very conservatively – the sexual assault data still shows comparable rates of sexual assault. For example WHO data records Bangladesh at 49 percent in the provinces for rape/sexual assault, 37 percent in the cities and 18 percent nationally, Tajikistan at 42 pecent, and Turkey at 15 percent.

In these regions women are strongly encouraged to dress and behave conservatively. For example, they are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothing that covers themselves from head to toe and many are discouraged from going out in public without a male relative.

This data illustrates that asking women and girls to change their behavior and dress is not going to protect them fromsexual violence. Tragically it is comments such as what was printed in today’s Fiji Sun that lead to the entrenchment of mainstream thinking that women are at fault for being raped rather than on the real criminals, men who rape women.

What can we do to show our outrage? Write letters to Frank Bainimarama asking for Jiko Luveni’s resignation as Minister of Women and the president of his proposed “Fiji First Party”.


8 thoughts on “FijiFirst Minister for Women blames women for rapes…..

  1. Is the Doctor inferring that all Fijian men are potential rapists? If they have a few drinks and the woman is wearing scant clothing then rape is likely?

    Is rape a part of daily life in Fiji?

    The Doctor’s comments would result in instant dismissal in any democracy. Therein lies the problem.

    Are her comments borne of jealousy or stupidity?

  2. The woeful message from the Moinister is similar to the regime’s idea of village by laws where women/girls are nor allowed to wear shorts, t shirts and whatnot.

    The advise is best given at home by parents to their children not a fricken Minister to the nation.

    Going through the motion to sustain her source of income just like her bosses Papa Pig and the Arse; even if what she says is way off the mark.

  3. Luveni is correct. Man automatically attract to those kind of clotting attire! Even more to drunk man. The reality Virisila!

  4. I would suggest that her comment has been taken totally out of context. She is not in any way suggesting that it is the women’s fault only suggesting that every precaution should be taken by a woman to protect herself, sadly, from the sick moral standards of so many Fijian males.

    A girl is only ‘inviting trouble’ because it is known that there are so many pathetic excuses for men about that will cause the trouble. In the same way you do not swim in water full of sharks, unless you wish to invite trouble.

    Fiji has a very sick society where they also openly welcome convicted sex offenders to hold and act in the role of moral guiders within their religious cults, all women need to be aware that they are not safe anywhere and not even in a church these days where the predators so easily lurk.

  5. Don’t ask her to resign just don’t vote her and her party. This what there party stand for then 1 for 1 will not for this kind of people.

  6. leave her alone she”s doing a great job,Ms Buadromo just read your bible your answer is there…….just inform SODELPA 2 pay up their depts just 70.00 a women candidate says n iqoute we the SODELPA have no MONEY SHAME on u……hhhhhhhh……Ro TEImumu,Salabula,samisoni Nagusuca,Radrodro……dou sega ni madua nisa baci tekivu boi na kemudou i boi era sa oca na lewenivanua……..

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