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Fiji First Minister an “educated idiot.”….”If she was a Minister in Australia Dr Luveni would be minister no more”


The statement made by the Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni that women’s dress and behaviour “invites trouble” (Fiji Sun 16/5) is the utterance of an educated idiot.
We thought we had seen the last of an educated idiot when the former Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation Asenaca Caucau was removed after the Bainimarama coup of 2006.
But it seems one idiot has replaced another.
If she was a Minister in Australia Dr Luveni would be minister no more after making that idiotic statement.
But that is something that will not happen in Fiji because Fiji is a banana republic.
It’s good to see the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre try to knock some sense into the Minister.
She clearly needs educating.
Rajend Naidu

31 thoughts on “Fiji First Minister an “educated idiot.”….”If she was a Minister in Australia Dr Luveni would be minister no more”

  1. The woeful message from the Moinister is similar to the regime’s idea of village by laws where women/girls are nor allowed to wear shorts, t shirts and whatnot.

    The advise is best given at home by parents to their children not a fricken Minister to the nation.

    Going through the motion to sustain her source of income just like her bosses Papa Pig and the Arse; even if what she says is way off the mark.

  2. I would suggest that her comment has been taken totally out of context. She is not in any way suggesting that it is the women’s fault only suggesting that every precaution should be taken by a woman to protect herself, sadly, from the sick moral standards of so many Fijian males.

    A girl is only ‘inviting trouble’ because it is known that there are so many pathetic excuses for men about that will cause the trouble. In the same way you do not swim in water full of sharks, unless you wish to invite trouble.

    Fiji has a very sick society where they also openly welcome convicted sex offenders to hold and act in the role of moral guiders within their religious cults, all women need to be aware that they are not safe anywhere and not even in a church these days where the predators so easily lurk.

  3. There is no comparison between the minister for WEED Asenaca Caucau and Dr Luveni.

    Dr Luveni was talking in the cultural as an elder indigenous woman.

    Rajen Naidu should be better advised that intelligence men and woman too, talk about issues and provide solutions to such issues.

    Only dump arses provide criticism without solutions.

  4. Yet another letter from RN of which the only value of it is of self promotion.

    He tries so hard but it’s understandable as promoting and selling shit is not easy.

  5. He no doubt spent all his time writing letters rather than doing anything productive for his pay

  6. Luveni’s statement was as clear as day. The fact that her point of view, (also clear as day laying the blame for men who could not control their urge to rape on women being scantily clad) graced the front pages of the illegal & treasonous regimes propaganda medium The SunK said it all.

    Luveni’s rebuttal by way of a statement released late last night was a shoddy attempt to save face — particularly as she is Party President for the “Foisted (on) Fiji” party. The statement beats around the bush acknowledging rape as the heinous crime that it is but because there was no logical way to undo her Friday warning to Fijian women to cover up or be responsible for rape, she saw fit to attack The SunK for spinning her words, and NGOs for making a huge song and dance about it.

    If she was smart, a humble apology to acknowledge her failings as Minsta for Women might have won her some sympathy, however her rebuttal written the way it did has virtually guaranteed that she has lost the female voters, and that no amount of sewing machines can ever hope to save her now.

  7. Jiko Leweni had a colourful and repulsive adulterous reputation when she was Mr Yasa’s wife.and working as a dentist. A well known Fijian dentist (now overseas)used to have endless affairs with her…he is a friend of mine who often tells me about their affairs. She now wants to teach women how to behave the fiendish tart,,,she is not a good role model to anybody…just ask Mr Mikaeli Yasa the former husband

  8. What an inspiring, fresh, young, dynamic and modern politician she is. A true figure head for the dictators party. Blaming women for being raped may a bit out of fashion elsewhere in the world, but hey this is Fiji where an electorate apparently supports this kind of stuff – if the Sun poll is anything to go by. But then again, being a Banana Republic Fiji has the leaders it deserves.

  9. Rajen tatti Naidu is a wanna be expert who has “I disease”

    He is blinded and has not read what the Minister clarfied in today’s Fiji sun.

    Naidu, a FLP backer and an ex Sociial welfare staff should know what invites people to rape. He should not compare fiji to australia.

    Does aust have raced based politics as was the case previously in fiji.

    Rajen naidu and wadan are competing who has the most letters to the editor.

  10. Now that the tatti has hit the fan no amount of cover up will change public perception on what the (not so) Hon. Minista said or did not say.

  11. @Ratu Sai
    Now that the tatti has hit the fan, you can enjoy eating tatti now

  12. Anon

    Why did the Minisita make another release to explain what she said? Isn’t that a response to public outrage? You see I did not assume anything, and thankfully the public are not as gullible as you.

  13. “” Why did the Minisita make another release to explain what she said? “”

    So that hopefully gullible idiots like ratu she and rajend naidu may understand what was said.

  14. Perhaps the women of Fiji could cover themselves from top to bottom and wear a Burka to cover their face. Is that what the people of Fiji want? Blaming women for rape is an outrage in any democratic nation. The fact that people like Tinai Miller and others justify the Minister’s position is frightening.

    @ Ratu Sai, we are on the same page but you don’t need to stoop to the level of those who criticise you. Some of the bloggers above are short-sighted and naïve. Let them take the low ground. I enjoy your postings and agree with most of them. but not when you allow fools to irritate you. Keep up the good postings. Please try and refrain from personal attacks. I know it is frustrating when we see uneducated and backward commentary. However, they are entitled to their views. It also allows visitors to this blog site from abroad to see the mindset of many Fijians. The good the bad and the ugly.

  15. “”Perhaps the women of Fiji could cover themselves from top to bottom and wear a Burka to cover their face.””

    Perhaps this should also be extended to the babies and children so commonly abused and raped by their sick families in Fiji. It may also be worthwhile considering the banning of females from churches and schools so that they are not a temptation within these institutions where the sad perverted males so easily hunt and hide.

  16. GB & U

    I guess you are correct. Human nature is such and one is easily sucked into such mudslinging crap. But as you pointed out that is no excuse for stooping to gutter level exchange.

    Thanks for the advise.

    Vinaka GU & U

  18. Dr Mere Samisoni, Social Democractic Liberal Party official has labelled comments by Women’s Minister Dr Jiko Luveni as “thinking from the dark ages.

    This lauan bitch is up and politicking again.

    mere samisoni’s past actions of funding and supporting the previous coups is finally catching up with her in the old age. You have to pay for your sins on this earth before you expire finally.

    Well she did not condone the actions of her daughter who was a homebreaker and carried on a orgy spree affair with a married man for years and caused a lot of misery.

    With such racists bitches in SODELPA, Who will want to vote foe such a racists party.

  19. Have you noticed the cost of your shopping increasing yet you seem to be buying fewer food items? Of course you have noticed it and its very frustrating especially when money is tight and other bills need to be paid. Then there is the school uniforms, books, bags and lunches. This all adds up and its NOT going to get any better due to Bainimarama’s corruption, greed and poor management of the country.

  20. Luveni is a another sad case for Bai. She was having affairs when she was working which is true. She should be made the minister for Man Affairs.She is a silent killer!

  21. @Anonymous 4:19 pm

    You are right, it’s become so difficult now having to split my money between paying the instalments on my Iphone, taxis because I hate walking anywhere, beer, grog and paying to house that loud mouthed preacher that there’s not too much left for food.

    If only we had been more responsible and not had the six kids which we knew that without good jobs we would struggle supporting but not to worry it will all be sorted with a change in government.

    There’s one party that will reduce our utility bills so if we vote for them we may be able to buy school uniforms.

  22. My vote is for Fiji First.

    That’s my freedom, that’s my right.

    You all have a choice

  23. @ Tomasi.


    Is it because Mere is in your side? You have no principles!

  24. My humble plea to Jiko Luveni. Please stop prostituting yourself to the dogs ( Voreqe and Khaiyum.) You are a woman of great potential Jiko. I admired you so much while you were at UNFPA. Remember how we used to talk about destiny and Fiji, the way the world should be? Please Jiko, hear my humble plea na wekaqu. Lako tani mai vei ira na koli. You were destined for greater things Jiko, in spite of all your failures and imperfections.

    I make the same plea to good men and women like the Minister for Works. Sa rauta na bula cidroi. Dro tani mai vei ira na koli. God has greater things for you. Vinaka

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