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The PM said that SODELPA must stop this leaflet campaign.


Ro Teimumu says she does not know anything about the leaflets

The campaign leaflets alleged to be circulated widely by SODELPA are not a worry to Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama.
Speaking to the Fiji Sun at Ahau after his briefing with the civil servants yesterday, he said this type of campaign was outdated and it had misinformed the voters.
“I know they’re trying to damage my credibility but they can’t as the people are happy with the service delivery of my Government,” he said.
But SODELPA Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa said last night: “I don’t know anything about any flyers. If there is a flyer going around about anybody, and if it is not true, then you do not worry about it. If they are saying that SODELPA people are sending out a flyer I really don’t know.”
One leaflet claimed the PM was earning more than $1 million a year.
The second leaflet said SODELPA proposed to form a Government of National Unity (GNU).
SODELPA said after it had formed the GNU, it would abolish the 2013 Constitution. It would then ask the judiciary to reactivate the Bainimarama and Qarase judgment.
The PM said that SODELPA must stop this leaflet campaign.
“I urge them to campaign on the basis of honesty, sincerity and love and affection and without any pretentions,” he said.
He said they were talking about their dreams and they should first of all tell the people of what they would bring to them if they were elected to govern.
He said SODELPA had to prove their worth to the people and the nation.
“They have nothing new to offer the nation and are just trying to bring back the past,” he said.
He said when he lodged the proposed FijiFirst application he had urged all political parties to go away from past politics.
Fiji, he said, wanted a new political direction. No comment could be obtained from SODELPA last night before this edition went to press.
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11 thoughts on “The PM said that SODELPA must stop this leaflet campaign.

  1. The rhetoric on old politics is beginning to sound hollow. May be he should define what he means by old as well as new politics.

    Fiji Foist certainly has the luxury of using public fund to spread their political message; not to mention the privilege of enjoying full coverage from an otherwise cowered press.

  2. Here comes some interesting stuff from Croz Walsh. He thinks that Bainimarama and Khaiyum should do the following:

    Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum must declare their incomes and assets.
    Outstanding public audits must be conducted and the results made public.
    More assurances are needed on land: the land bank, leases, minerals, foreign participation.
    Foreign-funded NGOS should be able to conduct voter education subject to monitoring by the Electoral Commission. The Bainimarama Government cannot be seen as the only educator.
    Government must be seen to be assisting a level playing field in the lead up to the elections. One possibility would be the appointment of a leading political opponent to the Electoral Commission (similar to the Leader of the Opposition in the 2013 Constitution).
    The police must finalise their investigations into alleged abuses.
    The military and police should be warned against “over reactions” in the lead up to the elections.
    Fiji First needs to repeat that some decrees will be revisited after the elections, most especially the Essential Industries Decree.
    Government and Fiji First should invite public discussion and debate on Government’s record. For example, on race and citizenship, language, land and environment.
    Women, youth and ethnic minorities must be seen to be protected in law. A woman’s and youth wings could be established, similar to SODELPA.
    The sustainability of the infrastructure loans must be further explained.
    Government should urge Australia and NZ to ask the Commonwealth and EU to resume their full assistance for the sugar industry.
    The public needs to be better informed on Fiji’s new international relations and shown how they may benefit the country.
    Fiji First needs to widely publicise Government’s multicultural work. For example, Taukei and Hindi languages in schools.
    Fiji First should welcome dialogue and listen to opposition arguments. My reader said, “A clear statement by Bainimarama that he welcomes constructive policy debate with everyone.”
    Most especially, Government should reconsider the requests for more details on the voting card.
    Fiji First must stand on Government’s record and not stoop to mud slinging with its opponents.
    Fiji First must ensure it has a well balanced list of candidates, with many well known and respected across Fiji.
    Fiji First should perhaps float ideas on possible new structures for provincial and municipal councils, and advisory committees to replace and enlarge on the responsibilities of Senate.
    Consideration could perhaps be given to releasing George Speight after the elections. Ask what peoople think.
    Fiji First should say who (which parties) it would be prepared to work with in government.

    It is remarkable that a pro-regime blogger comes up with such a list. But will Khaiyum and his friends from the RFMF listen?

  3. Thats a clear waste of space and time! Crosbie should already know that Fiji is a wonderland and the wish list he produces adds to all the furore going on in animal farm. The election is already showing up to be a national scandal and Canberra and Wellington might just regret the nice words they’ve directed to it. They’ve decided to accept the Bainikaiyum election programme despite its obvious fraudulent nature for sake of political expediency! The sanctions they imposed on Bainikaiyum were simply non effective and wasteful! The politics of teaching the dictator has been taken over by the politics of bedding the dictator. That is how the Pacific islands region is perceived at the moment!!!

  4. @ Ratu She Lamusona Levu

    Read my man VB’s statement. Anyway here’s it is again:

    “I urge them to campaign on the basis of honesty, sincerity and love and affection and without any pretentions,” he said.
    He said they were talking about their dreams and they should first of all tell the people of what they would bring to them if they were elected to govern.
    He said SODELPA had to prove their worth to the people and the nation.
    “They have nothing new to offer the nation and are just trying to bring back the past,” he said.

    Remember Ratu She – Honesty, Sincerity, Love & Affection and Without any pretensions!

    We want a new and better Fiji. A Fiji for all.

  5. “I urge them to campaign on the basis of honesty, sincerity and love and affection and without any pretentions,”
    – Frank Bainimarama
    Fiji Foist, Rear Cassava Captain, Murderer, Torturer, Coward, Liar and Thief

  6. Hehehehehe ………….. Remember you two idiots!

    My man VB is Fiji’s most courageous PM who dared change Fiji’s journey for the better for all. He dared to carry that flag forward although he knew the pressure on him will be severe.

    The weight of this burden was enormous but my man VB accepted it for he believed that his interests and his life comes second …………. Fiji’s is First. Those beside him knew this! They had to protect him as his life was important for the task at hand needs to be accomplished – for this is his and their duty!

    Honesty, Sincerity, Love & Affection for all are worth fighting for. This has to be the pillar of our nation.

    And Fiji shall achieve this!

  7. Voreqe, o iko na tamata ulukau. O tamata ravarava talega. Sa rauta mada na veivakaisini kei na vaqakoro o cakava tiko. Kakua ni vakayagataka na mataivalu ni Viti mo dro tani kina mai na kemu I totogi ni laba kei na butako. Vakatusai iko Vua na Kalou me vosoti iko. Kerea nodra veivosoti na lewe I Viti kei ira kece na CRW kei na lewe ni vanua o sa vakaisini ira.

    I will be one of the first to support you after your confession and genuine repentance. I will stand by you after you made your peace with God and with the people you have wronged. Vinaka

  8. Tomasi na mata boko qai dau vatitiqa. O sa qai ulukau ga mai na levu ni nomu vosa vakaveitalia. Tomasi – o sa boi dada mai.

  9. @Cidroi (Taukei), there are so many things that your man VB and you his supporters do not understand. I cannot blame him because he is a simpleton and a very corrupt one at that. The truth will always come out. Again, I am quoting what the Bible says. Whatever is hidden shall be exposed from the rooftops. Since the 2006 unlawful takeover of the Government, the regime has been very effective and swift in controlling information flow. By doing so, the regime effectively controlled the people’s minds, decisions and beliefs about the events happening before their eyes.

    After 7 long years of being fed only one side of the stories, many people have no other choice but to believe the lies and distortions of Voreqe, Aiyarse and their lot. Now that the media is beginning to present the other side of the stories, people are finally beginning to see the light. You can bet on it that they will make up their own mind based on the volume of information now circulating. Even QORVIS, Shaza, Grubby and Aiyarse’s FBC lies and propaganda will not stop the people from hearing the truth. But yes, there will be many already hypnotised and brainwashed by the incessant stream of lies churned out each day by the regimes mouthpieces and organs of deception.

    In short, the flyers are telling the truth long hidden from public and world view. The people will know the truth, and the truth will set them free, free to analyse and make up their minds. You see Cidroi (Taukei), no matter how much you people want to hide the truth, it will always come out eventually. Your days are numbered. The lights will be turned on, full blaze as the election campaign heats up. The once powerful emperor and his dictator will be undressed, they and their thugs will be standing naked for all the local and world public to see. They cannot hide anymore. Time has finally caught up with them. That will be a day they will never forget. Remember that Cidroi (Taukei). Be wise and abandon your sinking ship.

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